Social Media Marketing Strategy

What Is A Social Media Strategy?

Social Media Strategy is a brand-specific approach to engaging with its audiences online. A successful social strategy is one that utilises both organic and paid social media, a mix of both organic and paid ensures a larger reach and following.

A social media strategy should encompass a brand’s specific social media goals and business objectives and provide a path to achieving them all with a clear structure.

Prohibition 360 – Social Media Strategy

A Prohibition 360 report is a one-off a social media audit, listening exercise and bespoke strategy to help you solve your consumer’s needs. Crucially, this exercise will allow your brand’s marketing team to get under the skin of what your customer wants and deliver comms that appeals to their needs.

Social listening ​

Gathering data and insight into category and subject.​

This is about using powerful listening tools to understand your customers online behaviour to establish need.

Social media Platform and content audit ​

Analysis into what is currently working for you and your competitors on this subject. ​

We’ll identify gaps in the market and how you can communicate with your audience in a way that showcases solutions not features.

Strategy and toolkit development  ​

Creating a roadmap​
for the future. ​

Using our in-depth listening and audit results, we’ll compile an informed strategy that gets under the skin of effective marketing for your customers. We’ll help you appeal with intelligent marketing.

Brands That Trust Our Social 360

Why You Need Social 360:

We track 1000s of conversations

We track at least six-months of conversations across key networks, forums and blogs​.

Combined with our persona profiling insights, we can understand audience behaviour, need and challenges.

We get to know your competitors

We’ll conduct a review of competitor channels and other relevant brands.​

This includes reviewing; content volumes, platform strategy, engagement strategy, key issues and challenges.

Your brand’s strategy and toolkit

Insights gathered from phase one and two will be developed into a comprehensive comms strategy​.

This strategy will be presented back as a detailed toolkit. This will include campaign recommendations, a content, channel, and paid strategy.

Prohibition’s Social 360 helps to develop a deeper understanding of social media conversations and habits, to develop a comprehensive strategy. ​

Our 360 allows you to:​

  • Understand who’s saying what ​and where​
  • How your competitors are engaging ​with prospects ​
  • Gaps in the market and opportunities ​for your brand ​
  • Key conversation starters and the content ​that will get your target audience interested

Other social media strategy services:

Influencer Marketing

Influencers bring an added level of trust, reputation, and reach by offering a personal shopping experience through expert commentary and opinions – that a stand-alone ad can’t offer. And we’ve worked with them all!

Social media listening

Social listening uses a social media management tool to monitor social media accounts, blogs, forums, and news sites. In short, we can give you a a clear indication of how your brand is perceived online, what is and isn’t working for your social media accounts.

Video marketing strategy and creation

Video content is the number one type of content on the web, whether it is live or recorded video. That’s why you need us, as you’ll have access to an in-house production team – who creates quality content on the daily.

Social media content strategy and creation

Video content, when executed well, can help your post to become viral and bring you more attention online. Which our social media team knows all too well, they can execute everything from short form videos to longer ones.

Paid advertising

Paid social media allows you to target particular audiences (ages, locations, interests, etc.,), as well as amplify your organic social content. Our paid social services will champion your social media success and put you in front of the audiences that matter.


Offering more than just practical tips, with over a decade of experience, our social media experts will provide social media training that not only helps you be better at your job but allows you to finally reach your social media marketing goals.

YouTube video

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels we work with:


Meta is the largest social media platform, with nearly 3 billion monthly users. It enables you to run targeted ads to a wide variety of audiences through its Business Suite.


Instagram, owned by Meta, also uses the Meta Business Suite – making it easy to share content across channels. Instagram also allows for shopping on its platform.


Preciously known as Twitter, X’s character limit, although initially seen as a constraint, has actually pushed brands to become more concise and creative with their messaging.


YouTube is a video sharing platform and the second largest search engine after Google. Using YouTube can help improve search engine optimization and reach a wider audience.


LinkedIn is a professional social network; hence it is more effective at positioning your business as industry experts and running targeted ads that cater to a particular customer niche.


TikTok is a social media channel that has taken the world by storm over the past few years. It’s authentic and entertainment-first content made it the most downloaded social network of 2022.

Brands That Trust Us

Why Prohibition?

Award-winning social media agency

Our social media strategies are so impressive, that they’ve won us multiple awards over the years, including PRCA’s and CIPR’s Best Use of Social Media awards multiple times. And that’s not all, we’re also one of the top social media marketing agencies in the UK as chosen by Clutch, so you can trust social media strategy is our expertise!

We deliver results

From outperforming Autoglym’s competitor’s engagement through a product launch like no other to targeting key buyers in the hospitality industry for Fentiman’s that won gold at CIPR awards, to creating igniting social influencer content that inspired over 86M impressions for C4 Energy, all through social! We really mean it when we say we deliver results, no matter the channel.

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How many posts should you plan for each social media channel?

This is brand dependent, but we would recommend three posts a week per channel. Keep in mind that each channel is different and content should be tailored to reflect that.

How to build your social media marketing strategy

Get in touch with Prohibition PR and let us talk you through the next steps of how to best develop your social media marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond.

Do you offer Training?

Yes! We offer specialised and brand-specific tailored social media training courses either for a half or full-day.

What is influencer marketing?

 Influencer marketing is the practice of enlisting the help of either a macro or micro-influencer to market a product or launch to their followers. This is a useful tool to market a product and reach either more significant or more niche audiences through a respected industry voice.

Why combine your organic and paid social media strategy?

 This practice allows you to connect with your direct audience while also broadening your search for new followers by targeting other relevant demographics.

What digital marketing services do companies buy?

 Search engine optimisation, content marketing, website design and development are some of the critical digital marketing services that companies buy.

What defines an excellent social media marketing goal?

 One that is attainable for your brand and reflects the overall goals that you have set for your company. This goal should be able to produce a result – whether it be brand awareness, increased revenue or higher audience engagement.

What are the best times to post on each social media?

 This again is dependent on the brand and the audiences that they attract. Firstly, we’d recommend checking your data to see when your audiences are primarily interacting with your posts. If there is no clear evidence on when your audiences are connecting consistently with your content, then we would recommend posting at a variety of times throughout the day, during business hours. Keep in mind when people are most likely looking at social media, on their lunch breaks, after dinner etc. and post around that.

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