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Did you know 56% of companies generated higher quality leads using buyer personas?

Persona marketing centers on understanding. We’re here to uncover your personas and reveal what makes your customer tick.

Our three pronged approach is designed to know exactly who your customers are, what they want and why they want it, so you can deliver an impactful and transformational marketing strategy. ​

What is a marketing persona?

A marketing persona, also known as a buyer persona or customer persona, is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. It is a way to understand and empathize with your target audience by creating a detailed profile that reflects their demographics, behaviors, motivations, and goals.

It goes beyond basic demographics like age, gender, and location, and dives deeper into their interests, values, pain points, and challenges.

Are there different types of marketing personas?

A marketing persona is a compilation of information about a group of customers. This information is compiled into one profile. Using personas means you can streamline your marketing efforts, by knowing who you are targeting and what content they need to be receiving.

There’s four distinct marketing personas, each representing a different segment of your target audience, which include; marketing, buyer, customer, and audience persona.

What’s the difference between personas and segmentation?

A good persona is easily distinguishable from a segment. Segments are groups of people who share similar characteristics (e.g., demographics, psychographics or geography), whereas personas are whole personas with complete biographies and complex needs, goals, motivations, and values.

A segment is a convenient way to group buyers into buckets of related data; while a persona is an individual buyer with unique wants, needs and goals who you could name.

Why do you need marketing personas?

Create marketing that works

If you’re currently not using personas on your marketing, your business is at a real disadvantage. Personas will help you create targeted marketing materials that resonate with your customers – and bring them to life.

Build trust with your audience

Through persona marketing, you can focus on individual customers to make products and services more relevant. Improve customer retention and acquisition by optimising your content to specific audiences.

New sales opportunities

Marketing personas also help in product development. By understanding your ideal customer’s needs, you can create products or services that meet their expectations and solve their problems.

Our Approach to Persona Marketing

1. Persona Mapping

We’ll take a deep dive into your target audience and create personas with clear preferences, this will guide and govern your strategy.

2. Persona Planning

Using our persona insight, we’ll work with you to discuss the tactics, platforms, messaging and initiatives that will be most impactful​.

3. Persona Marketing

Once the plan is in place, we’ll advise the team on strategic roll out and activity focused on your persona needs.

Brands That Trust Us

Our Persona Toolbox

Content & Audience Audit

An audit and analysis of your current audience, activity and content. Plus additional preferences, needs, considerations and opportunities.

Social listening

We’re able to identify trends, attitudes and behaviors of individual personas​ – on a global scale.

Channel touchpoints

Analysis of preferred touchpoints of your audiences, as well as content motivators to refine your marketing approach.

Competitor analysis

A critical analysis of how you and your competitor’s content is performing on social media, as well as insight on how your sector/market category is talked about online.

Pro Measurement

We introduce our AMEC proINSIGHTS measurement model, and stress test our persona recommendations to ensure they’re fully measurable.​


We upskill on specific elements of the personas to ensure future delivery is considered as part of your wider business model.​

Social Media Marketing

Our support doesn’t stop there

We’re an integrated agency, so when it comes to launching your new approach, we’re on hand to help across all areas of your marketing activity. Including media relations, content marketing, brand creative, paid strategy, and more.


What are the benefits of building a persona for the buyer?

It’s much easier to understand and talk to a small group of people with faces, names and straightforward experiences, priorities and obstacles than a vague list of data points. You can’t stress enough the advantage of understanding exactly who you’re talking to with your ads.Personas encourage you to walk and consciously work in the shoes of your audience to help them solve obstacles and accomplish goals for your non-profit. Mobilize your followers in the development of your campaigns by considering their priorities and challenges. Gear your marketing efforts to engage, establish relationships with and eventually push your individuals to action initially. A consumer identity lets you create a ‘personality’ for the key audiences you are targeting, and for advertisers, this marketing strategy has a multitude of advantages

Are there different types of marketing personas?

Marketing individuals can differ greatly, from vertical to vertical industry, from B2B to B2C and from country to country. Since individuals can be identified by so many different variables, it really depends on how a company monitors and stores a potential client’s data.

Types of buyer persona examples:

  • Marketing persona
  • Buyer persona
  • Customer persona
  • Audience persona

Can You segment your marketing?

You will be able to customise and segment your content more efficiently once you’ve built your consumer personas, delivering messages that are targeted to each personality.

Apple is a perfect example of a business that knows how to segment its audience, targeting various campaigns to a multitude of different markets. In recent years, its commercials have included ultra-cool, street-wise commercials targeting millennials who enjoy cutting-edge technology, advertisements for families who rely on their smartphones and tablets to handle their everyday lives and keep up with their family, and campaigns targeting business professionals who work on-the-go using their Apple products. There have also been commercials targeting amateur photographers out there who explicitly use their smartphones to catch stunning off-the-cuff moments. These are four very different people, all very successfully targeted by Apple.

What are buyer personas? What are the main components of well-developed buyer personas?

Fictionalized images of your ideal customers are buyer personas. They are intended to give you a comprehensive image of your target clients and to help you better understand their usual patterns of research, decision-making, and purchasing. Personas are made up of information about these ideal clients, including, but certainly not limited to: demographics, motivations, goals, pain points, position within the structure of their company, behaviours, and who they work with for decision-making assistance.

How long should my personas be?

The more accurate details you have, the better, Personas should be as comprehensive as possible. In order to completely meet their needs, you want to paint a detailed image of the persona.

How many personas should I have?

As many as needed by your organisation. It is possible that companies with a wide variety of goods or services would have more people than companies with a few products and services. But don’t fall into the pit of expanding your buyer persona to all the kinds of clients you may have. You want your staff to be focused on the kind of clients that you want to have.

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