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Instagram’s creator marketplace comes to the UK

Instagram is expanding its Creator Marketplace – a platform that’s designed to facilitate connections and collaborations between brands and creators. Instagram has opened this up to eight new markets including the UK!

The aim of the Creative Marketplace is to simplify the process of finding relevant creators for various types of collaborations. Brands can join the Creator Marketplace through Meta Business Suite and creators can get involved through the Instagram app’s Professional Dashboard on their profile. They will be able to create a portfolio to showcase their work and increase their chances of earning collaborations.

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Facebook streamlines influencer management

Facebook hasn’t been left out of Meta’s influencer updates, as a new Creator Management Tool is being created too which will enable agencies to seamlessly manage creators on the platform.

The tool is designed to take the legwork/admin out of creator management and streamline the process. Agencies just need to request the permissions to access, then creators can accept in just one click.

TikTok’s creative assistant

TikTok have partnered up with Adobe Express to integrate the AI-powered TikTok Creative Assistant, directly into Adobe Express.

Previously, users could only access Creative Assistant through TikTok’s creative centre, but this collaboration allows it to be utilised as an add-on within Adobe Express – aka, where designers are already working.

The AI element supports with content idea generation based on current trends and also evergreen topics to tap into.

LinkedIn’s career development tools

LinkedIn has levelled up its career development tools through the introduction of ‘Next Role Explorer’. This tool supports users in understanding their career journey, and identifying the skills required to move to the next level.

In addition, LinkedIn are making it easier for employees to discover opportunities for roles internally to support growing within the same company and retaining talent.

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