Heading into another month of more social media updates that advertisers need to be aware of to achieve the best results. Here’s all the latest you need to know.

Meta holds roundtable to discuss the implementation of AI tools

Following the Advantage+ takeover of Meta’s Ads Manger, it has released some information on the usage of these tools. Looking at the key points of this roundtable, the AI generated content is showing promising results in driving better ad performance with 40% of the content people see on Instagram coming from AI recommendations

Boosting posts on an iPhone may come with an additional fee

Apple and Meta have had issues with each other for many years now, especially following the iOS 14 update that saw third party tracking be made into a opt in system a couple of years ago. Following this, Apple began charging iOS users a 30% service charge on boosted posts purchased in-app from an iPhone. This is only coming into effect in the US at the moment, but one to keep an eye out for to avoid the extra 30% cost on boosting posts – boosting through desktop will be the way forward.

Carousel posts being tested for Instagram Reels

With Reels being Meta’s fastest growing content format, it is now introducing carousel posts to the Reels section of the app (similar to TikTok). This is only being tested organically for the moment, but if Meta are to see successful results we should expect to see a carousel reel placement introduced to Ads Manager which may lead to new opportunities for conversion ads using the ‘shop window’ product swipe approach.

X introduces vertical video feed ads

Following the trend of vertical videos on social platforms brought to light by TikTok, X is now jumping on the bandwagon with vertical video feed ads. This new addition follows X trying to become an ‘everything’ platform and attempting to achieve a ‘video-first experience’. X claims that users are 7x more likely to engage with a vertical video ad compared to the same ad on its timeline, so it is definitely worth testing if you are running any ads on X.

Advertisers now have the option to select which content creator’s content their ads will be shown

X is introducing a new option where advertisers can now select from a list of approved content creators and set their ads to run as a pre roll on the select creator’s content. This is an interesting introduction as advertisers now have a way to promote their business on select content which can expose brands to a whole new audience quite easily. For example, Mr Beast posted a whole YouTube style video to X that achieved 161M views. If Mr Beast was within these approved creators then any brand can now add its ad as a pre roll to that huge audience.

LinkedIn shares audience insight statistics

LinkedIn has shared some interesting opportunities for B2C marketers in recent piece of research. The research shows that LinkedIn users have more money to spend and are more interested in spending it on luxuries than other platforms – which makes LinkedIn perfect for B2C marketers.

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