Persona Marketing Services

The fundamental concept of persona marketing is simple: Speak directly to your audience as if you were one of them, and address their specific needs.

Persona Marketing has been instrumental in creating high performing ad campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world.

Persona Marketing is a new model of marketing that focuses on your customer’s unique fears, desires, and quirks. It is an ideal approach for businesses to determine who they are creating for, what they do, and why.

This form of behavioural targeting enables advertisers to reach prospective customers and web users based on their behaviour rather than their stated interests.

Prohibition Insights

A Prohibition 360 offers a one-off audience and content audit and strategy ‘in a box’. Designed to help you understand your brand’s position and share of voice in the market relative to your competitors, how your brand and your industry category is talked about online, and what makes your customers tick when it comes to their needs interests and perceptions.

This provides a strategic ‘line in the sand’ and is a must for any brand serious about getting their strategy fit for the future; the 360 uses enterprise-class insight tools to ensure your strategy is built on your own data.

What is a marketing persona?

A marketing persona is a fictional, composite character that represents the target customer for a specific product or service.

In essence, this is a description of your customer that captures the essential characteristics they share.

Persona’s when researched correctly, embody important demographic and psychographic information about your ideal customer. By creating a picture of who this person is, and what drives them in life, allowing you to be able to have a better understanding of potential customers and what they need from your products or services.

  • Demographic Application
  • Habits of shopping
  • Place
  • Job Status / Summary
  • Interest in commodities
  • The necessity for a commodity

Each persona defines who your customers or employees are and what motivates them about your brand. Personas have grown in complexity as market research techniques have developed.

The number of marketing personas your business needs to make effective customer relationships is problematic. So stop counting! Prohibition Insights Persona Marketing analytics help you keep in touch with your customers throughout the buying cycle, without compromising your contact or content strategy.

Are there different types of marketing personas?

A marketing persona is a compilation of information about a group of customers. This information is compiled into one profile. Using personas means you can streamline your marketing efforts, by knowing who you are targeting and what content they need to be receiving.

Here are four distinct marketing personas, each representing a different segment of your target audience.

  • Marketing persona
  • Buyer persona
  • Customer persona
  • Audience persona

All marketing personas have one thing in common: They’re based on real customers.

Persona Marketing is an incredibly powerful, customer-centric marketing method that can help you better target your products and messaging to people who will buy them.

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What’s the difference between personas and segmentation?

Every marketer knows that you have to find the right audience if you want your product to be successful.

Your customers may be unique, but they usually conform to a few identifiable traits.

The identity of homogeneous client groups is validated by segmentation, while people help to enrich those identities for other purposes.

A good persona is easily distinguishable from a segment. Segments are groups of people who share similar characteristics (e.g., demographics, psychographics or geography), whereas personas are whole personas with complete biographies and complex needs, goals, motivations, and values. A segment is a convenient way to group buyers into buckets of related data; while a persona is an individual buyer with unique wants, needs and goals who you could name.

Why do you need marketing personas?

With more than 50% of B2B marketers still not using marketing personas, find out what you are missing.

The answer is simple. Focus on individual customers to make products and services more relevant and solve real, human-centred problems. It improves customer retention and acquisition by optimising your content to specific audiences.

If you’re currently not using personas on your marketing, your business is at a real disadvantage. Personas will help you create targeted marketing materials that resonate with your customers- and bring them to life.

The most important piece for marketing success is knowing your audience. With Personas, you can focus on the things that matter to your company, your sales team and your customers.

Prohibition Insights allows you to achieve more for your business with our easy-to-use marketing tool.

Are you wondering how to describe your buyer’s persona?

Don’t know how to describe your buyer’s persona? Persona Marketing can help you!

If your marketing is so focused on offering up a ‘buyer persona’ it will miss the mark and only potentially alienate your audience.

Benefit-rich products are more likely to resonate with consumers than products that meet only a few basic needs. Prohibition has you covered (literally). Our Prohibition 360’s turns a wealth of gathered knowledge and information into pure insight; creating and presenting a 12-month strategy to give you a competitive edge.

The benefits of building a persona for the buyer

Online listening delivers the visibility and intelligence to know which keywords, topics, and conversations are driving the most attention and action on your brand.

Prohibition insights allow marketers to track conversations and topics related to their brand, products or services.

It helps them better understand what their audiences think of them so that they can optimise their marketing activities and spot opportunities early, these include:

  • How your brand and competitors are talked about online (via social listening)
  • How your sector or market category is talked about online (via social listening)
  • How your sector or market category is talked about online (via social listening)
  • Audit and critical analysis of how you and your competitor’s content is performing on social media (Persona Marketing Tool)

Personas encourage you to walk and consciously work in the shoes of your audience. The key to boosting your business is by learning who your customers really are through listening. There is no greater customer insight than by living in your customers’ shoes and seeing the world through their eyes.

Listening to your audience is the heart of every healthy business. Understanding how they engage with you and what topics are important to them will help you grow your brand.

Develop new services and products that will resonate

The world is changing. It’s calling us to step up and be bold. It’s up to you to make sure that your products are developed to meet the needs of today’s consumers, who are looking for innovative solution and experiences.

Understanding customer personas is not only about selling your current range of goods or services but when it comes to designing new products, it also benefits your company.

With personas, you’re getting a ready-made client base with specific needs, goals, and motivations. Applied in product development, you’ll be able to create products that are tailored specifically to certain groups of people. Picking the right target audience will help you optimise your messaging from the initial pitch through making sales. Plus, by reducing your reliance on costly (and often misleading) market research surveys, persona marketing will save you time and money.

If you are looking to hone in on your customers’ needs and build products that they’ll find useful? Get started with Prohibition Insights.

What is a buyer persona template?

A buyer persona template is a useful, visual way to document and share insights about your target customer’s, this structured format of writing that helps you create compelling buyer descriptions for specific audience segments.

The Demographics

We let you define your persona to create relevancy and engagement with your customers. Whether you’re determining which social media platforms to use, trying to decide what kind of content is appropriate for your audience, or only looking for ways to grow your followings, we can help. In marketing, demographics are often used to characterise markets and segments of markets: who buys which products, for example.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Location
  • Family Situation
  • Annual Income
  • Education
  • Technical Role

Industry demographics are statistics describing the commercial activity of an entire industry.

  • Industry
  • Job Title
  • Company Size
  • Values and Goals

These demographic categories can give you insight into the marketplace your organisation operates in and can be used to improve your marketing approach.

Prohibition Insights can assess:

  • Needs
  • Interests
  • Perceptions
  • Brand preferences
  • Media and digital habits
  • Purchase behaviours

Using a database of 40,000 UK consumers and more than 20,000 data points, we will build out a detailed profile for your existing audience personas.

Up to x5 personas mapped out

Full breakdown per persona, including:

  • Attitudes
  • Online activities
  • Interests
  • Major purchases
  • Device ownership and usage
  • Brand preferences
  • Media and social media behaviours

Brands That Trust Us

The Challenges

Every business is different, and the challenges every business face are unique. Understanding who customers will be and how they behave in the future is hard to overcome without the right data.

Personalisation is the future of marketing empowering brands to engage with their consumers one-on-one, but it’s not as easy as some people think.

Successful persona marketing requires a high degree of attention to detail. Because marketers are tailoring messages to specific audiences, they need to be extremely precise.

Digging through large volumes of data to discover the next big thing requires expertise and time, luckily, that is where Prohibition’s Insight team can help.

We can help you gain deep understanding into the market in which you operate or wish to move into – what audience types are present in the category, what motivates them, and how can you reach them?

You will get a full breakdown of audience behaviours within your sector, including:

  • Attitudes
  • Online activities
  • Interests
  • Major purchases
  • Device ownership and usage
  • Brand preferences
  • Media and social media behaviours

Targeting: Giving those audience personas impact

Every audience is driven by different pain points and motivated to action by other motivators. So how can you craft content that cuts through the noise?

Prohibition has crafted technology that gives real substance to those groups of people with core, shared, characteristics. A persona marketing solution is all about doing just that. At the heart of your business is a set of personas, and you can now give those people genuine impact for good.

We’re a marketing agency that specialises in connecting brands with people. We don’t just create and target an anonymous audience, but develop a relationship with target people in the world? When you give your customers and supporters a face, you gain a competitive edge.

Forged by actual customer interactions, Persona Marketing makes it possible to track reactions to real-time content for the first time. By leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms that have been trained on millions of data points, Persona Marketing is the key to unlocking true one-to-one marketing.

Persona-based marketing is the smartest way to reach your customers. Persona marketing can help you tailor ads, emails and content to make them relevant and resonant.

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Social Media Marketing

Positioning Strategy

The actual product needs to be stationed in a profitable and carefully selected market sector. This positioning also needs a clear, quantifiable or visible differentiation from competitors’ products and positioning, focusing on the perception of the consumer.

1) Customer or user need

2) Industry problem

3) Product characteristics and attributes

4) Positioning strategy.

5) Differentiation

6) Place (distribution) strategy

7) Promotion

8) Price

Prohibition Insights help test creative ideas or strategies in the market before launch, helping validate your strategic thinking and build trust with stakeholders.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Brand Repositioning

“Brand Repositioning has now become an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. This involves re-establishing a brand, product or services as the market evolves and competitors increase.”

Brand repositioning, or rebranding, is a strategy of marketing management. The goal of a brand repositioning strategy is to redefine a company or product in the consumer’s mind. Repositioning a brand involves changing the associations and perceptions that consumers hold about its products and/or services. This means recognising some of a brand’s current weaknesses and strategically improving them into strengths.

Helping you to increase your revenues and cut your costs with persona marketing.

Prohibition Insights and persona marketing can be used to reposition your product in the market. Most companies start by building a brand based on their perception of themselves, but this is often far from the truth, resulting in a brand with very little connection to consumers and what they think or feel about you.

Many companies today have embarked on the decision to rebrand and strategy to their products to be more modern and consistent. It is a process that often carries with it a certain amount of risk when you take into consideration the number of resources that can potentially be wasted. With any significant move like this, there must be a number of considerations for what will help you through those troubled waters.

You think your brand caters to a specific niche, but in reality, it appeals to many; therefore, interactions with these different target groups should reflect their differences. With persona marketing, you can develop marketing messages that speak to the needs and desires of a variety of consumer profiles. This approach integrates market segmentation analysis with qualitative research and provides a goal-oriented roadmap that will matter most to diverse consumers.

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What are the benefits of building a persona for the buyer?

It’s much easier to understand and talk to a small group of people with faces, names and straightforward experiences, priorities and obstacles than a vague list of data points. You can’t stress enough the advantage of understanding exactly who you’re talking to with your ads.Personas encourage you to walk and consciously work in the shoes of your audience to help them solve obstacles and accomplish goals for your non-profit. Mobilize your followers in the development of your campaigns by considering their priorities and challenges. Gear your marketing efforts to engage, establish relationships with and eventually push your individuals to action initially. A consumer identity lets you create a ‘personality’ for the key audiences you are targeting, and for advertisers, this marketing strategy has a multitude of advantages

Are there different types of marketing personas?

Marketing individuals can differ greatly, from vertical to vertical industry, from B2B to B2C and from country to country. Since individuals can be identified by so many different variables, it really depends on how a company monitors and stores a potential client’s data.

Types of buyer persona examples:

  • Marketing persona
  • Buyer persona
  • Customer persona
  • Audience persona

Can You segment your marketing?

You will be able to customise and segment your content more efficiently once you’ve built your consumer personas, delivering messages that are targeted to each personality.

Apple is a perfect example of a business that knows how to segment its audience, targeting various campaigns to a multitude of different markets. In recent years, its commercials have included ultra-cool, street-wise commercials targeting millennials who enjoy cutting-edge technology, advertisements for families who rely on their smartphones and tablets to handle their everyday lives and keep up with their family, and campaigns targeting business professionals who work on-the-go using their Apple products. There have also been commercials targeting amateur photographers out there who explicitly use their smartphones to catch stunning off-the-cuff moments. These are four very different people, all very successfully targeted by Apple.

What are buyer personas? What are the main components of well-developed buyer personas?

Fictionalized images of your ideal customers are buyer personas. They are intended to give you a comprehensive image of your target clients and to help you better understand their usual patterns of research, decision-making, and purchasing. Personas are made up of information about these ideal clients, including, but certainly not limited to: demographics, motivations, goals, pain points, position within the structure of their company, behaviours, and who they work with for decision-making assistance.

How long should my personas be?

The more accurate details you have, the better, Personas should be as comprehensive as possible. In order to completely meet their needs, you want to paint a detailed image of the persona.

How many personas should I have?

As many as needed by your organisation. It is possible that companies with a wide variety of goods or services would have more people than companies with a few products and services. But don’t fall into the pit of expanding your buyer persona to all the kinds of clients you may have. You want your staff to be focused on the kind of clients that you want to have.

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