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Taking a fully integrated approach to public relations, social media, content marketing, video production and paid social, Prohibition’s work delivers web referrals, media exposure, brand awareness and sales.

In 2019, Prohibition won Prolific North’s Best B2C Integrated Campaign Award and the Best PR Agency of the Year for the third time. It also smashed all records in the CIPR’s history by scooping 8 awards at the Pride Awards 2019 including Best Use of Influencer Marketing 2019-20.

At Prohibition, we use our tried and tested influencer mapping process and our experience launching award winning influencer marketing campaigns to help you work with influencers in a manner that delivers tangible business results.

Our influencer marketing services aim to support you through the entire process – whether that’s mapping out the right influencer partners to work with, coming up with compelling campaigns which will make your brand stand out from the crowd, or securing long term ambassadors that are perfect for your business. Using data driven insight and more than ten years’ of experience working with some of the UK’s leading consumer and B2B brands, we work with you to enable influencer partnerships that build stronger relationships with your target audience.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is certainly not a new idea (celebrities being on TV adverts helping to sell a product), but in modern times it is done a little differently. Influencer marketing is any method that uses the influence and mass appeal of prominent individuals to promote or advertise a product, service, website, or brand.

Most influencers will be found on social media websites or through blogs and for a large proportion of the population when they hear the term influencer marketing, they immediately think of Instagram celebrities with 1 million+ followers.

The main reason for its effectiveness is the fact that an influencer, whether it be Ariana Grande on Instagram or PewDiePie on his youtube channel, has a very loyal following. That loyalty can be extremely effective at selling a brand, whether it be for exposure or a quick sale.

Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing has been proven to be an extremely effective marketing strategy if used appropriately. Whether it be for sale of a particular product, brand exposure of traffic to a website choosing the correct influencer for your brand or company is vitally important. At Prohibition PR, we are experts in influencer marketing and connect brands with the world’s top social media influencers and celebrities.

If brand visibility is your number one priority, and you want to gain exposure to your brand, then partnering with a high-reaching influencer on a paid basis may be very fitting. We create strategic marketing campaigns with an influencer that directly inject your brand into your potential customers ‘ path. Our team creates mutually beneficial relationships with industry leaders and rising stars, creative thinking leaders, internal topic experts and potential brand champions, from recognition to hiring and nurturing.

Rather than decreasing returns from digital advertising, brand media and content marketing, influencer marketing goes beyond reach and clicks. It focuses on constant interaction and trade-driven interactions, giving you metrics that matter and fit with your business goals, such as attracting new buyers and repeat transactions, improving customer loyalty and optimising customer life income.

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What Is Influencer Management?

Influencer marketing is becoming a much bigger market within the mainstream, and because of this, a new role for publishers emerges, and that is Influencer Management. The roles involve defining and maintaining connections with leading bloggers and influencers online, and among a long list of other roles, developing global marketing strategies for influencers. This will give you straightforward access to influencer marketing as a company with a brand to sell.

Key Influencer Campaign Questions

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

The top three influencer marketing targets for businesses include raising brand awareness (85%), reaching new markets (71%), and generating revenue and conversions (64%).

Marketers need both the ability to access a proprietary, algorithmic engine which automatically identifies relevant influencers based on the intended demographic, desired performance and cost parameters to save time and vital resources and the skill to use it effectively.

Power middle influencers, Macro influencers, micro-influencers, brand ambassadors, brand supporters, employees and even celebrities will often be included as needed in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Brands will spend a lot of time carefully screening individuals while designing a marketing strategy for the influencer.

Social Media Marketing

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What Type Of Consumer Are You Trying To Target?

You need to figure out who your brand is for, as a company or business. Knowing who your key demographic is for whether it’s for a specific age range, background, gender or ethnicity is extremely important. A company that sells skateboards, for example, will target the young to young adults.

In the early days of influencer marketing, celebrity influencers and social media stars were the only way to access this form of advertising.

Still, people soon realised the potential of an influencer to reach and influence your target customers ‘ audience. It was far more essential to convey the brand message authentically than its scope alone.

You need to take things a step further to find the perfect impact and think about the types of forums, websites, and tweeters that your audience would be following.

Engagement Rate And How It Can Affect Your Choice

Influencer marketing engagement levels are used to measure the level of feedback that an influencer usually receives on its content. To put it simply, it is the percentage of the audience of the influencer that reacts to its content. Some examples of’ Engagement’ on a post might be several comments, shares, views or updates. Commitment rate is a significant (if not the most important) metric, as it can help determine which influencers you can partner with based on how their content performs across different platforms. Analysing the engagement rate of an influencer can also help you decide if the influencer will provide you with a return on investment (ROI), as it reveals how their audience is sensitive to their content. Engagement rate of an influencer can also be used to set a benchmark for your influencer marketing strategy to assess success or failure. For example, if the influencer shares content about your brand, which has a significantly higher level of engagement than their usual rate of participation, this could indicate that the campaign has been very successful. Whereas if it has a vastly lower engagement rate than its typical rate, this could mean that the material that may need to be addressed is problematic.

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The 3 ‘R’s’ Of Influencer Marketing

Although influencer marketing has been hailed as the decade’s “THE” marketing channel because of its efficacy, its success is highly dependent on the influencer. It is important to assess his / her level of scope, significance, and resonance to select the right influencer, and these are the 3 Rs of marketing power.

Brands That Trust Us

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Reach refers to the number of followers on their social sites which an influencer has. Brands often want to partner with influencers and bloggers who have access to a large number of people, but a partnership with an influencer based merely on the high number of followers does not necessarily guarantee success. Access to fans which are similar to the target audience of the brand is the essential factor.

In the past, celebrities were typically introduced as influencers by the marketer to affect consumer behaviour. Still, these days the new generation of bloggers who sometimes touch millions of followers was born with the power of social media. Such product-savvy bloggers who are passionate about promoting their favourite brands are exploiting the new trend in influencer marketing.


Relevance defines the degree of correlation and consistency between the ideals of the influencer and the identity of the brand. Significance can either be about the content created by the influencer, or the audience he/she hits. It is crucial to determine the degree of relevance when choosing an influencer so that the targeted message is directed towards the right audience, and if it does, they will want to interact with it. The trick is to decide if the influencer has the same beliefs, culture and demographics as the target audience for the brand. Influence marketing is a customer-focused marketing strategy, and the consumer has to be the centre of all efforts during preparation. If the brand and the influencer are relevant to each other, then it is more likely that followers will act on the post.


The degree to which the influencer’s audience interacts with the material he/she produces is referred to as resonance. When the viewer reaches the content, they can engage with it on various levels. Resonance is what defines the level of engagement of the readers with the message and whether the content would be positively enhanced by sharing it with their followers.

Types Of Influencers

The significant kinds of mark influencers include micro-influencers, influencer of celebrities, influencer of forums, influencer of social media and leader of crucial opinion. Our influencer marketing approach looks at each form of influencer and suggests a plan customised to your brand, fits with your budget and provides accurate, measurable outcomes.


Brands are often seduced by scale when it comes to social media. For example, micro-scale influencers can tap into niche markets and helping brands target audiences in authentic and engaging ways that are skilful, hard to reach. Among Influencers, those with a base of up to 10,000 followers are called Micro-Influencers. A survey has shown that approximately 87 per cent of respondents are likely to follow Micro-Influencers guidelines. Micro-Influencer Recommendations function as peer-recommendations, only more useful.

Celebrity Influencer

These involve large-scale out-of-home actors and Internet celebrities on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Kim Kardashian, David Beckham or Emma Watson are some examples of celebrity influencers. All 3 have widely different demographics (fashion, football, feminism, social justice, etc.), and if you want to use a big name, these differences should influence your decision. Note though a big name comes with a big price tag.

Blog Influencer

As an influencer in social media, a blog influencer is someone who publishes blog posts and articles and will have a fixed number of followers but also another way to measure their impact is by the number of visitors every day or month. Blog influencers are typically going to be more focused and have a more passionate following. This could mean their power and a greater acceptance of their ability to sell the product or brand.

Social Media Influencer

With the average person spending nearly 30 per cent of their Internet time on social media, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube make it easy for consumers not only to share their views about brands and products but also to get others ‘ perspectives.

Whether it’s generating a buzz by finding and activating the most influential advocates of a brand, working with influencers as brand storytellers and content creators, or partnering as brand spokespeople with famous digital personalities, we know the right people and the proper ways to engage them.

While somebody with hundreds of thousands of social media followers might reveal your brand to their followers, their post or tweet would be moot as far as driving leads and customers are concerned if they are not a snug contextual match.

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Key Opinion Leader

Influencers and key opinion leaders are often merged into one, but a significant difference exists; an influence operates exclusively online, but this limitation does not restrict a key opinion leader.

In traditional media, one of the most common places you meet with foremost opinion leaders is. KOLs are the subject-matter experts called in by the press when they want a quote or a credible soundbite about some current topical issue. For example, your local TV news will probably go to some KOL to give credibility and offer their opinions on some new topical issue. We might be a weather specialist, someone knowledgeable about gun control, a political pundit, or a professor at a university. The point is that they have developed a reputation on a particular specialist topic for their expertise.


One thing to keep in mind is that no matter on which platform you want to set up your campaign, as the count of influencers followers increases, so does their price, but it also depends on what type of influencer they are. Travel influencers tend to be the most expensive influencers, than one focused on culture, followed by influencers of home and lifestyle. It’s essential to engage with your influencers too. Losing the influencers may be detrimental for the reputation of your brand. It’s vital to maintain the relationship between the influencer and the company.


Pinterest’s scope is not as far as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram likes, but referral traffic from social media juggernauts is rising while Pinterest is continuously climbing. Recently, Pinterest has started sharing API data with influencer marketing companies, making it easier to track and value collaboration efforts among influencers. Recent research has shown users are more likely to buy merchandise and spend more than other users on Pinterest.


The main challenge facing brands is getting a response back while trying to reach out to bloggers. The more popular the blogger is, the more difficult it’s to get their attention. Influencer marketing still costs more than it was a couple of years ago. Most companies forget blogging is an enterprise. Without any regard for their art, they contact influencers. We sell their goods right away and ask for favours. We presume that if we give their product out for free, the blogger will want to work with them. Contacting extremely popular or extremely “green” bloggers is another common mistake which brands make. We often reject the blogger’s audience for review to ensure it fits the consumer profile of their company.


Not everyone is a blogger, and this is where vlogging fits in. Vlogging stands for ‘video blogging’ and is another way in which people share their life, perceptions and many other aspects. The time people spend watching vlogs and videos on YouTube is considerably longer than other popular video sites (Facebook is 17 seconds, Instagram Stories is 11 seconds, while YouTube is 4 minutes long and on average a mobile YouTube session lasts 40 minutes, which means that your brand’s potential exposure is exponentially higher than Facebook or Instagram’s. Industries are continually demanding from their influencers, and so YouTube will be THE channel to look out for in the years to come.

Monitoring, Reporting And Measuring Success

Whether you’re running a campaign for your own company or small business or working on behalf of a client, ensuring you know how to measure success and what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are is critical. Nonetheless, what is important to remember is that influencer marketing will undoubtedly earn a Return Of Investment (ROI) and performance can be calculated using the right metrics and data we can provide. You should be able to see a marked improvement based on your goals set out in your campaign, whether it is sales, visits to your website and social media accounts and the number of followers you have.

Our Influencer Approach

At Prohibition PR, we will take the knowledge gained and find the best influencer or group of influencers within your budget after interacting with you and your client. We approach the best-suited influencers with creative ideas to quickly and effectively reach out to the target audience. More so we’ll help you build your Influencer Marketing Strategy, from start to finish, to enable you to make the most of it. We’ll help you create influencer relationships and keep things moving forward.

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Getting Brands More Attention

One way to build up a brand image is by finding an enthusiastic influencer about your brand or the type of product you’re selling, giving them a free copy of it in exchange for grassroots promotion. A skateboarding brand, for example, that wants to promote their new skateboards, is giving one of their new boards to some Youtube skateboard enthusiasts who then use those in a video. With their fans and followers, this will potentially gain you notoriety.

Influencer Campaign Management

We build every campaign from scratch and ensure that it is 100 per cent customised to the brand, destination or organisation with which we operate.

Using the best-in-class technology, we go beyond vanity metrics, fake blacklist engagement, and network cheating influencers. We launch a robust dialogue, driving social engagement, building your brand, reaching sales goals, or whatever goals you have, wherever you are.

At Prohibition PR, our well-trained and expert-led team is here to work with you to assist with planning, casting, execution, and reporting at every point of your influencer marketing timeline.

Influencer Relations

Internal marketing and PR departments may only consist of one to five members. External agencies can help plug the gaps and complete heavy workloads.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Influencer Selection

We define, evaluate and decide on an outreach plan, the right influencers for your audience. It means the right message goes from the right people to the right audience to build confidence and reputation in your brand. Partnering your company with the best influencer in social media, we’ll help you interact with millions of new customers worldwide.

Statistics For Influencer Marketing

80 per cent of marketers say that influencer marketing is effective, and 89 per cent say that marketing works just as well (if not better) than other channels.

Seventy-one per cent of marketers say consumer experience and influencer marketing traffic are higher than other outlets.

Today 49 per cent of customers rely on influencer feedback for their purchasing decisions. Sixty per cent state that when shopping in-store, they were affected by a suggestion.

In the last three years, Google searches for “influencer marketing” have grown to 1500 per cent.

Forty-eight per cent of marketers working with influencers claim that the relationship between audiences is the most crucial factor when considering which influencer to work with.

Branding or engagement-focused influencer marketing approaches achieve 8x ROI.

The top three influencer marketing targets for businesses include growing brand awareness (85%), reaching new markets (71%), and generating revenue and conversions (64%).

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Is Influencer Marketing Right for Me?

Influencer marketing, done right, can be an incredibly powerful and useful tool. It can be helpful for any number of goals–expanding your online community, discovering or communicating with consumers on social media, or even creating a suite of branded content for months to come to use on your social channels.
Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly successful as consumers tend to trust influencers more than regular advertising.

Why is Instagram Influencer Marketing So Popular?

Marketing influencer helps brands to meet their target audience in a way that feels much more authentic than traditional advertising. Instagram influencers have a deep and trusting relationship with their fans, as they share with them many aspects of their life.

How to Set Up an Influencer Marketing Budget?

Make sure you’re approaching the right influencers for your brand, that you and any influencers you work with understand precisely how you’re going to measure success before you start any campaign or relationship and that you’ve got the right tools in place to do that.

You don’t want to make a researched case about how you’ll use the marketing budget for an influencer, then sign an agreement with an influencer that doesn’t deliver.

How do I use Influencer Marketing Effectively?

Find influencers in your business and obey them. Focus on influencers who are a successful influencer of the social network where you have a presence, and whose opinions resonate with those of your organisation.

Should Luxury Brands Use Influencer Marketing?

Luxury brands should work with influencers since they can use the existing, celebrity influencers as an extension of the identity of their brand. A successful top influencer could make the brand look more glamorous and niche. Marketing influencer can help them stay important, too.

Does influencer marketing really work?

Eighty per cent of marketers say that influencer marketing is effective, and 89 per cent say that marketing works just as well (if not better) than other channels. 71 per cent of marketers say that customer quality and influencer marketing traffic are better than other sources.

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