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At Prohibition we pride ourselves in delivering high-level, strategic media relations campaigns for a wide range of clients as part of our PR services.

In short, if your brand or business has news to announce, we’re the right team to deliver it. Our passionate PR team is experienced in crafting creative regional, national and international media relations campaigns across a range of media types, including print, radio, TV and social media.

Whether it’s consumer or corporate-focused, your brand’s messages will be delivered to the right people, in the most impactful way possible.

Media relations are essential for companies looking to increase visibility in the media and are crucial when securing press coverage. Here you can read more about the importance of strengthening relationships with journalists and how our team can help.

Multi-Award-Winning PR Agency

In 2022, Prohibition PR won the prestigious PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year 2022 Award and also was named a Top 10 PR Agency by Prolific North. That’s not all, in 2022, we also won the following CIPR awards:

  • Corporate and Business Communications Campaign (Gold winner)
  • Regional Campaign of the Year (Gold winner)
  • Best Use of Digital and Social Media (Gold winner)
  • PR Consultancy of the Year (Silver winner)

We’ve bagged over 45 awards over the past 10 years. You can trust you’re in safe hands with us!

What is media relations?

Media relations refer to the way in which an organisation communicates with the media. It involves building relationships with journalists, reporters, and other media professionals, pitching stories to the media, and managing the organisation’s reputation in the media.

The goal of media relations is to create positive media coverage for an organisation and maintain a positive reputation in the media.

Why is Media Relations Important?

Raise awareness of your products

Big or small, key coverage can boost your audience growth faster and give your business a needed push. Press coverage even in a small publication, can still reach thousands of people who may be interested in your brand.

Control over your story

When securing press coverage through media relations, you also have control over your story and narrative, and we all know how fast a bad story can spread online. By having a stronger relationship with the media, we have more control in the message that is being said.

Build your credibility

Nowadays, with the spread of ‘fake news’, trusted content sources are more valuable than ever. If you invest in media relations and provide a reputable source of information, your brand can become the go-to/expert within your industry – by directly dealing with the media.

Brands That Trust Us

Our Media Relations Approach

Media Analysis

We analyse the media landscape to identify the best opportunities for your organization to gain positive media coverage. We track media coverage of your organisation and your competitors, identify trends in the media, and provide recommendations for improving your organisation’s media coverage.

Media Relations Strategy

We develop a media relations strategy that is tailored to your organisation. Our strategy includes identifying key media contacts, developing story angles and pitches, and creating a schedule of media outreach activities.

Media Outreach

We reach out to the media on your behalf to pitch stories, provide expert commentary, and respond to media inquiries. We use a variety of tactics to get your organisation’s message in front of the right people, including press releases, media alerts, and social media outreach.

Crisis Management

We provide crisis management support in the event of negative media coverage. We work with you to develop a crisis communications plan, respond to media inquiries, and manage your organisation’s reputation in the media.

Measurement and Reporting

We measure the success of our media relations efforts and provide regular reports to you. We provide metrics on media coverage, social media engagement, and website traffic to help you understand the impact of our media relations efforts on your organisation.

Our media relations services include:

Why Prohibition?

One of the North’s Leading Public Relations agencies

Prohibition is a Prolific North top 10 PR agency and a multi-award-winning agency. Our campaign awards include PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year 2022 and more than 30 CIPR awards.

And not only have we been in the industry for several years (over 10+ years), building up strong journalist relationships, but our leaders Will and Chris have more than 45 years of experience between them both in the PR industry.

So, you can trust when you hire us for your media relations campaign, you’ll be hiring one of the best around!

Integrated PR & Digital Marketing

Through strategic communications, media relations build strong relationships with key decision-makers to a global network, whether that’s through press coverage, market research, or interviews with key spokespeople.

And even stronger relationships can be built through integrated campaigns – our specialism. Not only are we a PR agency, but a creative agency, communications agency, content marketing agency, social media marketing agency, and advertising agency – all rolled into one.

We offer the full spectrum of digital communications services from corporate communications to consumer PR, international PR, crisis communications, to lifestyle PR. It’s all part of our full-service agency touch!

We’re results driven

And it’s true, for Stockheld Park, one of Yorkshire’s favourite family attractions, we were briefed to launch a brand-new indoor play centre, the Playhive through a media relations campaign.

As well as creating an expert “Play Panel”, a competition across social media where parents/guardians had to submit a video of their child explaining what their dream play area would look like, we worked with local influencers to promote the campaign, and used this content for PR activity with multiple newsworthy angles; achieving broadcast coverage from the BBC.

This campaign positioned Stockheld as the ‘go-to’ family destination, achieving 78 pieces of coverage, 5M combined media circulation, and over 78 pieces of social coverage. It also won big at the PRCA Dare Awards 2023, winning Best Use of Media Relations!

Our Latest Work

What’s involved in media relations?

Media Relations involves working with the media to inform the public in a positive, consistent and credible manner about the mission, policies and practices of an organisation. This typically means coordinating directly with the people in charge of producing mass media news and features. Media relations are aimed at maximising positive coverage in the mass media without directly paying for it through advertising.

The role of media relations in PR

Organisations often compile what is referred to as a media list, or a list of potential media outlets that may be interested in information about an entity. The media will consist of thousands of publications in magazines, newspapers, television and radio stations. Therefore, when a “newsworthy” event takes place in an organisation, a media list can help to determine which media outlet may be most interested in a particular story.

Working with the media (on behalf of a company) helps create brand awareness, as well as interacting with a targeted audience. This enables both large and small target audiences to be reached and helps build public support and improve an organisation’s public opinion. All this is achieved through a wide variety of media and can be used to facilitate two-way communication.

What is the difference between media relations and PR?

The difference between public relations and media relations can be confusing. Even PR professionals sometimes see them as synonyms. As more channels of communication develop, the lines between the two are more blurred than ever and the terms are used interchangeably. However, there are specific characteristics that separate PR and media relations.

Media relations work directly with the press to share key messages with stakeholders and customers. Public relations usually uses multiple channels and works to share key messages with the public/consumers.

When might an organisation reach out to the media?

  • Launch of a new product/service
  • Initiation of new factories/offices
  • Financial results
  • Organisation sponsored events or awards
  • Launch of organisation promotional campaigns
  • Recent disasters, strikes or organisational closures
  • Awards/accolades for the company
  • Visits from company dignitaries/celebrities
  • Involvement in local/community activities
  • Community engagement
  • To be positioned as a thought leader

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