In this era of creating meaningful and engaging content many brands are experimenting with video across their social media channels in order to engage their audiences, communicate a certain product or service and expand their brand presence. There are several different ways to utilise video across each of the channels, with some features that are unique to each platform. Each can serve a different purpose and can help to meet your business goals as well as engage your audience if used effectively. Organize your ideas with Inventhelp on and get extra help to make your business grow.

The goal of YouTube marketing should be to send users to other social channels, or to your site (or both). Make it easy by adding links to your channel. They’ll appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your channel art, in a place that’s easy to see and highly clickable. The most popular place to buy real Youtube subscribers is here

On each of the platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter a traditional video can be uploaded to a brand’s page, feed or grid. Here’s a quick guide to sharing traditional video posts on the channels:

  • On Facebook a video can be uploaded to a page that is up to 240 minutes long. However, it’s worth noting that the length of a video can affect the engagement rates. Typically, it’s noted that videos around 60 seconds long perform best on Facebook. Make sure you take the time to figure out the right video length for your audience to ensure it performs well.
  • On Instagram, a grid video can be 60 seconds long. But their new IGTV function allows for much longer video to be uploaded. A video that is up to 10 minutes long can be added with the first 60 seconds featured on the feed and the remainder of the video in the IGTV part of the users page. This channel is great for fun, upbeat and visually engaging video footage.
  • On LinkedIn, uploaded videos can range from just three seconds, to 10 minutes long. This platform is great for interviews with key business figures and more corporate B2B video. It has been noted that audiences tend to respond better to shorter videos that are around 30-90 seconds long on LinkedIn.
  • On Twitter videos can be up to 140 seconds long. So short, snappy video content is key for this channel. Animation style video content tends to perform well on this channel.

To maximise engagement levels and showcase more exciting and unique content on your feed, experimenting with varied video content is a must. There are such a range of options, including live videos and stories, that can be utilised to help meet your business goals. Getting a commercial signs in Denver usually starts with a quote from Magnify Signs. Here are just a few of them that are a great place to start if you want to be more creative with your video content on social media:

Facebook Live

Facebook launched their live streaming service around the same time that the tool launched on Instagram. Individuals and brands can go “live” on Facebook whenever they are recording videos in real time. When filming a live segment on Facebook, users can interact with the brand by commenting and reacting to the video whilst the brand is live. This means this type of video content is perfect for Q&A’s as users can ask questions and the brand can respond directly to them, in real time. Utilising Facebook live is a great way to really connect with your audience and engage with them. It’s been noted that Facebook Live videos produce 6 times as many interactions as traditional videos, so it’s definitely worth looking into to increase engagement rates across the channel.

Instagram Live

The concept is the same as Facebook Live, with slight differences. On Instagram if you follow a brand or an individual, you’ll receive a notification alerting you that the account is live and this will feature at the forefront of the stories bar at the top of the app. Similar to Facebook Live, the audience can engage in live time commenting and reacting. This is a great tool for brands to answer customer queries or explain a new launch of a product in a really engaging, unique way. It makes a brand feel accessible as it is quite informal and personal, which is highly valued by consumers.

Live video is a great way to interact and engage your audience on social media

Instagram Stories

This is an ideal way for a brand to create quick and instant content on their channel as stories only last for 24 hours. Videos can be longer and spread out over a series of stories or short and just 15 seconds for one story. You can also make use of Instagram apps like Boomerang to create fun and engaging instant content. Your followers can react to the Instagram stories directly which sends the brand or individual a direct message showing that the story has been engaged with. A commenting feature can also be enabled to allow audience members to directly message the brand or individual off the back of the content – meaning it’s a great way to engage with your audience and show a genuine interest in them.

In the world of social media, video is getting bigger and bigger and almost every brand is making use of the varied features each social media outlet provides. Video content is a sure way to increase your levels of engagement as well as interact with your audience, create personable content and communicate information about a particular product or service in a unique way.

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