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As a local business, you’re relying on your local community for success. This means you’re also targeting a smaller market, making your PR efforts and reputation even more crucial. Prohibition is a local PR agency that has been delivering successful PR campaigns for clients in various industries for over a decade.

With a strategy as unique as a local PR strategy, our insight-driven approach will get to know your local audience on a deeper level, giving you a competitive edge against other businesses.

What is Local PR?

Local PR, also known as local public relations, is a strategy that focuses on building and maintaining a positive reputation for a business or organisation within its community. It can also be classed as small business PR, due to the small scale of the business.

It uses local media outlets and community events to spread the word about a business’s products or services. In the past, a local PR campaign was mainly conducted through traditional media outlets such as local newspapers, television, and radio. However, with the rise of digital media, local PR has expanded to include online publications, social media platforms, and other digital channels.

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Our Local Services

Media Relations

When it comes to local PR, having the right local media contacts is key as this can spread positive media coverage about your business in the community. Our media relations team has established strong relationships with local, regional and national media outlets.

Public Relations

Our team of PR professionals understands how to craft compelling stories to make you a local success. We’ve been doing it for over a decade! Whether it’s human interest stories, a new store launch, or a local trademark product – we’ll make sure your stories hit all the right angles with the community.

Event Management

We offer event management services that help small businesses become a prominent name in the community. We take care of all the details, from venue selection and logistics to guest management and promotion.

Social Media

We will build and maintain a strong social media presence that engages your target audience and drives a buzz in the community. Our team is well-versed in all major social media platforms and can develop customised strategies, individual to your local audience.

Creative Marketing

When you’re a small business, costs are tight, so you most likely don’t have a production team at your disposal. Don’t worry, we have a creative team that boasts video specialists, graphic design, and multi-media specialists that can showcase your business to the local community.

Crisis Communications

In today’s fast-paced world, crises can happen at any time, and they’re even more damaging for local businesses. This is because you’ve got a smaller, more close-knit customer base that heavily relies on recommendations – whether that be a friend, a relative, or a neighbour. Our crisis communications team is available around the clock to help you navigate challenging situations with confidence and integrity.

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Social media, crisis management, and communication training are essential for local businesses as they can help prevent and mitigate reputational damage, which can sometimes be a result of negative reviews, customer complaints, misinformation, or offensive content. Through our wide range of training services, we can build long-term trust and connection with your audience, and in turn, drive local sales.

Why Choose Prohibition?

We have local success

Our team has over a decade of experience delivering local PR coverage for clients in various industries.

This includes our very local business, Yorkshire Water, where we created a one-of-a-kind art exhibition in order to educate their customers on what can and can’t be flushed down the loo! The campaign hit headlines on a local and national level, achieving coverage on BBC News Look North and reaching 6 billion people. So, we can make you a national success as well as a local one!

Our team has a deep understanding of the local market and how to promote your local business – wherever you may be.

We’re a top local PR agency

We’re PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year and a multi-award-winning one, bagging 40+ awards since operating a decade ago. So, you can trust in us to generate great local PR! Contact us today to get started.

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Why is local PR important?

For starters, it can help businesses establish themselves as a trusted and valued member of their community. By participating in local events and supporting charitable causes, businesses can build strong relationships with their existing and potential customers.
Additionally, local PR can help businesses like yours to generate buzz around new products or services, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately driving sales. Local PR strategies may vary depending on the type of business and the specific community it serves.
In summary, for small business owners, local PR plays an important part in a marketing strategy. By building relationships with the surrounding community and generating positive media attention through various tactics, businesses can establish themselves as valued members of their community and increase sales in due course.

Who might need local PR services?

Local PR services are an essential aspect of any business trying to establish a strong presence in a particular market. If you’re a business owner looking to improve your local presence, then you might want to consider this. Additionally, individuals, non-profit organisations, and government agencies can also benefit from local PR services. Let’s take a closer look at each group and how it can benefit them.

  1. Businesses: Local businesses, especially small businesses, need local PR services to help them reach their more niche target audience. Local PR can help many businesses build relationships with local media outlets, bloggers, and influencers.
  2. Individuals: Individuals who want to build their personal brand or increase their visibility in their community can also benefit. For example, if you’re a local author, artist, or musician, you can use local PR to promote your work and get exposure.
  3. Non-profit organisations: Non-profit organisations rely heavily on donations and community support to achieve their goals. Local PR can help them reach a wider audience and increase awareness for their cause.
    Government agencies:
  4. Local government agencies can also benefit from local PR services. They can use PR to share information about community events, initiatives, and programs. This helps them build trust with the general public and improve communication with their constituents.

How do I know I’m picking the right local PR agency?

When it comes to choosing a local PR agency, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you are making the right decision. First and foremost, it’s important to do your research and gather as much information as possible about the agencies you are considering. One of the most important things to look for is experience. You want to work with an agency that has a proven track record of success, preferably in your industry or niche.

And Prohibition is exactly that! We’ve been around for 10+ years and delivering results in multiple local industries. Sponge is a client who wanted to raise awareness locally of their Norfolk-based team. We set up a series of interviews and business profiling opportunities with regional publications. Not only did this drive local traction, it positioned Sponge as an established business and employer of choice in the local area!

What PR tactics do local PR strategies involve?

Local PR strategies involve a variety of tactics and techniques aimed at building and maintaining a positive reputation for a business or organisation in the community.

One of the most important aspects of a local PR media kit is building relationships with local media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations. This involves reaching out to editors and reporters to offer story ideas and pitches that highlight the business or organisation’s achievements, community involvement, and other positive news.

It involves identifying the needs and interests of the target audience, crafting compelling messaging that resonates with them, and delivering it through various channels such as social media, press releases, newsletters, and events to gain maximum exposure.

What role does a public relations company play?

Great question! A PR agency plays a crucial role in helping a company or individual manage their public image and brand reputation. Essentially, a PR agency works to build and maintain positive relationships between their clients and the public, as well as managing any negative publicity that may arise.

One of the primary functions of a PR agency is to send out press releases. A press release is a written statement, often announcing something newsworthy about the client. These are then sent out to relevant media outlets to produce coverage for the client.

In addition to creating press releases, a PR agency also works to cultivate relationships with members of the media. This involves reaching out to reporters and journalists who cover the client’s industry or area of expertise, building rapport with them, and providing them with relevant information or news story ideas.

What other services do we offer?

We offer the full spectrum of PR and marketing services, including media relations, content creation, digital design, social media, and paid advertising.

Our public relations services also branch out even further to reach your target consumers on a more global scale including; consumer PR, reactive marketing and newsjacking, product launch PR, and digital PR.

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