Reactive Marketing and Newsjacking Service

Reactive Marketing and Newsjacking Service

If you’re here, you’re here for one reason. You want to be more on-trend with your PR and Marketing Strategy. Being reactive or “always on” can be time-consuming, especially when you’re juggling the marketing mix. Our in-house team of reactive marketing and PR experts will help you put your brand at the front of trending conversations.

Our results speak for themselves! For our online cake retailer client Sponge, we achieved national coverage in the through constant reactive listening. For our client Primula, Britain’s No.1 manufacturer of cheese spread, we got the brand featured on BBC Look North as well as key regional titles thanks to our team’s proactivity.

What is Reactive Marketing and PR?

Being reactive means taking advantage of the news agenda by jumping on news stories with expert commentary, reactive comments, or sharing an expert opinion. It can also take more of a channel focus, such as; TikTok viral trends, trending social media memes, or providing insight/market research on current events in the news.

It can take a funny or serious note, due to ever-changing trends and news agendas – but this can benefit brands from all sectors. It can involve commenting on public affairs, such as newly released government budgets or something as simple as jumping on a viral hashtag – we’ll always make recommendations as part of our strategic approach and our reactive PR campaigns.

If you’re looking for a way to drive earned media (brand mentions, reposts, news features, etc) then reactive PR and marketing is a great way to start, as content such as TikTok trends are spoken about in the press.

Brands That Trust Us For Reactive Public Relations

How our Reactive PR and Marketing services can help your brand

Increase online visibility through more media coverage

Being reactive to breaking news stories or trends means that you can take advantage of there being little, or no existing content already available. It makes it a great way to gain some extra links, or coverage as you’re most-likely one step ahead of your competitors.

And if you already run Digital PR campaigns, then you’ll know that backlinks are great for organic visibility – as it indicates trust, which is one of the key factors in Google’s ranking guidelines. Therefore, we can not only send more search signals toward your brand, but deliver more organic rankings, traffic, and leads.

If you also need to boost your presence online, then our award-winning Digital PR team is also here to help.

Placing you as the ‘go-to’ operator

The more links (as long as they’re relevant, of course) to your site, the more Google sees your site as trustworthy, which is something we factor in when targeting coverage for your brand, or product.

And when you’re receiving media coverage from major news outlets and broadcast media, the more your brand is seen as trusted and the ‘go-to’ operator by a consumer audience. Think of it as a third-party endorsement – referring to your brand and one of the most trusted forms of media.

The more talking about your brand online in a positive way, the more you dominate the conversation online – and therefore dominate the market.

Reach new audiences

Reactive PR means that you’re constantly reaching new online audiences.

Don’t just take it from us, research shows that there are estimated to be 4.8 billion total social media users worldwide today. And that’s just on social alone! Therefore, reactive marketing can expose your brand to a mass audience – with even more ways of reaching them.

And with audiences such as GenZ taking to TikTok rather than search engines to find products, social ecommerce is getting stronger with the #TikTokmademybuyit trend really taking over – all brought on by viral trends.

Be positioned as thought leaders

Being positioned as a thought-leader in your field links with being the go-to operator – reactive PR opportunities will mean that you easily get in front of new and existing audiences. Think about how many times you have an opinion on today’s news – Prohibition will help you get your spokespeople in front of the right journalists at the right time.

Staying relevant to your audience

A breaking news story, is breaking for a reason, right?

When it comes to Reactive PR campaigns or any news story in general, it should always be relevant to your target audience – otherwise, it’s just another story. That’s why you need us, we have a dedicated press office team that is always listening to the biggest and most relevant news stories and trends for clients.

When battling against a lot of noise online, we can make you a bit louder and position yourself better than the rest.

What tools do we use to make Reactive Campaigns?

We use the latest and most advanced tools such as Social Listening to spot trends, see current news stories, measure brand sentiment, and monitor consumer conversations online – all in real-time.

We can also use Prohibition Insight that has access to over a decade of consumer insights and over 40,000 specific lifestyle traits, to build out detailed personas and give you a competitive edge against your competitors.

Crisis Management in Reactive PR and Marketing

With Reactive PR and marketing, you need to react quickly, which is all well and good for brand awareness, but reacting swiftly can also mean there’s a lot that can go wrong without the right guidance. Opening up potential PR disasters, which will, in turn, lose consumer trust and damage your reputation.

That’s why you need to be prepared for a crisis in case the worst ever does happen. We have a team of communication experts that are well-versed in brand positioning, tone of voice, and creative communications to provide safety in a crisis.

How can Prohibition help?


Produce reactive content – and fast

Identifying opportunities, staying awake to trending topics, thinking of the right messages, finding the right journalists and creating quick responses is a lot.

TikTok viral trends is enough leg work in itself. So let us help, we have a team of PR experts that are constantly listening to the news agenda through industry leading data tools.

We have plenty of experience

We’ve been in the Reactive PR and Marketing game for 10+ years, so you can trust our Reactive PR services has all-the-right angles. And we have the reputation to back it up, we’re PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year 2022 and have won over 45 industry-leading awards since operating as an agency. So, if you’re wanting to be a viral success with your marketing, then waste no time in contacting us today for our Reactive Marketing and Newsjacking services!

We’re not just PR specialists either, we’re an integrated PR and Marketing Agency, meaning we’re able to offer a full range of agency services including Video Marketing, Media Relations, Paid Advertising, and OOH creative.

Our Latest Work

Reactive PR vs Proactive PR: What’s the difference?

Proactive media relations involves getting ahead of the news cycle and shaping the narrative, through carefully crafted press releases, features, etc.

On the other hand, reactive public relations is all about responding to external events or issues. Reactivity involves monitoring news cycles and jumping on relevant topics to generate media coverage.

Utilising both is essential and will help to build brand awareness, secure top tier coverage, build relationships with journalists and most
importantly. Both are part of our press office offering here at Prohibition PR!

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