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If you need a video production agency to inspire your audiences and fulfill your aspirations, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve worked with a multitude of brands over the years to create high-quality and flawless videos, so you can trust we know what we’re doing.

The key to a successful video marketing strategy is the correct amplification – which is why you should hire us. We have all your marketing and video needs in one place!

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Why you should choose us for your next video project:

  • Over 120 satisfied clients
  • 10+ years experience of working with big high street brands through to SMEs
  • We have an experienced team of creative and video production professionals
  • We can work on a project basis
  • Full video production service

These are some of the types of videos we offer:

Brand Videos:

Branded content is great at evoking feelings and building confidence through emotional storytelling.

Our brand videos will present your business at its best – showing your clients what your brand stands for and why they should choose you.

Conference/Event Videos:

When you’re organising an event, you need your video event team to run a smooth production process, to be your ultimate brand ambassadors, and to react to the unexpected and fulfil tight deadlines without breaking a sweat.

Social Videos:

Our social videos will assist you in broadening your campaigns, attracting supporters, creating communities, and promoting leadership.

They will be tailored to perform correctly on the chosen platforms and, just as important, to engage your audiences and create social media chatter.

Corporate Videos:

From HR and recruitment videos to training, internal comms and testimonials and case studies, our video production team has your professional video needs covered.

The films we make create lead generation, drive landing page conversions, and make people want to do business with you!

Demos/Educational Videos:

Video content provides an excellent educational medium.

Our educational video agency is experienced and ready to help – whether filming lectures, training videos, trying to recruit next generation of students, engaging alumni, or reaching a broad international audience.


We create high-quality documentaries that captivate audiences and tell compelling stories from scratch.

We have a passion for storytelling and a commitment to excellence, that is reflected in every project we undertake.


With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts has the skills and knowledge needed to make you a hit with your audience.

Including Watches of Switzerland, the UK’s largest luxury watch retailer, and our very own podcast!

TV Adverts:

For brands and organisations, we create beautiful, compelling TV commercials. And we always ensure that these ads meet the relevant advertising standards and secure the approvals required.


We specialise in creating custom video animations, whether you’re looking to explain a new product or service, promote a brand campaign, or simply increase brand awareness, our video animation services can help.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Brands That Trust Our Creative Services

Our video production process:


During the initial phase, we’ll work with you to understand your goals, target audience, and message. We’ll also discuss your timeline to ensure that it can be deliverable and if there’s any extra requirements.


Once we understand your goals and message, we’ll begin planning the video production process. This includes developing a script, creating storyboards, and determining the best approach for filming.


Our team of experienced videographers will capture the footage needed to create your video. We use high-quality equipment to ensure that your video looks and sounds great.


Our team of editors will take the raw footage and turn it into a polished final product. We’ll add music, graphics, and other elements to create a video that delivers your message effectively.

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Why Choose Us For Film Production?

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands

We’re a video production agency that’s worked with household names such as Fentimans, Goldsmiths and Interflora, as well as small businesses and medium enterprises.

They have faith in us to create great video content time and time again, and deliver outstanding videos that convey their brand message. And not only do we work with some of the biggest brands around, but video production is at the heart of our integrated offering.

Multi-award-winning creative & PR agency

We’ve created countless videos as part of award-winning campaigns, winning us over 45 awards to be exact. So you can trust when you hire us, you’d be working with one of the best video production companies around!

We’re here to support you through the entire process, our production team is ready to take you from idea to finish, get in touch to get started today.

Our Creative Work

What is video production?

Video production is the process of creating a video from start to finish. It involves several stages, including pre-production, production, and post-production. This can also be split into different forms of video content, such as corporate video production, music videos, TV commercials, case study videos, and more.

We can deliver everything you might need from a video production company. Our video content agency services include strategy development, audience analysis, concept creation, storyboarding, writing scripts, talent sourcing, location scouting, visual effects, and video editing.

What are videos used for?

Video production can be used for various purposes, such as creating marketing videos, instructional videos, or entertainment content.

It is an essential tool for businesses and individuals looking to engage their audience through visual storytelling. Videos have the power to convey emotions, explain complex concepts, and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Where can videos be shared to?

Social Media

Social media is probably the most common (and most popular) avenue where businesses share their videos.

This makes perfect sense – social media is a place where people come together online to connect with others and brands alike. Naturally, videos are engaging, and platforms make uploading and sharing them easy.

We help you harness the power of social media to make your video campaign a big success. Our talent managers are skilled in pairing online influencers with brands on YouTube, Instagram, Meta, Twitter and Snapchat for robust engagement.

Across this country, we are handling hundreds of influencers for twelve months. What we offer:

  • An authentic voice and guaranteed social promotion
  • Involvement in the brand approval process on video content and comms
  • Talent and rights management
  • Unrivalled value on production and promotion
  • Guaranteed reach, views and engagement with a bespoke campaign plan

Media Outlets

Deliver your content worldwide, through the world’s most authoritative newswire, to outlets that your target audiences trust.

Understand the full multi-channel reach and impact of your coverage across online, social, print and broadcast. We also offer expert advice and consulting services to bring out the best of your video marketing strategy.

We will pair your brand with the most popular and relevant names from our global network of hundreds of publishers.

To ensure your content reaches the right audience, we segment our publishers by geography, demographics and interest, and we can customise YouTube, Meta, TikTok or Instagram, to further drive visits and sales.

Paid Social (PPC)

We will use paid social to maximise the reach of your video; we are specialists in paid social and optimising it for the best result. If you want views on your video ads, paid social is going to be a must for our content seeding strategy.

Why should I hire a video production agency?

Build Trust For Better Projects

Trust is an enormous factor in building professional relationships (and overall relationships).

A production crew who understands your employees, needs, project, and style will operate more effectively than a random provider who has just given you the cheapest quote. It all comes down to reliability.

And that’s why you need the right video production agency, that’s us! We’ve built a reputation as one of the North’s best video production agencies – we have all the necessary skills in-house to reach your primary goal and produce an amazing final product.

High Quality Video Content

You pass the work on to an experienced and resourceful company when outsourcing video production that can do the job and create something that really represents your brand and reaches the campaign’s goals.

Outsourcing video production can provide you with a new view on your brand and generate a sharable piece of promotional material that can be used on your website, social media or email campaigns.

With years of experience and bags of creativity, a reputable video production company guarantees high-quality films.

And we’re exactly that, we’re PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year 2022 – and one of the – if not the best video production company in the North.

Access To Professional Actors And Voice-Over Artists

A production company will have access to all the experts in their network, which means they are likely to employ creative and credible actors to represent your brand as authentically as possible.

Voice-over artists are especially needed for animation to explain your product or service or teach your brand’s audience.

Production companies can lease high-quality recording studios to guarantee that the customer gets the most exceptional audio for their content.

Why Should I Include Video In My Marketing Strategy?

The popularity of video has evolved so dramatically over the past few years that it has cemented itself as part of a marketing strategy that you cannot ignore.

Videos can help a brand stand out from the rest with a unique and memorable voice, capturing and holding an audience’s attention while providing useful information with a little ingenuity and a well-thought-out plan.

Add to that the many ways you can post content today, from YouTube to social media and beyond, using film in your content strategy is a no brainer.

You should be using video production services not only because everyone does it, but also because film is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools available.

Here are the reasons why you should be using video as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Video boosts conversions and generates more sales
  • Video shows great ROI
  • Video builds trust
  • Video appeals to mobile users
  • Video marketing can explain everything
  • Video marketing brings your ideas to life
  • Video engages even the more apathetic buyers
  • Video encourages social shares
  • Video can raise awareness of your products

What are our video production costs?

Our video costs vary greatly depending on what kind of video content you are looking for.

We can create some impactful videos for as little as £3,000, which will work for some smaller business clients and be hugely successful

However, for our larger brand clients, the costs can increase depending on several varying factors from actors, aerial filming, location, sound team, lighting, make up amongst so much more.

The best thing to do is have a clear vision for what you want in the video and then come to us with a clear brief, and we can provide you with a formal and detailed quote.

Why not drop us a line and get in touch?

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