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Our corporate arm tailors to your specific business needs. Taking industry leading insight from across sectors, Prohibition Corporate is experienced in delivering powerful communications that engage your audience through creative and strategic campaigns. Prohibition Corporate works with you to drive best practice so that together we can secure real business results.

Our Process

Create – we deliver powerful corporate communications through data driven insight
Engage – we engage audiences through creative and strategic campaigns
Convert – our work drives best practice and secures real business results

What Is Corporate Communication?

Corporate communication is a collection of activities to coordinate and orchestrate both internal and external communications aimed at creating a favourable point of view between the stakeholders on which the organisation relies. It includes messages distributed to its customers by a corporate organisation, agency, or institution, such as staff, media, channel partners, and the general public. Organisations seek to deliver the same message to all its stakeholders, to convey coherence, legitimacy and ethics.

The Clusters Of Corporate Communication

Three key task-planning and coordination clusters make up the backbone of business and business organisations’ activities. These include management communication, marketing communication, and organisational communication.

Management Communication:

takes place between its internal and external audiences and management. Organisations rely heavily on strategic relations and corporate communication professionals to facilitate managerial communication.

Marketing Communication:

receives most of their budgets which consist of promotional ads, direct mail, personal sales and sponsorship activities.

Organisational Communication:

includes public relations, public affairs, investor relations, environmental marketing, corporate ads, and workplace engagement specialists.

The Responsibilities Of Corporate Communication Include:

  • To promote the profile of the “company behind the brand” (corporate branding);
  • To minimise discrepancies between the company’s desired identity and brand features;
  • To delegate tasks in communication;
  • To formulate and execute effective procedures to make decisions on communication matters;
  • To mobilise internal and external support for corporate objectives;
  • To coordinate with international business firms.

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Corporate Branding And Public Perception

A corporate brand is the concept of a business that unites, under a single name, a collection of products or services for the public, a similar visual identity and a standard set of symbols. The corporate branding process involves building beneficial relationships and the right image with both internal and external stakeholders. A corporate branding programme seeks to create an optimistic halo over the company’s products and services, imparting more favourable perceptions about those same products and services.

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The Role Of Public Relations In Corporate Branding

PR helps brands select the right communication channels

Once you have defined your customers, PR allows companies to recognise how best to target them. What is it they were reading? How do they get their news? Who are the leading influencers and what topics do they chat about on social media? Our research tools can be used to provide in-depth information that brands can use for more effective communication.

PR establishes thought leadership

Content is king because it demonstrates thought leadership. PR allows companies to become thought leaders by creating exciting content that fosters awareness and identifies you as an authority in your field of expertise. PR will enable companies to communicate innovative ideas for forward-thinking. PR covers all the bases from forums and social media and traditional media outlets, to get your content where it needs to go.

PR builds authentic relationships

Through telling a true story, you create trustworthy and honest relationships with members of the community, stakeholders and media members. If you have a reliable brand, you’re more willing to support community members, stakeholders and the media. These partnerships eventually create brand loyalty. At the end of the day, it’s the loyalty brands that focus on continuing to move forward.

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What Is Corporate Identity In Public Relations?

Corporate identity is often referred to just as a CI, and this is the way a company introduces itself to the public. To look professional and become memorable, every company needs a corporate identity.

Unless you go through a re-branding process, your corporate image should never change. Based on your Corporate Identity, customers and potential customers will recognise your company, so it is critical to have a professional and superb looking identity. It also incorporates your goal, dream, name of the company and slogan.

Why You Should Care About Corporate Identity?

Having a reliable and professional corporate identity is critical for several reasons:

  • It shows that you are a well-established organisation
  • It can attract more clients
  • It increases your credibility
  • It helps you stand out in your industry
  • It brands your company effectively
  • If you are a smaller business, it makes you look bigger
  • It can give your clients a sense of stability
  • It can help describe your company and what you do/what you are about
  • It helps you gain trust
  • You can increase your prices because you look more professional
  • It can help with lead generation

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Why A Good Corporate Reputation Is Vital To Your Organisation

Corporate credibility is the cumulative estimation in which its internal and external stakeholders regard a company based on its past behaviour and the probability of its future behaviour. Reputations are cumulative evaluations by their members of the organisations. These are collective impressions of the capacity of an entity to meet its expectations by stakeholders, whether those stakeholders are interested in buying the company’s products, working for the company, or investing in the company’s shares. A good reputation in your market gives you a competitive advantage. It’s essential to have a good business reputation because it can help distinguish you from rivals, and even be the deciding factor in whether someone chooses you. Approximately 40 per cent of the market performance of a corporation can be attributed to non-financial factors associated with its corporate reputation. Such considerations included feedback from financial analysts, social success (doing well on CSR and sustainability expert ratings), media exposure and public perceptions. They raise market value when those intangibles are high.

Prohibition Corporate Communication Services:

It is vital that you maintain your corporate image as a company. While your products and services influence every brand’s image, communication plays its part as well. You will build and enhance a positive image for your company with well-planned corporate communication strategies. We recognise that digital and social media outlets are important channels of communication and must be part of a broader communications strategy. At Prohibition we draw up strategies for effective communication on these platforms that fit in with your communication goals.

Corporate Positioning

Our approach begins with creating a compelling narrative which captures the vision, direction and culture of an organisation. We work closely with C-Suite managers and divisions for in-house communication to really get under the company’s skin and discover differentiators that set you apart from your rivals. We help to resonate your genuine identity with a forward-thinking narrative.

Internal/Stakeholder Communications

We work closely with clients to ensure the harmonisation of identity and image, with internal stakeholders sharing the same vision as outside stakeholders. We help ensure that your employees have the same emotional attachment as your clients. We work with clients to protect their reputation and build trust with their stakeholders based on past performance and their expectations of future behaviour.

Crisis And Issues Management

We can tackle emergencies 24/7. Building a brand can take a decade and destroying it one day. At Prohibition, we effectively limit or eradicate the damage by acting swiftly and positively. If a company communicates effectively, you can turn a crisis into an opportunity. Prohibition has a team of experts, including ex-journalists who understand the media and are therefore in a stronger position to stop a crisis.

We must unravel any / all future crisis situations during the first 30 days of working with you, so the organisation is fully prepared. These include engagement with social media and SEO. They will also incorporate examples for crisis management, whereby they play a crisis to show you how it can be managed, handled, avoided or used to your advantage.

Reputation Management And Profile Building

One of the most critical assets is corporate reputation and should be carefully crafted, especially as corporations embrace the digital age. We support clients in uncovering their authentic identity in ways that echo stakeholders and inspire support for their long-term business vision. One of the main drivers of competition comes from reputation. Prohibition has been working with clients for over a decade to build strategic advantage by generating in the minds of key stakeholders’ favourable perceptions about companies. These perceptions become visible in the attractiveness of the products, services, trademarks, and brands of the company, and form the reputational capital of a company.

Executive Media Coaching

Media executive training prepares leaders for expert interviews, the delivery of corporate news, and crisis communication. Our executive media training goal is to maximise comfort and trust and minimise surprises. At Prohibition, we conduct regular media training workshops, seminars, and senior executive coaching sessions. Explicitly, we teach the following to senior executives:

  • How to look and sound confident, comfortable and relaxed on camera. You don’t want to look nervous, uncomfortable or unprofessional.
  • How to shape a media message so that you can say everything you need to say in 30 seconds or less.
  • How to answer questions in an interview. Answering questions from reporters is not like having a normal conversation with a colleague.

How to create and speak in sound bites. The real goal of any interview is to get quoted precisely the way you want, on the messages you wish to. This is the ultimate skill we teach senior executives.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership, a tangible piece of intellectual property, can be easily used as a platform for business development and to propel you rapidly into the mainstream. Our carefully crafted thought leadership projects are specifically designed to support our multi-sector corporate clients. Your projects will position you as a leader of informed opinion whose knowledge is sought after and rewarded. This will, in effect, get you more interaction with the media, your target audiences, partners and the leading influencers you need to meet.

Public Affairs Support

We have positioned and built some of the most important corporate brands in the UK. Prohibition makes use of public relations and public affairs to shift perceptions and bring about change. We have significant experience in influencing MPs and leaders within the government, delivering a campaign grid No. 10 template that has resulted in changes in perceptions of policy, and helping you participate in meaningful social discourse on some of the most critical issues of the day. We help our clients manage their interpersonal relations, liaise constructively in policy discussions and create productive relationships among the public.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Media relations

Many people use public relations and media relations terminology interchangeably but doing so is wrong. Media relationships apply to the partnership between a company or organisation and reporters, whereas the relationship with the general public stretches beyond the news. At Prohibition, we are proud to deliver high-level, strategic media relations campaigns as part of our PR services for a wide range of clients. In short, if you have news to announce in your brand or company, we are the right team to deliver it. Our passionate PR team is experienced in creating creative regional, national, and international media relations campaigns across a variety of media types including print using the best flyer templates, radio, television, and social media, and delivering it to our extensive contact list with vigour and zeal.

Influencer Relations

Creating media-influencer relationships is another marketing strategy you may consider for your company. We will build and maintain influencer relationships which will give you more leverage in your marketing efforts. Partnerships with influencers within the culture of your brand can be the impetus the consumer needs to make a decision, such as purchasing your goods or subscribing to your services. Often, influencer partnerships help build reputation and exposure for your brand. A strategy of poorly managed relations with influencers could weaken your overall campaign. The influencer you are working with must be excited to work with your company. We’ve developed flexible processes at Prohibition PR that allow us to work effectively with influencers.

Prohibitions Insight Based Approach

We are an award-winning Integrated PR team of professionals who advise companies on how to best use public relations, social media, and content marketing. Our goal is to help companies communicate more effectively online as well as offline.

As an Integrated PR agency, we help our customers connect effectively online, and, in turn, lift their profiles and boost their overall business performance. Although we are thoroughly focused on integrated PR, we firmly believe that the strategic public relations discipline should be ingrained in our entire team. We firmly believe that an organisation with a team of experienced public relations experts is always best placed to advise these new and changing audiences and to engage them. Our team is composed of some of the leading UK specialists in their respective fields.

Why Outsource Your Corporate Communications Through Prohibition?

In business, choosing between internal investment and paying an external service provider can be a challenge. However, opting to outsource PR and marketing as part of a long-term strategy can effectively place an entire team of individuals (and their various skillsets) at your fingertips. Our expertise in a wide variety of marketing, ranging from copywriting and social media to traditional PR and campaign planning has made us a valuable asset in promoting your continued growth. We are able to lend support during times of heavy workload and offer our guidance and expertise in the planning and execution of long-term campaigns. Strategic PR outsourcing that is put in place to follow a year-long campaign-based structure, thus ensuring our client’s message is communicated both consistently and continuously via digital and traditional PR.

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Do We Offer Corporate Communications Consultancy?

Well-executed, strategic communications is essential for building trust, increasing revenue and preserving and protecting the brand of a company.

At Prohibition we are proud to develop deep relationships with our clients, with business value at the core of our insight based approach. We are always there to support the needs of your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our corporate team consists of former journalists, in-house relations executives and marketing professionals and offers you a balanced approach to corporate communications.

We provide advisory and marketing services at Prohibition through a variety of tools including crisis and conflicts management, reputation management and image building, executive media consulting, media relations, thought leadership, message coaching, brand auditing, and research.

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