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The shape of content in 2020

We’re not going to teach you to suck eggs. You understand the importance of content. In fact, you knew that in 2019, and 2018 and the year before that.

So –what’s really new in content? What’s going to get us spinning on our heels in 2020, raising eyebrows and double taking?

Simple – it’s all about you… naturally!

This year creating quality content in isolation won’t be enough. The consumer is smart, and oh so demanding. And by that we mean content absolutely has to speak to them directly, and resonate with them deeply.

But, hang fire. Before you start ditching your grand 2020 plans – don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you have to create bespoke and personalised merch, ads or services to win over clients. It just means that you have to communicate on their level, with engaging insight-driven content, on the platforms they access and at the times they use them.

Simple right? Well, we hate to be the ones to blow our own trumpet, but when working with us yes; we make it pretty simple.

In fact, we’ve been busy developing our content offering here at Prohibition so that we can create, engage and convert via innovative content that’s absolutely right for your brand.

Yup, to ensure your content gets up close and personal with the people you want to talk to, we offer a full suite of creative services – including brand videos, influencer content and animation. All of this in-house expertise allows us to provide truly integrated campaigns that convert.

Interested? Fancy a teaser? Then check out our latest showreel of creative content below. Enjoy.

Six social media trends in 60-seconds

Social media advances at an incredibly rapid rate. Thanks to constantly shifting algorithms, what works this month might not work next month. Staying on top of it all is essential, otherwise you’ll be left behind. But as anyone in the industry knows, this can be a full time job.

However, here at Prohibition it is our job to stay on top of what’s new, and to make your life easier, so we’ve consulted our talented team of consultants, and come up with the absolute must-do trends of 2020.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve managed to cram these into a 60 second video! We’ve also expanded on these trends in more detail at the end of this blog post.

Remember, we’re not expecting you to implement all of these. Even exploring the one trend that is most relevant to your audience will put you in a better place than you are today.

Prohibition’s social media trends in more detail

Influencer marketing maturity.

Facebook should be launching their brand collaboration platform for Instagram this year so there will be a big shift towards brands using real data and insight to ensure they are working with people with the right followers for their target audience, rather than people with huge irrelevant audiences. As social media platforms look to move away from vanity metrics such as likes and follows, data will be key to ensuring the right brand partnerships and Instagram’s brand collabs manager is going to make that loads easier.

Digital Detox.

In 2020 people are going to start really rebalancing their digital lives to protect their wellbeing. More people than ever are going to be cutting back on their social media usage so it’s really important to make sure your brand presence adds value and is meaningful and positive.

The rise of dark social.

More conversations and link shares than ever are happening in private messaging apps like Whatsapp. That means we need to start understanding how to cateogorise dark social traffic, as well as creating content for these closed communities, or even setting up our own dark social communities for niche audience groups.

The future is private.

Following the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, consumers are now more aware of what data they’re sharing – which means we’re going to see more data usage regulation.

For brands this means less access to third-party data – which could impact everything from ad targeting through to social listening.

Our advice? Make better use of first party data available.

Social commerce.

We’ve been talking about this for ages, but to date, social networks have only managed to recreate a web e-commerce experience on social. However, we’re going to start seeing more social-first e-commerce, and Instagram are really leading the way, and it’s the perfect way to tap into Gen Z.

 Ephemeral content.

Content, especially videos with a limited lifespan, have taken over traditional posting, particularly Instagram stories which are growing x15 times faster than traditional feed posts. The important thing is making your ephemeral content super-engaging, and not taking up too much time making it perfect.




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