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Comprehensive event promotion strategy

Looking to run your own PR event or want help organising one? Events can require a lot of planning, but they’re great for businesses as they involve genuine real-world interactions with your target audiences, so attendees get a real feel for your brand’s personality. It’s these in person interactions that engage the public’s interest and push them further down the sales funnel.

Over the years, we’ve organised PR events such as store launches, pop-ups in city centres, and even the world’s first poo-powered pub for Yorkshire Water (yes you read that right!) So, you can trust you’re in safe hands when we say we can pull off a successful event.

Some of our event PR work

Kurt Geiger & Carvela Store Launch

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Launching carbon neutral ale for Black Sheep

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Our Event PR services

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Event planning

We can help to plan your perfect PR event, from venue sourcing, event planning, compiling media lists, to digital ad creation. Our event PR research will piece together a step-by-step approach that aligns with your goals – we can act as your events director!

For example, our ‘What on Earth are you wearing‘ campaign for British Wool, that educated audiences on where their clothes come from. As well as campaign research, we hosted a PR event that saw us hire a pop-up stall in the bustling streets of Manchester City to engage and educate retail shoppers.

Event PR

The way that you promote your event in the build-up is crucial to ensure attendance and that it successfully meets your objectives, supporting your PR strategy.

Our public relations experts can secure press coverage across a range of media outlets through PR research that your target audience is consuming.

Our integrated approach to public relations means we can engage all targets on the event media list including relevant listings at online publications, local publications as well as print publications – to reach your audience whatever platform they’re on.

We’ve been in the event PR game for 10+ years, so you can trust that when it comes to outreach, we have an extensive list of press contacts for your PR event that’s going to attract sign-ups and secure press coverage for a successful event.

Brands that trust us for event PR

Media relations

Media relations is a great way to position your brand and its key messages, as well as promote your PR event to relevant target audiences.

Working directly with the press to inform key stakeholders about your unmissable PR event, encourages more people to visit as it builds excitement and anticipation around your PR event. And with any brand, a positive brand perception establishes you as the ‘go-to’ operator in your field.

Social media

By 2027, it’s predicted that nearly 6 billion people will be active on social media. Social media provides a platform to capture key information on your upcoming or previous PR events in real time.

In a digital era, where people are accustomed to virtual meetings and shopping online – it can take a lot to gauge consumer’s interest. Our social media experts can articulate all the essential information for your PR event in an inviting and engaging way to attract your audience. We can also drum up excitement in the build-up to the PR event through creative social assets, specialist video interviews, and influencer recommendations.

Social media is also great for user-generated content, especially during or after a PR event. As it exposes your event to an even larger audience in an endorsing way, that could target prime potential event-goers and encourage them to come to your next event.

Even the smaller details, such as the event hashtag our team can refine to create press and public interest.

Paid social media

Want to drive footfall from a select audience? Our paid social media services can target users from individual audiences and amplify your organic content.

We can target audiences based on certain ages, professions, locations, and much more to make sure your event is being seen by the right audience. This showcases your PR event to a wider audience, driving attendance.

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Creative marketing

Before your event begins, you want to give your audience a feel and look for what your PR event will look like. This can be achieved through engaging visuals.

We have an in-house team of creative specialists that can create compelling PR assets, video content, and promotional pictures to raise awareness of your PR event and show how stand out it will be, ensuring they add it to their event calendars.

Our team did this for C4 Energy, the number one global pre-workout brand as part of their one-day takeover event with WIT Fitness. As well as social media activity in the run-up, we captured the event through high-quality visuals to drive the conversation online, which it certainly did – achieving 5M+ impressions.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing builds brand advocacy for your event with new and existing audiences. Influencers have a loyal and dedicated audience in their niche, so once paired up with yours, they make for great event promotion.

We make sure influencers are correctly matched up with your brand through detailed influencer mapping; whether that’s a guest blogger, celebrity endorsement, or social media influencer.

An example of when we’ve done this is for the global fashion brand Carvela (owned by the Kurt Geiger group). We were briefed to launch the new Carvela store and the relocated Kurt Geiger stores to a Leeds-focused consumer audience through an integrated PR, social, and influencer campaign. As part of this we created a visual event that engaged our target audiences.

Both brands have a strong diversity and inclusion stance, so we decided to go beyond the ‘predictable’ fashion influencers, and instead focused on non-fashion individuals who shared the brand’s values. Through influencer content alone, we achieved 122 pieces of social coverage and reached 700k+ people – making it a CIPR award-winning campaign!

Events Crisis Management

Events involve a lot of key pieces of information, so a lot can go wrong. This is why it’s ideal to work with an experienced event organiser to maximise your event PR efforts.

One false or improper communication can ruin all of your event PR efforts so far. We have a team of communication specialists that are well-versed in brand positioning, tone of voice, brand image, and more. With our help, you can master your event’s communication strategy!

What sectors do we work in?

Our extensive experience has allowed us to deliver PR events in a range of B2C and B2B industries. To name a few; food, drink, public sector, health and FMCG.

We have experience in all types of PR events; virtual, face-to-face, local and national events. Class us as your experienced event organiser who has handled lots of previous events, all informed by event PR research!

Just give us as much advance notice as possible for your next event, so people can free up their event calendars and our team has enough time to nail a successful event PR strategy.

How can we help?

It’s easier said than done, PR events take a lot of prep and planning to get right. Due to the sheer volume of work, this is where many event organisers can struggle and where having an event PR strategy is key.

We can be a helping hand; we can be your events coordinator as well as a promoter to deliver local listings, media and influencer outreach, arranging professional photographer and videographer, creating engaging social media content to build excitement, securing coverage in target online publications, target print publications and local publications, ticket registration, driving attendance, follow-up date response, event hashtag social media and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Whatever your aim; whether it’s stakeholder engagement, a new product launch, or attracting a new audience through a partnership event. We approach event PR and marketing like we approach any one of our campaigns, insight-driven that delivers real-business results.

Why Prohibition PR?

Integrated event PR and marketing

We’re able to deliver modern event promotion like no other. We can combine the full marketing mix; public relations, content marketing, organic and paid social to sell your event’s story to the public and generate interest – establishing a comprehensive event promotion strategy.

We’re your home of event PR and marketing – an extension of your team, your event planner, marketing director, videographer, paid social strategist – all rolled into one. So, we can conquer your event PR strategy, while you count down to the days to your event!

We can work also on a project basis, so you don’t have to be worried about being tied into lengthy contracts.

Experienced PR events agency

Events can be costly, so it’s only right you want to hire an agency that has bags of experience in event PR planning to match and generate ROI.

That’s exactly us, we’ve been in the industry for 10+ years, we’ve already run so many events for household names such as British Wool, C4 Energy, and Kurt Geiger. We won’t let you down!

Multi-award-winning PR events agency

And we’re not just saying it, we’ve even won awards along the way for our event PR campaigns, including our campaign with Kurt Geiger and Carvela that won ‘Best Use of Digital and Social Media’ at the CIPR Awards 2022. So, you can trust us for your future event PR!

Want to see our skills in-practice?

If our event PR services aren’t enough to convince you, we also host a range of free real-world and virtual events for marketers covering social media, PR, comms, and content marketing – that are sold out on the regular.

Our Latest Work

Why event marketing is important

Firstly, events provide a unique opportunity to engage with your target audience face-to-face. This direct interaction allows you to build relationships with potential customers in a way that is impossible through digital or traditional marketing channels.

Secondly, events can help you generate leads and sales. By collecting contact information from attendees, you can follow up with them after the event and continue the conversation. You can also use events to offer exclusive promotions or discounts, which can encourage attendees to make a purchase on the spot.

Thirdly, events are an excellent way to increase brand awareness. By promoting your event through various marketing channels, you can reach a wider audience and increase your brand’s visibility. Additionally, if your event is well-executed and memorable, attendees are likely to share their experience on social media, which can further increase your brand’s reach.

Lastly, events provide an opportunity for networking and collaboration. By attending industry events or hosting your own, you can meet other professionals in your field and potentially form valuable partnerships or collaborations.

When to start marketing an event?

When it comes to promoting an event, timing is everything. You want to make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to create a successful marketing campaign, but you also don’t want to start too early or too late. So, when should you PR/market an event? The scale of your event will play a big role in determining your marketing timeline.

For smaller local events, it’s often best to start promoting about 4-6 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to create a marketing plan, reach out to local media outlets, and start spreading the word on social media.

If your event is more of a destination event or one that requires travel, you’ll want to give yourself more time – anywhere from 3-6 months. If you’re promoting a larger conference or trade show, you’ll need even more lead time.

Ultimately, it depends on the scale of your event, how much lead time you need to secure sponsors/speakers/vendors/etc., and whether there are any seasonality factors at play. The key is to start planning early enough so that you have enough time to create a comprehensive marketing plan that will generate excitement and drive attendance.

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