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Reputation is everything for public sector bodies, but many are still facing a communications challenge.

As a public sector organisation, you’re representing some of the highest levels of authority in society, providing services that benefit the community as appose to making a profit.

So, representation is key – communications need to be clear and concise. This is also key for stakeholder engagement, as they want assurance their funding serves a purpose for the community.

A powerful way of communicating your brand message is through public sector PR. Our public sector PR services involve a broad manner of communications such as media relations, social media, paid media, traditional and digital advertising for greater clarity.

Who Is Classed As The Public Sector?

Companies in the public sector can be government agencies, local authorities, and not for profits organisations. This can include military, law enforcement, infrastructure, public educationhealth care, plus many others.

Why Do You Need A Public Sector Communications Agency?

Public sector services are funded based on government funds and taxes – meaning budgets need to be carefully managed – especially when it comes to marketing and PR campaigns.

This is where we can deliver results and value, we’re a fully integrated marketing and PR agency. We can channel your company communications across a variety of campaigns and make your messages work harder and smarter. In turn, driving more investment from key stakeholders.

Public Sector Organisations That Trust Us

Our Public Sector PR services

Public relations

Public relations is a vital communication channel.

By investing in PR, we’re able to put your brand name across different platforms; TV, radio, news outlets, social media, and many more.

A lot of public sector institutions as part of public services will be running funded community or national projects. PR is a great way of highlighting how public and stakeholder funding is helping society through media relations – everything from charity projects to training programs to employer initiatives.

Struggling to gain attention on an important resource or local update on your site? As part of our integrated PR approach, we run creative and strategic digital PR campaigns that indicate to SERPs your site is trustworthy; achieving greater organic sessions, conversions, and presence online for clients.

Organic & Paid Social Media

Social media is a great way of interacting with an ever-growing digital audience.

Campaigns allow key stakeholders, businesses, and the public to contact you in real-time regarding your services. This allows our team to provide more information to users – nurturing potential buyers further down the sales funnel.

Not only this, but we can also support your organic social media campaigns with paid advertising to reach the audiences you want and deliver a return on investment.

Content Creation

Creative content such as video and imagery is a powerful way of visualising and communicating the industry expertise, knowledge, or sector focus of your organisation.

It’s predicted that 82% of internet traffic will consist of video viewing by 2022, so by not using this channel you could be missing out on an integral way to reach potential stakeholders and community support.

Whether it’s educational, co-operate, or TV advertising, we can help. Our creative team has worked on videography campaigns for clients across a range of sectors including Goldsmiths, Interflora, Yorkshire Cancer Research, and many more.

Communications services

Public sector organisations are deemed to be the most helpful services in society, especially government and local authorities such as education and healthcare.

So the public is looking to you for support and guidance, this is where communications need to be relevant and succinct. This is the difference between hiring a specialist communications agency, our communications approach will guarantee you’re landing the right messages and drive brand advocacy in the process -free from any potential negativity.

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Reputation Management

Reputations in this sector need to be upheld and long-lasting – otherwise you face public and political scrutiny and the risk of potentially losing funding. This is the communications challenge many of our clients face.

Reputation management is our expertise, our team can prevent a PR crisis from happening or make a bad story go away through our professional crisis management consultancy services.

Why Prohibition?

Multi-award-winning agency

We believe all work should have the potential to be award-winning, that’s why we’ve won 45+ different awards in the past 10 years!

So, you trust excellent public sector marketing come from us.

Passionate about Public Sector PR

We’ve been creating innovative and strategic campaigns for a number of years for major public sector clients including Equans, NHS Leeds, and Housing 21.

What other sectors do we operate in?

Our team are specialist in communications across a range of B2B and B2C industries; retail PR, luxury PR, food PR, drink PR, and many more.

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