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The hospitality sector can be split into four key sectors; food and beverage, accommodation, travel and tourism, entertainment, and recreation.

All with different buyer personas and audience types. To be able to drive sales from your target audience, you need a knowledgeable team that understands the hospitality industry inside and out to supercharge your brand strategy.

This is where we come in. Through our tried and tested food PR and drink PR strategies, we’re able to position you as a market leader.

We are passionate about creativity and all of our ideas are founded on consumer research, so we can stand you out from the crowd.

Our expertise in the Food and Drink Industry

Our understanding of the food and drink industry is second to none. We’ve worked with a number of household names, including Fentimans, Black Sheep, Primula, and Thaikhun Restaurants Group.

From launching carbon neutral ale for Black Sheep with “The Breathe Inn” a pop-up bar in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, to delivering an award-winning lead generation campaign that went beyond anything Fentimans had done before, to utilising TikTok influencers to make Primula’s Christmas its biggest and best yet, we’ve delivered excellent results time and time again.

Whether you’re looking to drive genuine interest and sales amongst existing or new audiences, you can trust we’ll get you there.

Clients that trust us for Hospitality PR

Our approach

Brand Development through Public Relations

People buy into stories, and we create them.

Our cultivated knowledge of the news agenda and strong media ties with journalists will put you right in the public eye. Through clever techniques such as newsjacking, we’re able to hop on trends in the media and expose your brand to a new and listening audience.

Our specialist PR team has been operating in the industry for 10+ years, we know which journalists and media outlets to target and when. Paired with research, we will reach your target audience on whichever platform they’re consuming media.

What does this mean for your hospitality business? It means we can get you a higher quality lead, that is much more likely to convert, as well as position your hospitality brand as a strong thought leader through press relations. We want to get you respected in your sector.

Traditional PR, But With A Digital Mindset

We’re not like any other digital PR agency. We take an integrated approach to our PR campaigns, combining traditional and digital PR, to deliver optimum campaign performance.

This enables our team to spread brand awareness on the ground through local or national press coverage, as well as securing backlinks through online creative campaigns. There’s no expense spared when it comes to the quality of backlinks, when it comes to outreach, we target relevant high-authoritative sites that will indicate to Google that your site is trustworthy – pushing you up organic search rankings.

By doing this, we will not only boost your organic visibility and reach audiences through all different mediums, but we’re able to increase website traffic, venue footfall, and bookings – through online and offline methods.

Using Social Media To Promote Your Venue Experience

An effective method of telling your brand story and experience is through social media.

The way that you interact with users is integral. Social media offers a chance for users to contact you in real-time and brands to interact on a more personal level through shareable content.

The messages that you communicate to users need to demand attention for them to take action. Our expert social media guidance will ensure your driving awareness through the right messages and not missing out on revenue opportunities.

Amplifying Audience Reach Through Paid Activity

We’re experts in the world of social media relations, we don’t stop at organic social. We can use paid social activity to amplify your campaigns to a new level.

By using targeting perimeters such as demographics, behaviours, and timings, we can attract users who have an active interest in the hospitality sector – by creating personalised ads for these individuals. This is just one benefit of paid advertising. It can also support your organic social media efforts to reach a heightened audience, either tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions more users. This, in turn, increases overall engagements, social shares, and reach.

Through paid social advertising, we’re able to subject your content to a much larger pool of users and make tailored campaigns that will drive interest from your desired audience – delivering a higher return on investment for your campaign.

Using influencer relations to drive brand trust

Our influencer marketing services will land put your brand name to active and listening consumers. Influencers are the perfect partnership for hospitality businesses, they build awareness and stronger relationships amongst key consumers in the industry.

Influencers are seen as trusted amongst consumers, making them a great sales tactic for brands. They share your hospitality experience in a positive light with their followers who might not have interacted with your company yet and further connect your following to grow brand loyalty. And with e-commerce features more advanced than ever on digital platforms, shareable content has never been easier to achieve website bookings and sales for many businesses.

Our influencer marketing services can source media relations across guest blogging, celebrity endorsements, and public relations campaigns. When it comes to finding the right influencer for your brand, we don’t just look at the core metrics, we consider how relevant they are for your brand, engagement rate, and content quality.

Creating awareness of your hospitality offering through content creation

One of the most effective ways of relaying your brand values is through imagery and video, which we can do as part of our video production services.

Gone are the days of posting a static picture of a meal or luxury cocktail, video is surging in user demand and social accounts are favouring video. Through these channels, we’re able to portray your hotel, bar, restaurant, or hospitality facility experience – adding reviews or case studies to give prospects an extra reason to purchase.

Not only do we have video editors in-house, but we also have multi-skilled designers that can create assets to support with promotional activity, such as OOH advertising, TV advertisements, and animations. Our Creative Team is able to produce a limitless range of visuals and communications to make your brand experience engaging and cohesive on all channels.

YouTube video

Event Launches to Create Excitement Around Your Venue

Whether it’s a new hotel, drink launch or range of restaurants on a local or national level – it’s essential that events are supported by public relations to deliver more success.

We did this for Thaikhun Restaurants, which wanted us to drive awareness of its restaurants during Fresher’s Week through a targeted integrated PR and social media campaign. By combining event marketing and online PR activity, we surpassed KPIs, reaching 33M people and achieving 248 sign-ups. We even hired an authentic tuktuk mini-van to drive around the city and take students from the campus to the restaurant!

We analyse all the information you share with us about the event and formulate step-by-step processes to achieve the event’s goals and the overall aim of your hospitality business.

Strong Customer Relations And Brand Management

It’s common knowledge in the hospitality industry that potential customers look for the advice of previous customers before purchasing, so they know they’re getting the best value for money.

One bad review or customer experience of your company is damaging to your reputation and could turn a lot of customers away, especially if it’s in the public sphere.

By using social 360, our team can offer measurable results on your brand’s content and real-time crisis management through social listening data and insights. As well as running a competitor analysis, we can guide you on how to effectively manage your communications, to limit the cause of any more detrimental reputation to your brand.

Why Choose Prohibition For Hospitality PR?

Reputation as one of the North’s Leading PR Agencies

We take an ‘always-on’ approach to PR that delivers excellent results.

That’s why we’ve won 45+ awards in the past 10 years, including PRCA’s ‘Medium Consultancy of the Year’ and ‘B2B Award’ in 2022 and named one of Prolific North’s Leading PR Agencies in their 2022 benchmark report.

So, whether you’re looking to increase your reputation, brand awareness, nail your tone of voice, brand positioning, or presence in the market – you’ve come to the right place.

Integrated PR and Marketing – An Extension of Your In-House Teams

As a full-service content marketing, creative, social media agency and PR agency, we’re able to merge other areas of your digital marketing activity to provide greater brand development and presence.

Think of us as part of your Business Development team, working alongside your General Manager and Managing Director to create lasting relationships with your customers – that keep them visiting back for more.

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