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Drinks are a necessity of every day, we need liquids to survive; whether it is accompanying a meal, a morning coffee, or simply staying hydrated. And there are always new products on the market that claim to outweigh the competition – with a new product, newly added ingredients or even an awry of health benefits.

So, how do you make your drinks brand stand out? Here at Prohibition PR, we’re industry specialists with a deep understanding of drinks PR and a proven track record of delivering results for clients such as Black Sheep, C4, Bloom London Dry Gin, and luxury brand Fentiman’s.

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Our approach to Drink PR

Build Long Term Relationships and Sales through PR

We’ve been in the food and drink PR industry for more than 10 years, and our vast knowledge of the news agenda and regular consumer research pieces, means we know your target audience; what will sell to them, from their likes to dislikes.

Our drink PR campaigns have multiple benefits for brands, we can position you as the ‘go-to’ operator, a thought leader in the industry, grow your share of voice, improve SEO performance, and drive awareness (to name a few). Whatever your aim in marketing is, PR can help you deliver it.

And a common problem food and drink brands face is buyer awareness, which is the main advantage of trade PR because it gets you in front of the decision makers. By featuring in trade titles, we’re able to put your quality products in front of key buyers in the industry and instigate relationship building that acquires listings.

Organic & Paid Social Media To Engage New Audiences

Through Social 360 we’re able to offer a cutting-edge social media listening dashboard to track conversations in real-time, spot the latest and current trends, provide strategy insight, press briefings, and statements. So we can keep on top of your brand management and even prevent a crisis from happening, as well as create content campaigns that are going to satisfy your audiences’ appetite.

We’re also able to support your organic social media efforts with paid social advertising, to reach audiences that might not have interacted with your products yet or already have – to trigger them to buy. This could be retailers, stakeholders, or even consumers. To drive more conversions, we can select targeting perimeters; such as demographics, geotargeting, timings, and more.

Drinks Product Spotlight Through Content Creation

When it comes to a product, it’s all about the look and feel to it. That’s where branding is integral.

This is where we can also be a tasty success, our creative team consists of graphic design, multimedia, and video experts all in-house. And if you don’t believe us, we’ve launched C4 into the European market through stand-out OOH and digital creative, including our designs being displayed at WHSmith’s London Victoria Station and across the city.

I mean, you only have to take a look at the picture to see it for yourself.

Event Marketing To Boost Your Presence In The Drink Sector

Launching a new drink product? You want to give it the best start in the commercial market – in order to compete with competitors.

Our event planning and PR services can support on a local or national scale, whether it’s driving hype on the ground or online, we will secure coverage that will give you a head start in the market. Such as launching the world’s first poo-powered pub for Yorkshire Water, which reached 72M people through the UK media alone and hit headlines internationally, in the USA and Europe, as well as featuring on ITV Calendar, Daily Express, The Sun, Metro and The Daily Star.

It doesn’t matter if it’s product launches or exclusive events, events are only improved with public relations, which aims to ensure you reach the target audience you want.

Influencer Marketing To Drive Brand Development & Sales

Whether it’s guest blogging, celebrity endorsements, or social media influencers, we can find industry thought leaders that are representative of your brand and subject your products to an extensive audience. Through influencer campaigns, we can expose your content to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of consumers.

From sourcing to vetting, our influencer relations team will match an influencer to each individual business goals and needs – to make sure they resonate with your audience.

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Our integrated approach

The drinks market is saturated – with new brands or products popping up all the time. The only way to get genuine cut-through and ROI is through an integrated approach – which is our specialism.

We’re your ‘go-to’ agency for PR, social media, paid advertising, and content marketing to amplify your brand messaging.

Offering Marketing And PR Direction

Our entire food and drink PR team is spearheaded by expert strategists and specialists who are well-versed in brand positioning, reputation management, tone of voice development, and creative communications strategies.

Prohibition’s press office will work closely with your marketing team to be an extension of your team, providing ‘always-on’ PR support or training.

Why Do You Need Our Drink PR Services?

Award-winning food and drink PR agency

It’s common knowledge that good work deserves to be credited.

Our work is exactly that, we’ve won multiple awards over the years, over 45 awards to be exact. From disrupting the UK market through an influencer event for the No.1 global pre-workout brand C4, to delivering a CIPR award-winning campaign for Fentiman’s, to shifting the way people think about cask-ale for Black Sheep through a Jester Jacobs rap, we’re a multi-award-winning agency backed by results.

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Experienced food and drink PR agency

We’re different from other PR companies, we’ve been in the industry for more than ten years. This has enabled us to have mass amounts of expertise and an in-depth understanding of the food and drink sector. We can assure you; our strategies are the perfect mix for drink PR success.

Our Latest Work

What is drink PR?

Drinks PR, or public relations for the beverage industry, is a strategic approach to create and maintain a positive public image for a brand in the media. This can include traditional media such as newspapers and television, as well as newer forms of media like social media and influencer marketing.

How can PR help drink brands?

There are many ways that drinks PR can help brands. First and foremost, it can increase brand awareness and exposure. Through effective PR campaigns, a brand can reach new audiences and get their name out there in a positive way. This can lead to increased sales and revenue.

Drinks PR can also help brands establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. By positioning themselves as experts on topics related to their products, brands can gain credibility and build trust with their audience.

Another key benefit of drinks PR is reputation management. In the event of a crisis or negative publicity, PR professionals can work quickly to mitigate any damage to the brand’s reputation. This can include issuing statements, responding to media inquiries, and engaging with customers on social media.

Overall, drinks PR is an important tool for any brand in the beverage industry. It can help increase visibility, establish credibility, and protect reputation – that’s why you need us!

How is the drink industry different to any other?

Shelf space is limited and in an FMCG environment, branding and promotion are everything. Retailers are only going to stock items that customers are going to purchase in order to make a profit, so you need to get your brand in the public sphere and establish its presence in the market.

Whether it’s a trade show for a new product launch, positioning your product as the go-to drink brand, or growing your drink brand’s presence online and offline, our drink award-winning PR services can guarantee growth and sales.

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