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Prohibition’s B2B PR Team

Through data-driven insight, knowledge of household brands and a proven lead generation model, Prohibition delivers real business results for leading B2B businesses all across the UK. Our award-winning business-to-business team tailors its approach to a company’s specific business requirements. Taking industry-leading insight from across sectors, Prohibition B2B is experienced in delivering powerful communications that engage businesses through creative and strategic campaigns.

Prohibition B2B will work with you to drive best practices so that together we can secure real business results.

Multi-Award-Winning B2B Specialists

Prohibition won Best Use of B2B PR at the PRCA Awards 2022 and Best Use of B2B Public Relations at the CIPR Awards 2021. In fact, we have won more than 12 awards in the last 4 years for our B2B PR campaigns and 45+ awards since operating. So, we mean it when we say we’re B2B PR specialists!

What Is B2B PR?

Business to Business Public Relations (B2B PR) is a PR specialism that helps organisations sell their products and services to other companies.

Business to Business PR focuses on targeting a corporate market and selling products between two organisations, while B2C PR focuses on marketing and delivering a product directly to the general public. It’s important to know what drives your target audience to buy products.

B2B Public Relations is composed of three key elements: building brands, generating demand and digital communication. B2B PR aims to increase audience engagement, positive reputation, interaction and sales through creative content that can be used in various channels including earned and paid advertising, social media, and websites. Furthermore, through link building and a social media presence, B2B PR will improve your SEO, brand awareness, and interaction online.


B2C Vs B2B PR– What’s The Difference?

Business customers are motivated to purchase products that will enable them to be profitable, competitive and more effective in their businesses.

B2B public relations is incredibly relationship-driven, focusing on keeping communications and educating buyers on how their product will add value to their business. Building trust and partnerships are more critical for B2B public relations than building brand awareness. B2C public relations, on the other hand, focuses on building brand awareness because its consumers are motivated by style, status and prestige.

Prohibition’s B2B Process

Create – we deliver powerful business communication through data-driven insight
Engage – we engage a business audience through creative and strategic campaigns
Convert – our fresh perspective and work drives best practice and secures tangible commercial results

Key Components Of A B2B PR Strategy

A strategy for B2B PR is a critical piece of a holistic marketing programme. PR can be a powerful lead generation, credibility and awareness tool for companies when carefully planned and perfectly executed.

Businesses are information-savvy and research-oriented when reviewing their businesses and making purchasing decisions. That means companies targeting them must reach prospects on effective channels that shape positive reputation and purchasing decisions, including trade press releases, social media channels, review websites, and other third-party sources such as blogs or niche online forums for specific products. This calls for a strategic, multi-pronged PR approach from an award winning B2B Public Relations agency.

Fundamentals Of A B2B PR Strategy

It is risky to blindly pitch to reporters and comment on news stories without a solid plan and a clear strategy. The essential components of a B2B comms strategy are:

  • Buyer Personas: B2B purchasing decisions involve considerably more than most consumer purchases. We often need bigger budgets and advanced technology or facilities. Buyer personas help companies to understand their target audiences better and to build a PR programme that responds to their desires, pain points and many interests.
  • Messaging: For each target audience, tailor your messages and highlight the most compelling product or service benefits and its unique selling points. Consider your buyer personas and each audience’s specific challenges in creating content and PR campaigns that have the maximum impact.
  • Competitive Analysis: Take the time to understand the rival’s strengths and weaknesses. To better inform your B2B PR strategy, evaluate their media coverage, target audiences and marketing campaigns. Try and find holes that you can build on with your own strategy.
  • Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts: Your staff is among your most precious PR assets. Sales, account and product teams are well versed in market trends, specific problems for clients and differentiators for companies. These experts can provide fodder such as blog posts for media pitches, interviews, and educational content on corporate websites.
  • Data and Statistics: Statistics and analytics from reputable sources like the ONS or the Federation of Small Businesses add credibility to news articles and B2B marketing pitches. Key metrics must be clear and measurable, such as website traffic, conversion rates on PR landing pages or conversations and perceptions on topics you have got discussed on social.

Prohibition’s Integrated PR and Digital Marketing Services

Integrated PR can mean different things to different people. At Prohibition we’re different from other PR companies, we use a multi-channel approach that widens the reach of our clients and helps their budget go further.

We combine the world of online and traditional media relations, as well as influencer marketing, content marketing, organic and paid social advertising to make your overall marketing strategy work harder and deliver more leads into the pipeline.

B2B Brands That Trust Us

Prohibition B2B PR Services

B2B PR Consultancy And Content

Our services include brand and reputation-building consulting, communication skills, crisis management, brand activations, press release product launches, employee engagement, panel discussions, conferences and multimedia seminars, strategies for thought leadership and media relations.

Our content is strategically designed to engage and build long-term customer relationships, that will highlight your USPs and make stakeholders pick you over other organisations.

Our in-house team includes seasoned former journalists and PR professionals who have direct experience working within the industries in which we operate.

We are specialised in delivering strategies that not only fuel media interaction but also achieve real cut-throughs with advertisers, analysts, customers, industry influencers and trading bodies.

Increased organic visibility through smart B2B PR Marketing Services

If your website is invisible, then potential customers and stakeholders can’t find you.

Websites are invisible if they are not on page one of Google for their preferred keywords. You can challenge your B2B PR company to rectify this situation through effective digital marketing.

When you spend time and energy in populating, updating, and reacting to the demands of forums, micro-blogs, and social media, it makes absolute sense that you incorporate all of your platforms and use every piece of collateral to optimise your site – so it becomes both accessible and findable!

B2B PR to Power Lead Generation

If your website is invisible, then potential customers and stakeholders can’t find you.

During our many years as a B2B PR agency, we’ve built extensive industry media contacts and expertise. Our digital PR and SEO techniques target the most authoritative sites that can provide search engines with the signals they need to recognise your business’ skills and abilities, enhancing the visibility of an organisation for commercially relevant search terms.

To increase search visibility, we use the latest online marketing software to ensure that your B2B PR campaign earns the maximum amount of links in our press coverage. It’s this online coverage that will position you as a thought leader and set you apart from other businesses.

For many companies, outsourcing your B2B PR program’s development and execution is the most time and cost-effective approach. If you are ready to discuss a new B2B PR strategy and learn more about a results driven approach, contact us today.

Social media marketing to power B2B PR comms

As a B2B business, the majority of sales won’t happen online. Instead, it’s about identifying potential prospects and positioning a product to appeal to these needs for lead naturing. This is the value that owned media on social media brings.

Before we start any campaign, we get to know your B2B sector and what appeals to your target audience. It’s this industry knowledge that enables us to develop targeted campaigns relevant to prospective stakeholders – to gain a mutual understanding of their needs, make their purchase decision much easier and grow a strong relationship for the long haul.

It’s this owned media that will create hype in the online B2B community and then encourage earned media such as reviews, social media mentions, and shares to build up a stronger positive reputation in the digital community.

Paid social advertising to reach the stakeholders you want

Our industry expertise doesn’t just span organic social, we can also amplify your organic social media efforts with paid media to reach more stakeholders.

Social channels such as TikTok and Instagram are now powering online search with shopping features such as partnerships, product pages, and imagery to improve customer experience. More search, means more presence online, especially when amplified through paid media.

Our paid media specialists can reach target markets in the B2B sector, by targeting perimeters such as interests, geographics, demographics, engagement activity, and much more. Not only this, we’re able to support you with native advertising to ensure your ad is truly representative of your brand image.

The main benefit of paid social advertising is that spend can be controlled, meaning we can guarantee results as well as the best ROI for your B2B business.

Influencer Marketing to Drive B2B Brand Advocacy

Influencers have a loyal and listening digital audience that has an influencing opinion to stakeholders. By using influencers as part of your PR strategy, we’re able to connect with relevant groups online – that have an active interest in your B2B sector.

Influencer marketing offers a more personal way to interact with stakeholders and is seen as a credible sales source, as they’re a third-party endorsement sharing personal viewpoints rather than actively trying to sell.

We can interact with these audiences through a range of methods such as a guest blog post, celebrity endorsement, video content, or PR campaign feature. From campaign sourcing to vetting, right through to campaign execution, we will match the right influencer for your B2B brand that will drive interest from stakeholders.

Content Creation to fuel B2B PR campaigns

Our content is strategically designed to engage and build long-term relationships, to transform PR campaigns into actual lead generators.

Video consumption online is surging more than ever, 82% of internet traffic consisted of video viewing in 2022. So if your B2B brand isn’t using video marketing, you could be missing out on a vital channel to reach your target audience and potential suppliers against other businesses.

Our specialist content creation team produces quality content for international brands such as Goldsmiths, Kurt Geiger, and C4. We are specialised in delivering strategies that not only fuel media interaction but also achieve real cut-throughs with advertisers, analysts, customers, industry influencers, and trading bodies.

Expert Training for B2B

To help businesses and organisations effectively manage their online presence, Prohibition PR offers a range of training programs, including media training, social media training, communications training, and crisis management training.

Our masterclasses are designed to equip individuals and teams with the skills and knowledge they need to communicate effectively with the media, engage with their target audience through social media, and manage any crisis that may arise.

Reputation Management For B2B

We have a world-class reputation monitoring team that develops tailored research methodology to benchmark and track its credibility for you and your business. Reputation is a dynamic and intangible phenomenon to be evaluated, but in collaboration with leading scholars and industry experts, we have developed a methodology.

All our assessments are based on the AMEC system, and we go beyond its minimum requirements, to provide all communications departments and the c-suite with a comprehensive and well-rounded level of insight. It’s this industry knowledge that sets us apart from the rest.

Prohibition B2B PR Specialist Sector Knowledge

Prohibition PR has specialist B2B PR knowledge of several sectors, including:


So many technology innovations die because they run out of funding, before acquiring enough customers to break even, or because competitors reach parity of features before a brand has gone on.

Marketing is an essential tool for establishing and safeguarding a market position before competitors strike. An important first step is to hire the right PR Agency.

Prohibition’s award-winning B2B technology team is trusted by global brands and digital start-ups with product releases, profile raising, trade shows, brand awareness, and support with investor funding. Our experience spans everything from hardware to cutting-edge augmented reality systems, cloud computing and digital learning.

Professional Services

We understand what it takes to lift your profile and give you greater visibility, whether you are a law firm, an accounting firm, or company consultants. Our team of dedicated qualified PR professionals will help.

Our results-focused experts come from a variety of backgrounds including the study of digital and conventional marketing, business and consumer communications, media relations, research and credibility.

The blend of in-house experience ensures that our clients benefit from strategic thinking alongside practical business advice that is provided transparently and collaboratively.

The PR expertise in infrastructure includes automation, robotics, electrical, engineering and manufacturing, electricity and services, and manufacturing, including the food and drink industry.

Public Sector

The public sector is facing challenging times. Budgetary pressures and a growing demand for financial transparency, combined with changing public service demands, require new strategies and new solutions.

Now, getting your message right is more critical than ever. Organisations in the public sector need to demonstrate responsibility, openness and, above all, effectiveness.

Communications are at the heart of the modern public sector, so we provide a full-service PR package that can help protect your reputation, build your online presence, and harness the power of social media to reach your audience.

Engineering And Manufacturing

The industrial and manufacturing industry is a crucial driver of the world economy, contributing to half of the exports in the UK alone.

Whether businesses need support to build brand awareness or generate leadership through media relations and thought leadership, Prohibition consultants are specialists in rapid growth positioning businesses.

Our customers benefit from the support of an award-winning engineering PR agency that has a proven track to get right to the core of your business strategy.


Prohibition has years of experience and a track record in the development sectors.

We help clients gain planning permission for new developments and win local community hearts and minds for residential, retail, business, office, landfill, and industrial sites.

If your development is confronted with a challenge from local campaigners and stakeholders, we can help.


We run a hard-working press office that builds your image through the right publications in a targeted manner and places your name before budget holders and decision-makers.

With parents and students having more access to information, managing your image online is essential to any company that communicates with the education sector even before.


We help companies create market share, develop entirely new categories of goods or simply support existing services with award-winning PR.

Whether it’s for a conference or show, Parliamentary reception, media briefing, round table discussion or sales-focused meeting, our healthcare PR efforts are always responsive to the industry’s needs.

Why Prohibition PR?

Create, Engage, And Convert Your Audience

We’re more than a good PR agency with a few campaigns and new ideas. We’re an integrated Business PR agency with a key difference, results.

As a specialist B2B PR firm, we research potential suppliers and your target audience; the outlets they’re consuming media on, their engagements, their dislikes to likes, and many more behaviours. It’s this insight that powers everything from a press release, key messages, target market, and fundamentally our campaigns.

Experienced B2B Agency

The B2B sector is all about building up a positive brand image to get your foot in the door, we can support you in every area of press coverage from brand positioning, organic growth, amplified social media engagement, as well as increasing online and offline presence with authentic stories.

You need a B2B PR agency that knows the industry inside out and is an expert in press relations. That’s Prohibition! With over a decade of experience, we’re one of the most experienced B2B PR agencies around and with a proven ability to deliver results. Over the years, we’ve worked with many leading B2B brands such as Northumbria University, Equans, Yorkshire Cancer Research, and Fentimans.

Also, bagging countless awards in the process, so you can count on us to be your perfect B2B PR partner.

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