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How to make the most of video content on social media to help your business

In this era of creating meaningful and engaging content many brands are experimenting with video across their social media channels in order to engage their audiences, communicate a certain product or service and expand their brand presence. There are several different ways to utilise video across each of the channels, with some features that are unique to each platform. Each can serve a different purpose and can help to meet your business goals as well as engage your audience if used effectively.

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The pros and cons of hiding likes on Instagram

Social media platform Instagram announced late last year their intention to start hiding likes on users posts. Their thought process behind this is to encourage people to focus more on the content that’s being posted, instead of being concerned and obsessed with the amounts of likes their posts get. They wanted people to find the joy in appreciating photos and sharing their images and additionally take away some of the pressure that is now being associated with “like” culture.

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Social Media Trends and How to Harness Them for Your Business

With social media now a well established tool for businesses, and a huge part of day-to-day life for most people, it is more important than ever to ensure your business or brand maintains a presence, keeps up to date with all current trends and utilises them to your advantage. With that in mind, here are some of the key trends from 2019 and some tips on how you can harness and adapt them to work for your business.

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Top five tips to maximise engagement on Instagram

Of all the social media platforms, it sometimes seems like Instagram is a tricky one to get right with the constant updates to its ultra-sophisticated algorithm. On the other hand, it’s also a platform that when used correctly and effectively, can be an amazing way to market your brand online, gain an engaged following and build a community that supports your business. To help you maximise engagement on Instagram, here’s our top five tips:

Increase your use of hashtags

Hashtags are a great feature on Instagram that should really be made the most of. Per post, you can include up to 30 hashtags which can all help you to reach a wider audience. By including these in every post, you’ll soon find that your reach increases which is great for brand awareness and also engagement. The trick to using hashtags is to ensure they are relevant. Ultimately, when you incorporate a hashtag into your post, if this hashtag is searched by someone on Instagram your post will come up. This is why it’s really crucial that the hashtags you use are actually relatable to the post as if so, it will allow you to reach an audience who are genuinely interested in the content that you are sharing. This means they are much more likely to engage with it and also follow you and engage with further content that’s of interest to them.

Using hashtags on each Instagram post is a really effective way to boost engagement levels

Make sure you’re posting at optimal times

Across all social media platforms, there are times that work best to post when you are most likely to receive maximum engagement and the highest reach. This is of course dependent on your followers – such as when they’re most active, the country they’re in etc. so will be subject to change. However, generally speaking, it’s recommended by HubSpot that these are the best times to post for each day:

  • Monday: 11am-2pm
  • Tuesday: 7pm
  • Wednesday: 11am
  • Thursday: 11am
  • Friday: 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm
  • Saturday: 9am-11am
  • Sunday: 10am-2pm

By scheduling your content to go live at these times, you’re likely to get the best results on your posts. Following these guidelines doesn’t mean you need a really structured plan that can’t be subject to change, of course you may not always have content you wish to share. But, it is of real importance that you follow a regular schedule pattern, post often and don’t upload too sporadically. The best advice is to make sure you’re posting consistently and when you do post, post at peak times as this will keep your followers engaged as they will expect content to be posted regularly. Not posting often enough and at random intervals will cause your followers to lose interest and be less engaged.

Be active on the platform

Instagram is all about being ‘instant’ – the clue is the name of the platform! So the key to making the most of it and achieve the best results is by being active and sharing content instantly. To do this, make the most of Instagram stories to share less polished and perfected content for people to see. This unique Instagram feature makes the platform fun, engaging and a great way to interact with your audience. Make the most of the features it provides and share polls and questions to your followers which will encourage engagement. This also helps your brand to be seen as relatable and interested in its audience – something that goes a long way in terms of reputation and brand awareness.

Also always make sure that you’re engaging with your audience too on a daily basis. Respond to comments, like people’s posts about your brand and actively participate in conversations. This is really appealing to potential new followers and customers as ultimately – an active page is much more eye catching and intriguing for people to follow and engage with. To boost your own engagement, it’s important that you’re actively engaging too.

Being active on Instagram is key to increasing your engagement levels

Have a clear theme on your feed

It goes without saying, but Instagram is the most visual of all social platforms so your content needs to look good and be visually appealing to increase the likelihood of it being engaged with. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend thousands on professional photography or designed graphics, which can of course really help to boost the appeal of your feed. There are actually some really easy ways you can help your feed look better. The main one being, pick and theme and stick with it! This goes for the colour, filters and style of content that you share – ensure they are all intertwined and look good together. A great example of a brand who has nailed this is Aldi. Their impeccable Instagram feed is creative, engaging and flows beautifully meaning it’s really appealing to potential followers.

Ensure you are authentic and genuine 

When you scroll through any social media feed, it’s not too difficult to filter out the content that is non-genuine. This type of fake/forced content is really unappealing and all too easy to spot. The brands doing it best on social media are those that are relatable and authentic. Consumers are much more likely to engage with a brand that comes across authentically as it helps to establish trust. This level of trust is crucial for a brands reputation and helps to secure a good relationship with potential consumers. A golden rule to follow: always be authentic on Instagram (or any social channel!)

At Prohibition, we work with a range of brands in both B2C and B2B sectors to deliver engaging, creative and unique social media strategies that deliver real business results. Get in touch today to see how we could help you! Give us a bell on: 01134304160 or drop us an email:

Four reasons why influencer marketing is starting to grow up

Influencer marketing has been around for the best part of a decade now and initially, it wasn’t clear how big of an impact it was going to have on both brands and consumers. Looking back, it’s hard to believe it would be as successful and beneficial as it is now. Today, it is an industry valued in the billions, growing by 83% in 2019. Influencer marketing is now a tool that almost every brand and business is utilising to increase brand awareness, create engaging content, and get their product seen by their target audience. With so many brands now tapping in to this trend and creating dedicating strategies just to influencer marketing – it’s no surprise that it’s started to grown up. Here’s some reasons why:

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Ephemeral social media and the Present Hedonistic: are teens hardwired to social media stories?

I’m always fascinated in how certain social media platforms or new features absolutely fly and really resonate with users (Instagram stories, Facebook Live to name just two), while other hyped features, usually breathlessly introduced to the media, never really take off despite sounding great. The best recent example I can think of is probably the clunky and maladroit Google+, which announced last month it was moth-balling the service – at least, for consumers.

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10 fashion and beauty Instagrammers you really should be following

Did you know that Instagram now has more than 400 million active users across the globe, collectively sharing, filtering and regramming more than 75 million times a day? Among this community are the fashion and beauty bloggers taking the platform by storm, sharing a wealth of reviews, ideas and inspiration. But with some many contributing to the Instagram ‘noise’, how do you know who to follow? We’re here to help! Here’s a selection of our favourite ladies, who are not only rocking the ‘blogosphere’ but Instagram too. We recommend that you press ‘follow’ immediately and this is why… 

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Top Ten Instagram Tools

Top Ten Tools – Instagram

Instagram is one of the newer social media platforms on the block, when compared to digital veterans like Facebook and Twitter. However, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular, with the site reaching the 10 million user landmark within 10 weeks of its launch. The photo-sharing site now has more than 150 million active users, with 55 million images being shared around the globe each and every day. 

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The Prohibition Seven Days of Social

3256859352_cf35412c5f_zFast moving, always adapting and often controversial, social media is an area where many of us have divided opinions. We like to keep our ear to the ground in the social media world, and as the week comes to an end, we’ve put together a few of our favourite pieces of social media content from around the web that you might not have spotted.

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