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We’re not just any food PR agency – Prohibition is a digital agency, a creative agency, and a social media agency – all rolled harmoniously into one.

We work with clients in the food and hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, pubs, manufacturers, drink brands, and many more.

We combine our specialist knowledge of the food market with our tried and tested PR services and marketing skills, working with clients from across the entire food sector, including major international food brands and specialist producers, all hungry for a shared voice in the dynamic ever-changing media landscape.

Our Food and Drink clients

Food PR

If you want to see your brand development gain exposure through publicity, we’re the company to talk to! In the food and drink industry, there’s constantly new products popping up all the time, PR stands you out by positioning you differently from the rest – especially the Prohibition way. In such a competitive niche, you need an agency that knows the terrain, that’s us. We have 10+ years’ experience in the food industry, enabling us to have strong ties with trade and consumer media.

Don’t believe us? For Sponge, the UK’s largest independent online cake retailer, through successful consumer and trade PR we achieved 53 pieces of coverage in key publications – such as the Daily Star, Express, and British Baker. The success of the project also led them to become a retained client.

Investing in food PR activities has been found to generate a return on investment (ROI) of up to 500%. So the question is, why are you still reading and not contacting us?

Influencer Relations

More than 60% of consumers are influenced by celebrity endorsements when deciding where to dine. As part of our tailored influencer outreach service, Prohibition utilises tried and tested influencer mapping process and our experience launching award-winning influencer marketing campaigns to help you work with influencers in a manner that aligns with your business goals.

We work with you to enable influencer partnerships that build stronger relationships with your target audience. Whether that’s mapping out the right influencer partners to work with, coming up with compelling campaigns which will make your brand stand out from the crowd, or securing long term ambassadors that are perfect for your business, we enable influencer partnerships that build stronger relationships with your target audience.

Restaurants that use social media influencers see an average engagement rate of over 8% on their posts. We utilise data-driven insight and over ten years of experience working closely with some of the UK’s leading consumer and B2B brands.

Social Media Management

With so many potential customers using social media and digital marketing every day, your bar or restaurant cannot afford to neglect the power of these popular platforms. Not only is social media an excellent platform for spreading news about your bar or restaurant food experiences, but it can also be utilised to promote and increase brand awareness for your special promotions, events and other exciting offers.

Precise and purposeful social media platforms are the backbone of our campaigns. We deliver the right messages to the right people through multiple channels and incite action through stellar storytelling and strategic influencer engagement. With our integrated approach, Prohibition PR will find the angle, tailor the story, and inspire action for your food and beverage company.

Providing Comfort In A Crisis

Nobody likes to see their name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, leaving a bad taste in your public branding. Should a crisis occur that needs addressing by the media, we’re here to help. Providing professional consultancy services in crisis management and expert handling of complex media enquiries, we can look after your best interests and business interests at all times and in all circumstances.

Handling a potential crisis is our specialty. We help ensure that negative press doesn’t harm your brand to keep business booming.

And how can we do that? Well approximately 9 out of 10 food bloggers state that positive reviews from them boost brand awareness and customer trust. And our network in the food industry is vast, and your brand reputation matters to us.

Why you need us


We have strong FMCG experience and knowledge, our performance in the industry speaks for itself


We have strong contacts in the OOH/food service space as a respect UK PR Agency


We understand the food sector – as we already work with market leading brands as a food PR agency


We will always secure you an excellent Return on Investment (ROI)


We will make you stand out in a crowded market with quality work


We will maximize your new product launches with skilled promotion communication


We will provide a new outside perspective and objectivity, and suggest improvements and recommendations


We will deliver award-winning work – just look at our track record for proven recipe of success

Marketing Support

Our entire food PR team is spearheaded by expert marketing director strategists and specialists who are well-versed in brand positioning, design, tone of voice development and creative communications strategies. Our strategic planning and approach to marketing and advertising is tailored for your brand profile to ensure success.

Why Choose Prohibition PR for Public Relations Services?

Prohibition is an experienced food and drink pr agency, with a more than impressive track record to match. The results speak for themselves; utlising TikTok influencers to make Primula’s biggest Christmas yet, inspiring non cask-ale audiences to drink cask beer for Black Sheep, and reaching a freshers-first audience for Thaikhun Restaurants that achieved 230+ student sign-ups.

And it doesn’t stop there – we’ve even won multiple awards for our food and drink PR campaigns, including Corporate and Business Communications Campaign for our work with Fentimans at the CIPR Awards.

We have a team of food public relations specialists that can make your brand a sweet success; whether that’s developing your brand story, establishing your brand in the market through launch events, or giving consumers an appetite for your products through content creation.

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Our Latest Work

Why are strategies for the food and drink sector different from others?

The food and drink industry is a highly competitive space, with new products and trends constantly emerging. Therefore, it’s important for businesses in this sector to stay on top of their game and have a customized PR strategy that sets them apart.

Trade PR and why it’s so important in the food and drink industry

Trade PR typically involves working with industry publications, journalists, and influencers to secure coverage for a brand’s products or services. This coverage can take many forms, including product reviews, feature articles, and interviews with key executives.

One of the key benefits of trade PR is that it allows food and drink brands to reach their target audience directly and build long term relationships. By working with industry publications and influencers, brands can ensure that their message is reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in their products or services and build relationships with key stakeholders in their industry.

Shelf space is limited, so relationship building can be particularly valuable when launching new products or entering new markets.

Do we offer content creation services?

Yes, we do! We have an in-house creative team of video, design, and content specialists. They’ve captured Thaikhun’s Restaurants’ new restaurant launch, created animations for Fentimans, and social videos for Primula. So, they have plenty of experience in the food and drink sector.

So whether you need content to capture a new restaurant opening, amplify a PR campaign, or for thought leadership, we can help – all part of our full-service touch.

How can media relations help with relationship building?

One of the primary ways media relations can help with relationship building is by enhancing visibility and brand recognition. When you regularly engage with the media, whether through press releases, interviews, or guest blogging, you increase your chances of getting featured in news articles or TV segments. This exposure can significantly boost your reputation and attract new customers or clients.

Additionally, media relations can help foster trust and credibility. When your brand or organisation is mentioned or featured in reputable media outlets, it adds a layer of legitimacy to your business. People tend to trust information they find in the media, so having positive coverage can go a long way in building trust with your target audience.

What other PR sector expertise do we have?

After operating for over a decade, our sector experience is much wider than food and drink, we’re your go-to agency for;

What does using an experienced food PR agency bring to your business?

Using an experienced food PR agency can bring several benefits to your business, including expertise and knowledge and a deep understanding of the food industry, including trends, consumer preferences, and market dynamics.

Plus, we have strong relationships with leading journalists, bloggers, and influencers in the food industry. This can help your business gain media coverage, secure press mentions, and build positive relationships with your target audience.

We also have a lot of experience organizing successful food-related events, bringing in key food industry stakeholders, coordinating media coverage, and generating a  buzz around your event.

Why should we use you for PR services?

Think of us like your professional chef in the kitchen. While it’s likely you know all the ingredients involved for dishes on the food PR menu, or even can follow a recipe. Our expert skills in preparation, techniques, presentation means we deliver a guaranteed appetizing result.

Our experience means we know how to create delicious social media content, with the added flavours from our secret Public Relations seasoning. We build an appetite for your brand with your target audiences, and pick the meat off the bones on your branding USP’s for your marketing strategy. We are cooking up a feast to keep us one of the best PR agencies in the UK.

Okay we’re making a meal of the culinary references here, but our point is results in food public relations is what we do best.


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