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Prohibition PR are the Corporate Video Specialists

Prohibition PR is a video production specialist for all corporate video requirements and B2B companies alike. We are a content partner that can tell a special story and take your brand to the next level according to your business goals to align with your marketing strategy.

The agency is made up of creative content experts that help brands tell their story no matter what the medium. The team’s creativity is driven by strong ideas and a genuine belief in deriving insight from data.

Prohibition’s team is equipped with all the skills to provide any brand with the content marketing or video services needed to achieve strong engagement, sharability and organic search visibility.

YouTube video

Why you should be using video marketing right now to drive your business forward:

    • Boost conversions and sales
    • Deliver an excellent ROI
    • Google loves videos
    • Video marketing can explain everything
    • Build engagement and social shares
    • Raise awareness of your product or services

What are the different stages of corporate video production?

Corporate Video Strategy & Planning

Content planning involves coordinating the video production’s creative and logistical elements. Our production team comes together to closely plan each phase of the corporate video-making process to produce a marketing masterpiece for your brand.

Our expert team generates valuable content while also looking at the logistical details of the project, such as the type of video, place for shooting, transportation, and resources.

Concept And Storyboarding

We switch to storyboarding once the idea has been approved, using graphics to demonstrate how the video will come together scene by scene. The storyboard provides you with an opportunity to see how the film will play out.

Using the data collected, our creative team can come up with a promotional video idea. We understand that the video must focus on your goals. Our creative team can turn this idea into a reality to engage audiences.

Corporate Video Production And Post-Production

During corporate video production and post-production, several operations take place. The pre-production phase involves capturing footage using professional cameras, lighting equipment, audio recording devices, and also possibly hiring actors.

Post-production is where everything is edited together to produce the ultimate masterpiece.

Corporate Video Distribution

Video has become the go-to medium in recent years, with online videos now having an audience reach of 92% worldwide. To ensure that your corporate video reaches as many views as possible and is seen by the right audience, video distribution is essential.

From optimising your YouTube channel to sharing corporate videos, we can assist you in achieving maximum reach.

Brands That Trust Us For Creative

Some of our Corporate Video Services

Recruitment Videos

Talent makes or breaks a company – we should know. You need to sell the mission, culture, benefits, and growth opportunities of your company to attract the right kind of people.

Light-hearted and professional video content can be a great way to encourage applicants to your brand. We can assist you with finding the right people for your company and making a great video.

Charity Videos

Whether you need to secure donations, get individuals behind a cause, promote sign-ups or increase awareness, video can be a strong instrument to make individuals take action and help your charity.

Our charity video production service is intended to assist you in producing that ideal, emotional, viral-worthy video without breaking the bank.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials, in which your client tells their own stories and supports your company directly, must be one of the strongest marketing techniques there is. They are in fact an essential component of any marketing strategy.

A video testimonial is more impactful and memorable than a written testimonial, and this sort of client testimonial can be used efficiently on sales websites or to simply promote blog content.

Training Videos

For companies that need to train team members at multiple locations, in different time zones or working on conflicting shifts, video offers an efficient way to reach them all.

And a corporate training video can be provided without delay for businesses that need to get fresh starters up and running rapidly.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos have gained immense popularity in recent years, and for good reason! These short, engaging videos have proven to be an incredibly effective tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Explainer videos are excellent at simplifying complex concepts. Whether you’re trying to explain a product, service, or idea, these videos can break down even the most intricate details into easily digestible chunks.

Health And Safety Videos

Your video on health and safety needs to be simple, efficient and memorable as it provides significant messages that will eventually safeguard your workers. But it must also be something people really want to watch.

Our video production service for health and safety will assist you in safeguarding your most precious asset–your people. We’ll help you make sure your safety messages have an impact.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Why Choose Us For Your Corporate Video?

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s largest brands

Over the years, we’ve worked with brands like Goldsmiths, Barbour and Mappin & Webb, so you can trust that you’re working with one of the best video production agencies!

They trust us enough to come back repeatedly to produce exceptional and innovative corporate videos to tell their brand message. We are a creative full-service video production company in Leeds, that makes corporate video campaigns with real impact across the UK!

We’re great at storytelling

Your company narrative is essential to your business’ success. It enables you to generate leads, attract the best talent, create a great reputation, and develop by capturing clients’ and prospects’ attention.

As a leading video production company, we will help you tell this story in a way that engages stakeholders, creates customers, and encaptures your market. Such as our ‘Behind the Blooms’ video campaign with Interflora which transformed consumer perceptions through storytelling video content.

Brands That Trust Us For Creative

Our Corporate Video Production Process

Not only do we produce corporate videos, we also develop a diverse range of marketing strategies to guarantee that a big audience views your videos. Here’s how we handle each corporate video project:

  • Set clear objectives and define success

  • Research the audience and market

  • Decide core messages

  • Develop creative idea and story

  • Script and storyboard

  • Film, animate and video editing

  • Measure success

Our Latest Creative Work

What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production refers to the process of creating videos for businesses and organizations with the purpose of promoting their products, services, or brand. These videos are typically used for marketing, training, internal communications, and other business-related purposes.

Who is our corporate video production team?

At Prohibition, we have more than 25+ staff internally including directors, producers and editors.

If we feel your brand video needs a special touch we may also draft it with the help of a cameraman or specialist with a particular skill for the final film. The team really depends on the brief.

How Can Corporate Videos Can Help Businesses And Brands Achieve More?

Video is a trend that just keeps on growing. It’s the must-have addition to your marketing toolbox.

Using video to promote your company is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. And this is where an expert corporate video agency can make a difference to your business’s bottom line.

We have worked closely with clients in property, retail, leisure, food and drink, higher education and luxury goods and showcased their brand through compelling storytelling to great effect.

What is our corporate video cost?

Our video costs vary greatly depending on what kind of video you are looking for. We can create some impactful videos for as little as £3,000 which will work for some smaller business clients and be hugely successful.

However, for our larger clients and brands, the costs can really increase depending on a number of varying factors of the video production process.

The best thing to do is to have a clear vision of what you want from our video production work and then come to us with a clear brief and we can provide you with a formal and detailed quote.

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