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Community management – why social media has to be more than just posting

What is community management and why is it important?

A community manager is responsible for advocating a brand on social networks. They actively go out of their way to engage with followers, potential customers and brand advocates. They are responsible for the brands reputation and increasing their presence online.

So, why is this necessary and important? Strong community management and online presence leads to increased awareness of the brand, higher engagement and more engaged followers. Here’s some advice on how to get started:

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Celebrating new voices in academia – Emerald Publishing’s International Women’s Day 2019 campaign

At Prohibition, we relish the opportunity to work on topical issues close to the hearts of many. Gender equality is a hot topic and touches the lives of so many people all around the world, and that’s exactly why we were delighted to work with Emerald Publishing on their ‘New Voices’ campaign. Our brief was to celebrate and recognise the thriving females working within the industry, and working on such a topical and relatable issue allowed us to create a truly engaging and insightful digital marketing campaign.

Emerald Publishing is a global publisher that aims to make a real impact in the academic sectors that they operate, and we were tasked with launching a campaign in honour of International Women’s Day that celebrated women in academia who are often battling against a lack of equality and old-fashioned systems. Throughout the campaign, we positioned Emerald as an organisation championing equality, that understands the issues academics face today and one which truly celebrates women in the industry having a voice. Our campaign messaging was simple, but powerful: ‘It’s time for change. Let’s better the balance’.

The campaign highlighted the hard-hitting statistics in terms of gender equality in the academic industry, whilst sharing the personal stories of three women who have experienced these issues first-hand.

We took a three-pronged approach focusing on video content, social media content and amplification, each leading back to a dedicated campaign landing page. To share the academics personal experiences we created video content that featured interviews with three females within the academic industry. The videos were shot in a fast paced, stylised, sophisticated way that aimed to be engaging as well as informative, achieving over 190,000 video views in total. The researched statistics were also overlaid into the videos to offer added impact.

The videos shot were to be part of a wider engaging social media campaign that prompted engagement and conversation around the topic of gender equality in the workplace, particularly academia, achieving a total of 9,077 engagements. We devised a plan that included teaser posts in the lead up to the campaign launch, the launch on International Women’s Day and content to follow for the rest of the month. The content aimed to be visually engaging, featuring a mixture of video footage, stats that we had researched presented as an infographic and lifestyle imagery. Each post linked to the overriding message ‘It’s time for change, lets better the balance’ and encouraged people to share their views.

A further part of the campaign was to create a landing page on Emerald Publishing’s website and all social posts also aimed to drive traffic to this page. The landing page had three key elements – the videos of the academics, an infographic with the key industry statistics and a workplace equity report that highlights the lack of equality in the industry. The purpose of this page was to act as a hub to host the content and also a destination to drive social traffic, achieving 3,632 link clinks.

We’re extremely proud of this campaign and what it achieved for Emerald Publishing as a brand, the content that we created and the results of the campaign. In total, the campaign content had a staggering 1.3 million impressions! Take a closer look at the campaign here.

Sealy scores with new partnership deal kick-off

Wigan Warriors test out Sealy product on the pitch

As we launch head on into our spring campaigns, it’s an exciting time across the board at Prohibition, but for one of our clients it allows us to get stuck in with some of their exciting sponsorship partners – a great chance to exercise our PR muscles in the world of sport!

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Goldsmiths 2019 bridal campaign – The Perfect Match

With 2019 well underway, we have been working hard at Prohibition HQ on exciting Spring campaigns for lots of our retail clients.

This week saw the launch of our latest bridal campaign for Goldsmiths. We were tasked with creating content encouraging soon-to-be engaged couples around the UK to consider buying their engagement ring and wedding rings together – rather than the more traditional route of buying the engagement ring first. Goldsmiths offers some stunning bridal sets that can help to cut down on costs, without   comprising on style or diamond quality – THE PERFECT MATCH.

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Starting a career in PR, why it’s so much more than press releases and media pitching

Popular media representations often paint an oversimplified picture of what a career in PR entails. Without exposure to this industry, it is easy to assume that a PR fledging, like myself, devotes their time to traditional and tangible tasks such as drafting press releases and pitching them to the media. However, this progressive and ever-changing industry in fact offers attractive, exciting and diverse roles, proving a career in PR is so much more than squirrelling over keyboards creating press releases and chasing journalists for media coverage.

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Ways AI will change the PR and communication landscape within the next ten years

Thinking beyond AI’s direct impact on ‘me’

The idea of artificial intelligence and its relevancy to PR isn’t exactly a new topic for PRs. In fact, it’s something we’ve been considering ever since the big social media brands started tinkering with algorithms, and the concept of being able to digitally manipulate audience exposure became ‘a thing’. But, how often do we consider it as a wider influence. Thinking outside of the box in terms of ‘how will this impact me’, and broadening the conversation to, ‘how much will this impact my clients, and their offering, and the way their customers interact and engage’.

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Social ad best practice – five things you’re doing wrong and why

What is Facebook Advertising?

Three years after the launch of one of the most prolific social media platforms, Facebook made the lucrative decision to launch an advertising capability within the channel. Facebook advertising has become known within the industry as one of the cheapest ways to advertise online, over Google PPC and traditional web ads. When used correctly, advertising on Facebook can also be much more targeted than other forms of advertising, making it even more effective – no wonder that in 2018, it controlled a 20% share of the entire digital advertising industry.

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The dying art of media relations, how can PRs remain relevant despite the changing media space?

It’s a debate which has been on the agenda for a number of years, but talk of the relevancy of Public Relations in today’s rapidly changing media landscape is once again rearing its head. Often PR gets called into question for its effectiveness. Despite this, PR is actually more relevant now than it was before the digital age, not least when considered in line with content marketing and the fact that the return on investment on PR is now more measurable than ever.

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