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Like many of us, you’ve probably already spent countless hours scrolling through TikTok.

You want your brand to become a viral success, but if you’re unsure how – we don’t blame you! It’s been the social success of the past few years, with over 1 billion active monthly users alone. This does, however, make it a very competitive space!

Apart from it being one of the biggest social media platforms globally, TikTok can shape your whole brand’s personality and research shows that now, more consumers (especially from GenZ) are ‘TikToking’ rather than ‘Googling’. So not only is it great for brand awareness, but great for attracting new customers from another channel.

However, as with any new social media channel, the battle is getting to grips with the platform – especially on a platform as unique as TikTok – where its sole purpose is to ‘entertain’.

We’re an integrated creative and social media agency, with a team of content creation and social media specialists, that can get your TikTok marketing strategy in order.

Our TikTok Marketing Services

Channel, strategy and competitor audit

Is your current strategy, channels and content working? How are your competitors doing? Where are the gaps?

Strategy development and ideation

A new 12-month strategy with creative ideas, platforms and robust KPIs

Content creation

High-quality content from a highly-experienced video team

Delivery and implementation workshop

Coaching and training – delivery and in-bedding of new strategy for a full marketing team and stakeholders

The benefits of TikTok marketing

    • Establish brand identity
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Encourage user-generated content
    • Drive earned and shared media (media coverage, positive sentiment, brand partnerships)
    • Build more trust with your audience
    • Accelerate consumer traffic and sales through trends

Content Creation

As an integrated agency, we’re not like other agencies. Our team has extensive knowledge of all media and social platforms.

We also have a multi-skilled creative team to add that extra oomph to our content creation, graphic design, and multi-media videos. So, whether you need a user-generated style video, a product-focused campaign, graphical style overlays, or even a TV advert; we’re your one-stop shop for innovative creative and engaging content.

As we mentioned earlier, the trick to TikTok is posting entertaining and authentic content. Our bespoke Social 360 tool can determine this through intensive social listening to find out what your audience enjoys watching.

Listening to the latest TikTok trends

You’re right in thinking TikTok trends are the quickest way to go viral and reach millions more audiences – it’s a large chunk of the TikTok content. But as with any trend, it only stays a trend for so long. You need to act fast with TikTok trends in the form of audio, trends, and templates.

Through social listening and monitoring, we’re able to constantly listen and spot trends before they blow up, so you’re able to go viral before your competitors do.

Viral trends expose your brand to millions more audiences, attracting new ones, enhancing brand positioning, and receiving extremely high-levels of engagement – all from one short video, which sometimes even months of other marketing activities can’t match.

TikTok ads

There are various types of ads campaigns, such as Spark ads, In-Feed ads, and Auction ads. Each TikTok ads campaign has a different objective – from directing users to mobile apps, products, or simply TikTok page views. With so many different ads, it can be a lot to handle. But don’t worry, we can effectively promote your TikTok ads with our experienced ad managers.

You also don’t have to have a strong presence on TikTok account to run ads either. We can run ads such as In-Feed ads that don’t require a TikTok profile – it can automatically direct users to a landing page to drive conversions for your brand.

TikTok influencer marketing

Collaborating with the right influencer is great for building consumer trust, as they create quality content that’s relevant to your audience – with TikTok marketing, this can build even more trust. The video format of TikTok makes personal recommendations even more authentic and genuine – this is important for 88% of consumers.

And, you can trust we have an extensive influencer network to match the right TikTok influencer to your brand. Our team carries out in depth sourcing and vetting. As an influencer performance agency, we’ve run award-winning influencer campaigns for global brands such as Interflora, C4, and Kurt Geiger.

We’ll handle every area of the campaign – so you don’t need to manage influencers, influencer contracting, talent management, or content creation.

Making Primula’s biggest Christmas yet through TikTok influencers

One example of where we’ve used TikTok influencers, is for Primula, who wanted to make it the biggest Christmas campaign yet. We teamed up with Poppy Cooks, a Michelin-trained chef and social media sensation to help produce ‘dupes’ of festive recipes, which are typically expensive and time-consuming on TikTok.

This influencer marketing strategy had all the right ingredients, achieving 24 pieces of press coverage, with 4M+ people reached through press coverage and 229K people reached through influencer content.

Account growth services and data-driven insights

To ensure your campaigns are working effectively we will always provide data-led insights to look at what’s working and what needs to be improved.

As standard with our campaigns, we will provide full transparency on the effectiveness of your campaigns. Not just looking at data analytics, but detailed reporting and insight, so you’re maximising your audience engagement.

The need for crisis comms

Language and tone of voice are incredibly important on TikTok. In a social and digital era, nothing ever stays private for long – especially when your brand is at the forefront of a crisis.

It’s always better to plan for a crisis in advance, so you know how to deal with the backlash if or when it happens. Not being prepared can only cause more mistakes, having an ever-lasting impact on your brand reputation.

We’re here to be your strategic comms partner; we’re a crisis management and TikTok agency all rolled into one! We have a team of communications experts trained in tone of voice, brand positioning, and creative communications.

Training & Consulting

Because TikTok’s content is so different from the rest, there’s a need to be a pro at multiple skills; content creation, creative strategy, paid media strategy, and communications. And, you need professionals that know the channel. That’s us.

We run regular training sessions in social media strategy and creative content, from our Leaders Chris Norton and Will Ockenden, who have more than 45 years of experience in the social advertising game.

They also run free social media events, including ‘How to integrate TikTok into your PR strategy’, as well as bespoke individual training sessions, which can be run virtually or face-to-face.

We can help you finesse your social campaigns and ultimately create performance marketing campaigns that convert.

Social Media Marketing

Why Prohibition?

Prohibition is your ‘go-to’ TikTok marketing agency, we can handle TikTok influencer marketing campaigns, TikTok ads campaigns, and create TikTok content all in-house. You only have to follow our own TikTok to find out for yourself!

With TikTok having such a distinctive tone of voice, in order to achieve successful campaigns, you need a TikTok advertising agency that knows the platform inside-out and can react fast. That’s us! Because of our integrated offering, we can create campaigns from start to finish, from finding engaging influencers to creating content and executing high converting campaigns.

And we know how to create socially powerful content, we’re CIPR’s 2022 winner of ‘Best Use of Digital and Social Media’. We’re not new to the social media management game, we’ve been around for 10+ years, creating socially powerful strategies for leading brands such as Equans, C4, and Oxford University.

We’re fun and creative – the right agency for TikTok

You only have to take a look at our campaigns to know we’re a fun and creative bunch.

From achieving BBC News coverage with Yorkshire’s most disgusting art exhibition for Yorkshire Water, to educating Black Sheep’s non-typical cask ale target audience through disruptive performance types, to inspiring audiences to ignite their fire with C4 through igniting influencer and creative content. We have a proven track record of creating viral-worthy and entertaining campaigns, which is needed for successful TikTok campaigns.

So, believe us when we say, when you hire us, we’ll be one of the best TikTok marketing agencies you can find!

Our Latest Work

Why should brands invest in TikTok marketing?

Power online search

TikTok is not just changing the way consumers search for products, but shaping the way of SEO. The #TikTokmademebuyittrend is a clear example of how a product going viral can encourage a surge of online searches and sales.

This can be implemented through influencers, celebrities, or even your own customers. This tactic of marketing introduces potential customers to your products who are typically not your typical audience – whilst also adding more credibility.

Distinguish your brand voice

TikTok, in its own words, describes itself as an “entertainment” platform, where users are taking part in challenges, reacting to trends, and using trending audio. These are some of the ways to make your brand’s TikTok content more entertaining, in-turn increasing online consumer-brand engagement.

Due to the fun nature of TikTok, brands that are typically seen as more ‘corporate’ can have a ‘fun’ tone of voice and engage a new and not so ‘typical’ audience, compared to who they’d usually target on other platforms.

Increased online presence

It’s not just consumers searching for products, journalists are now reporting on TikTok trends as part of their job. And not only will it increase earned media coverage of your brand, but it will also increase your online presence in the form of social shares, mentions and views.

As previously said above – this exposure is powering traffic to your brand and your page. This can not only help you to own your share of voice online, but it can increase your market share, and turn you from a newcomer to the market to a game player.

Brand growth

An increase in follower growth on the platform will also account for growth in terms of traffic, lead-gen, social following, and growth on other channels.

This can all contribute to the success of your brand growth long-term, as you’re finding new ways for your audience to admire you.
With it being a fairly new, still up-and-coming channel, users are only increasing, so this is a great chance to grow your brand. If you’re looking to attract audiences from a new marketing channel, this is the way to do it – and through our TikTok marketing agency services.

Raise awareness of your products and drive sales

Through the growingly popular TikTok shop, you’re able to instigate sales. It manages all influencer partnerships and makes all your products visible in one place, so consumers can purchase your items conveniently on the app.

Shopping online is massively popular with younger generations, especially GenZ and millennials. TikTok’s own research shows that it inspires them to buy – with 52% of millennial users in the UK buying a product because they saw it on TikTok in the last year, rising to 60% of Gen Z users.

So this is a win-win, as younger generations are actively consuming more media online and shopping more online too.

What types of TikTok content is there?

There’s a wide array of content that works well on TikTok – everything from brand takeovers, behind the scenes content, reacting to trends, and working with influencers – especially micro influencers and TikTok creators that have high engagement rates due to their smaller but more engaged audience – who they’re actively engaging and creating content for.

How long should TikTok content be?

TikTok’s content approach is different from other social platforms (hence why you need our help), longer form and more ‘serious’ content doesn’t work. The key to successful TikTok content is content that’s authentic, such as user-generated content.

The algorithm will favour a TikTok account that is regularly posting and creating videos that viewers are watching in full. And the more TikTok users watching your TikTok business profile content in full, the more TikTok is going to recommend your branded content to their feed.

So for instance, if a TikTok user is watching lots of beauty tutorials, the algorithm will take it as that user liking those videos and feed those videos into their feed. So, sometimes shorter videos, are better.

Who’s on TikTok?

There’s an assumption that TikTok is just for ‘young’ people, but this is wrong, there’s lots of older generations using it.

Statista research shows that GenZ audiences are the biggest users (25%), but age groups up 30 – 49 are just slightly behind (by 5% percent).

This means we can tap into TikTok audiences of all ages, even ages that may not be your usual audience and inspire them to shop with you.

Should I integrate TikTok with my wider marketing campaigns?

Even though when executed correctly, videos can go viral in minutes and achieve thousands of views, as with any channel it should not operate solo.

True success comes from properly integrating its use with your wider marketing efforts, in turn delivering genuine campaign cut-through and ROI. Here are just some of the ways it can help:

  1. TikTok influencer campaigns – influencers are one of the most trusted forms of advertising, so when paired with your TikTok campaigns they create even more relevance with your audience.
  2. Paid media – reach a targeted audience through certain audience types, behaviours, or re-engage audiences, making it one of the most cost effective marketing channels.
  3. Public relations – add another layer to your outreach or even get in the press yourselves through a viral campaign.
  4. Social advertising – content can be repurposed for other platforms’ and website content, not all of your target audience will be on the same channel.

We can manage all of this in-house, through our tried and tested integrated services. We’re a TikTok influencer marketing agency, TikTok creative production agency, and TikTok ads agency – all in one. We can match all areas of your marketing activity for greater brand visibility, from your influencer marketing efforts, to branded content creation, to your comms strategy.

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