In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, platforms continuously tweak features to enhance user experience and stay relevant. Recently, several major updates have captured the attention of users and marketers alike – check them out below.

Instagram’s hashtag search changes

One of the leading platforms for visual storytelling has revamped its hashtag search functionality. Previously, tapping on a hashtag would lead users to a specific of ‘Top Posts’ feed. Now, the platform directs users to broader search results, encompassing profiles and content beyond the popular posts.

This change aims to encourage exploration across different facets of the platform, driving users to discover diverse content. For brands, optimising profile keywords as well as post content becomes crucial to enhance visibility.

Facebook news tab removed

Facebook made headlines by discontinuing its news tab in the USA, as it did in the UK, France and Germany last year. This move aligns with Meta’s strategy to reduce the presence of news content on its platforms.

While the news tab was already inaccessible in Australia, its complete shutdown in Australia and the United States will take a few days. Meta’s decision has drawn criticism from various quarters, including the Australian government and media outlets, over its impact on publishers and news dissemination.

TikTok ban threats

In the realm of potential bans and regulatory scrutiny, TikTok is again struggling to stay out of the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Amid threats of a ban in the US, the UK government clarified that TikTok usage remains a personal choice for the public, despite being prohibited on government devices.

However, governmental experts continue to monitor the situation closely, underscoring the ongoing scrutiny facing the popular video-sharing platform.

LinkedIn explores short-form video

LinkedIn is venturing into the realm of short-form video content! Confirming earlier speculations, LinkedIn announced its experimentation with a TikTok-inspired video feed (this could get interesting).

This new feature, currently in testing, introduces a dedicated ‘video’ tab within the app, offering users a vertically scrolling feed of algorithmically selected videos. This move reflects LinkedIn’s efforts to adapt to evolving user preferences and diversify its content offerings beyond traditional networking.

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