Communications Training

Communications training

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy. It helps to create a connection between you and your customers. Marketing communication involves using various tools and methods to promote products or services, establish relationships with customers, and build brand awareness.

We’re communications experts with over 10 years agency experience in the comms industry, delivering countless communications training courses along the way. We’ll help you master your written communication skills in the form of creative communications, tone of voice, brand positioning, and content strategy.

Our communications courses apply to:

Our integrated offering allows us to demonstrate our comms expertise across a range of strategies, such as:

How our communication training is carried out

Our communication skills courses are made specific to you, lasting a full-day or longer if desired. We can work on a fairly flexible schedule but please give us enough notice, so we can plan out the bespoke training course to be the most in-depth and beneficial for our business.

Who is the training for?

This is for any marketing professionals who use written communication in their role or want to develop good communication within their internal teams, such as:

      • Social Media Managers
      • Social Customer Service
      • Copywriters
      • Marketing team
      • Paid Media Managers
      • Content Creators
      • Management/Leadership team

Why is communication essential in this era?

Research shows that 73% of consumers cite customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions and 77% of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as they do – this is all done through good communication.

With no communication, there’s no image of your brand – which can lead to a loss in:

        • Brand growth (followers, engagement, reach)
        • Sales
        • Consumer trust
        • Journalist/Media relationships
        • Brand identity
        • Interpersonal skills
        • Community management

Every channel adopts a different tone of voice for its audience, so it’s important communication styles are different while also keeping consistent in brand messaging.

Our courses will prevent this, by giving you the skill and support required to:

  • Better communicate with your customers
  • Be more confident in your career
  • Give you and your colleagues the confidence to master comms
  • Techniques to adapt to different types of writing styles
  • Bring more writing styles and ideas to the table
  • The importance of effective communication

The comms clinic

In addition to our communications skills training and services, we can also offer our comms clinic service, which uses in-depth marketing research to revolutionise your comms:

1. Review

We conduct a brand deep-dive to uncover customer perception and brand presence 

2. Diagnose

We present our insight and collaborate with you to stress test thinking and uncover ideas 

3. Resolve

We’ll use this insight to build a robust road to future proofing your marketing strategy

From improved marketing ROI, boost to awareness and reach, to increased sales – whatever your aim is, our comms clinic will treat the problem.

We can listen and respond

Not only are our communication services great for achieving brand growth, but we can also use industry-leading social listening and content marketing tools to really understand if your brand messages are resonating with your audience.

We use the latest and most accurate tools to discover the following:

      • Measure crises in real-time
      • Measure the sentiment of your brand online
      • See customer conversations
      • Industry-specific trends
      • Audience data – who is your typical customer?
      • How your current or existing campaigns are performing


Social listening analyses data from a mass amount of media platforms including review sites, forums, news outlets, podcasts, and of course your own social channels.

And you’re not alone! Household names like Yorkshire Water, Northumbria University, and British Wool already trust us for our social media listening mastery.

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Our comms experience:

From educating fashion-goers, for British Wool, into thinking twice about purchasing fast fashion and hitting headlines on the main news outlets (Telegraph, MSN, and Daily Star), to inspiring all-athlete audiences to ignite their fire with C4 through igniting influencer comms, in addition to attracting key buyers in the hospitality industry through targeted advertising for Fentimans, the list goes on…we’re the comms experts!

Advance your communication skills through our free marketing events

If you’re interested in our communication skills training courses, then you’ll definitely be interested in our events. Covering a variety of subject areas in PR and marketing, these events help marketers master their communication techniques to get more from their marketing strategies.

Why Prohibition?

There’s no doubt that we’re an experienced communication and PR agency. Our courses are even trusted by the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations). Plus, we’ve been delivering training to trusted brands like Interflora, Barbour, and Ella’s Kitchen. So we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and all the skills required to make you an even better communicator.

And, we practice what we preach. We’re one of the North’s most respected agencies (as backed up by Prolific North) and have won over 30 CIPR (Chartered Institute of PR) awards since operating as a comms agency – including Corporate and Business Communications Campaign (Gold winner) and PR Consultancy of the Year (Silver winner).

Our motto is to create, engage, and convert – our communication skills training will undoubtedly do that.

Bespoke courses tailored to you

These courses are well prepared by our expert team who have a deep understanding of comms in its different forms, to make you a great communicator.

Just give us a brief overview of what your organisation wants from the training by filling in the form – then we’ll take care of the rest.

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