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Travel is a commodity many people don’t mind spending large amounts of money on.

It’s reported luxury consumers spend over six times as much on travel than the average consumer – and the trend is growing.

With more luxury consumers shifting from spending money on personal items to travel and life experiences, which is even more prevalent after COVID-19. More people, now more than ever, are itching to get away.

So, how do you thrive in a loud market? By driving awareness, demand, and sales for your hero products through bespoke campaigns.

Prohibition’s Integrated Luxury Services

In the luxury travel industry, you’ve got so many components, from showing off your luxury hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, industry events, or luxury property. This means it doesn’t just include the luxury industry, it also includes the lifestyle and hospitality industry too.

That’s where we can help, our decade of agency experience means we already have a mass amount of experience in these industries! And our integrated approach to PR and marketing allows us to reach your target audience through many channels, including media relations, social media, paid advertising, content marketing, and more.

Our Luxury Clients

Our approach

Reaching New Travel Audiences through PR campaigns

By targeting media outlets with press releases that are relevant to the travel industry, we can achieve coverage on a global scale for your luxury travel brand. Through PR communications we can target holidays at specific travel audiences such as couples, families, or avid adventurer goer.

By understanding what your audience interacts with, their likes and dislikes, we use this data to shape our public relations strategies to urge prospects to book their next holiday destination with your business.

By creating reactive, proactive, and planned digital PR campaigns, we’re able to achieve backlinks – increasing your market share of the organic market and boosting overall visibility.

Social Media To Power Your Brand Story

What sets you apart from your competitor is the experience you offer.

Whether it’s a luxury property in the Maldives or a festive season city break to Eastern Europe, social media is a great way to showcase experiences through immersive visuals and clever messaging to bring customers absolute joy.

And through our bespoke Social 360 Tool, we can truly understand what consumers are saying about your experience through social listening and competitor analysis. From this, we can make recommendations about your products and create a comprehensive content strategy to give you an added luxury touch over your competitors.

Paid Social Advertising To Lure Luxury Consumers

Paid social media supports your organic social efforts to spread awareness to a more exclusive audience.

This is incredibly useful for luxury travel brands, as it results in more sessions, leads, and conversions to achieve global impact.

The main benefit of paid ads for travel brands is their targeting capabilities, such as being shown to certain demographics, times, or a specific country. Putting your popular destination on their map.

Using Influencers As Travel Brand Ambassadors

Influencer marketing is a great way of building brand credibility, following, and reach. Influencers are seen as more credible than celebrities and create high-quality content that can be shared across your brand activity. They can be used to advocate every stage of the journey; from signing up, travelling, and their stay, to their final verdicts.

The key to our successful influencer marketing campaigns is picking a relationship that is a natural fit for your brand and resonates with your customer base through intensive influencer mapping.

Luxury Event Take Off

Launching a new hotel or holiday package? You want your product to receive as much positive exposure as possible, so it’s a recognised brand for luxury consumers.

We can help to manage travel product launches, from pre-launch to the run-up and beyond, creating media exclusives and brand exposure with our extensive media network.

Building Stronger Luxury Customer Relationships

The relationship a customer makes with your company is going to make an everlasting impression. You don’t want to start on the wrong foot.

We can ensure strong relationships with your customers by crafting relevant, engaging and informative communications that’s going to educate prospects on your offering and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

Showcasing your luxury portfolio through creative

You want your luxury offering to give a luxurious look and feel – as that’s what luxury consumers are wanting – otherwise, they wouldn’t pay for the luxury price tag.

Well, look no further! We can sell your luxurious escape through our wide range of creative services, we have a multi-skilled team that consists of video marketing, OOH advertising, animation, design specialists, and much more!

What You Can Expect From Prohibition

Guaranteed Results-Driven Marketing and PR Service

Whether you need our assistance in facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships with tourist boards or showcasing your premium resorts and top destinations, we will bring our arsenal of marketing strategies to get you in front of the consumer and ensure you make the right impression.

And we’re not just saying it! For Goldsmiths, who wanted to be positioned as the perfect retail destination for all your gift-giving needs at Christmas, we broke through the Christmas noise with a story-telling brand video that drove 1M in views and sales!

Luxury Expertise

In the competitive, cutthroat world of luxury, you’ll need a guide that knows the terrain. Prohibition PR is a dedicated Luxury PR Agency, let our expert team do the work for you. And our luxury expertise is second to none!

We’ve delivered results for many leading luxury brands including Goldsmiths, Kurt Geiger, and Fentimans, winning many awards along the way! Including ‘Best Corporate and Business Communications’ for our B2B lead generation campaign with Fentimans that targeted key buyers within the hospitality industry. And despite having a low budget, we also won ‘Best Use of Digital and Social Media’ for our influencer campaign with Kurt Geiger at the CIPR Awards 2022, which achieved 120 pieces of coverage and reached over 700k people.

Our Luxury Work

What makes the luxury sector different from others?

The luxury industry is undoubtedly unique and stands apart from other industries in several ways. From its exclusivity to its emphasis on craftsmanship and quality, luxury brands have managed to create a niche for themselves that sets them apart from the rest.

One of the fundamental differences lies in the target audience of the luxury industry. Luxury brands cater to a specific demographic that values sophistication, exclusivity, and a sense of prestige. Unlike other industries that focus on mass appeal, luxury brands target a more affluent customer base who are willing to pay a premium for exceptional products or services.

Do we offer training?

Yes, we offer training across the board. Including social media, comms, crisis management, and media trainingContact us for further information on costings!

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