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Being able to communicate effectively and get your key messages across to the media is absolutely essential in order to build or maintain a reputable brand.

We run comprehensive courses on all aspects of media training, helping you make the most out of the media. We run courses in many different locations across the UK on a regular basis.

Learn step by step instructions on how to take advantage of the media, increase your brands notoriety and much more! You can also tailor the content to make it specific to your needs… just let us know what areas you need training for and we will cater to your exact needs!

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Helping you interface with your spectators

Conveying your key messages with clarity and clearness is absolutely crucial to connecting with your audience, any communication which fails to do so will fall at the first hurdle. Getting individuals and associations ready to make strong connections with their key spectators has been one of our main goals since the courses began.

Audience Awareness

Identifying exactly who your key target demographics are will help you in terms of what you communicate to the media. This comes from copious amounts of research and analysis into who your audience. Our courses teach you how to pick out the most important pieces of information that will help you communicate effectively and resonate with your key demographics.

Basic Media Training

Whether it’s a live camera debate or an informal phone interview, our senior team are experienced in all aspects of the Media and can give you the guidance to become an expert in getting your brands key messages across calmly under pressure and answer troublesome enquiries convincingly.

121 Coaching in media preparing

Additionally our media training can be conducted in a 1-2-1 premise – which is perfect on the off chance that you have a particular media occasion coming up and you need a media mentor to help guarantee that your meeting is a triumph.

Media Training Articles

We analyse and summarise key points from industry leading publications and writers, giving you the most relevant and helpful takeaways from. It is constantly updated with fresh copy from some of the most insightful columnists and publications. The articles can be analysed and provide you with relevant examples and guidance on all aspects of media training.

Media Skills – Tips for Radio

You have a staggeringly short amount of time on Radio to get your key messages across, so it is pivotal that you don’t waste a second when you’re on air. It is arguably one of the most difficult mediums to master, but Prohibition can provide you with the tools to convey your key points accurately and calmly under pressure. We’ll also show you how to put yourself in the mind-set of the journalist, giving you a better idea of what questions they could ask and thus be more prepared.

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Media Coach Tips for TV and Video

Whether it’s live on air or a pre-recorded interview, speaking in front of a camera often increases the pressure and causes nerves. Our courses can offer guidance on how to conduct yourself in a calm and measured manner, getting your points across clearly and concise manner.

Presentation and Speech Writing

Again, this can be a nervy occasion, especially if you are not used to presenting on a regular basis. Our courses can advise you how to deal with the pressure of presenting while writing and conveying your messages in a structured and efficient manner. One way to make your presentation or speech more memorable and relatable is to include a personal story. Obviously, the story or experience has to be related to the topic and link in with the point of the presentation – don’t force a story in for the sake of it.

Face the Media with Confidence

Generally there is a deep distrust for journalists, especially when conducting interviews. According to Podium Coaching; interviewees worry about quotes being taken out of context or stories being angled in a derogatory way. Our courses offer solutions to help you make sure you get the right messages across in the right way, thus reducing the story being angled against you or being taken out of context.

Using the right tone of voice

This needs to be kept consistent with your core brand values – it needs to express the company’s values and should be thought of as an opportunity to advertise to consumers. But don’t be afraid to streamline your language. Being concise gives the interviewer(s) less chance to take things out of context. We can show you how to achieve this without losing any of your key messages while doing so.

Going Beyond Verbal Communication

It’s not just about what you say, body language also plays a massive part in how you are perceived by the media, whether it be a presentation to various journalists or a one to one interview. According to The Media Coach; Warmth, Authority and Animation are they key in most interview situations. Our courses teach you how to use body language to your advantage in this process, ensuring you give off the best impression possible, before you’ve even spoke a word.

Public Relations

Brands That Trust Us

Increase Brand Awareness

This is one of the many benefits that come from the media coverage. We can teach you ways to maximise the coverage you get as well as improve the quality, ensuring you get the right messages across for your brand while at the same time getting the volume you need.

Crisis Management

Whenever crisis management is mentioned, it is always suggested that you get ahead of the story. But in the social media/ 24 hour news age, this is extremely hard to do. Being proactive and taking responsibility is still considered the best approach. Our senior team are well versed in crisis management, and our MD even wrote the section on Online Crisis Management for the CIPR’s Social Media Handbook. Learn how to limit the damage and deal efficiently with any crisis that may crop up in your organisation.

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Bespoke Options

We can tailor our course to suit your businesses exact needs. Just tell us what areas you require help with and we’ll create an agenda based on that. It can be an intensive focus on one particular area or we can cover a broader range of topics should you require. For times when you only get one chance, our bespoke services can help:

  • Media training workshop
  • Live media interview simulation
  • Presentation and speech writing
  • Press, radio and TV interview training
  • Video and web presenting

We also offer all kinds of other training courses, including an extremely popular social media workshop and lots of other bespoke courses for marketers and communications professionals. Just give us a call or drop us a note telling us what you are looking for and we will provide a quote accordingly.

A free, no obligation quote can be provided when you give us a call. We promise that our service can be provided at your convenience and at a budget-friendly price.

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