Automotive PR Agency

Automotive PR agency

A car is a carefully-considered purchase for most of us. Especially in a time where we are becoming more cost-conscious. To persuade the key decision-makers, you need to do more than simple advertising.

Our specialist automotive PR services will put you in the fast lane and set you a specification above the rest.

Our automotive industry services

Escalating prices in both fuel and second-hand cars has made it even harder for automotive brands to push customers over the finish line. They’re feeling the squeeze and this is where we come in.

Prohibition is a full-service PR and marketing agency, meaning we’re able to provide clients with greater brand awareness and visibility across a full plethora of communication strategies.

Whether this is expert press features, thumb stopping ads, or video-first social media content; we’ll help you reach the right audience.

So, let’s get the engine started, and jump into what we can do for your automotive brand.

Our Automotive PR services

Public relations

When marketing a vehicle, you’re appealing to different audiences with varying preferences. This could be someone who wants to upgrade their motorcycle, buy their first car, or rent a company car, for example.

Public relations can play a vital part here as it builds brand reputation through media coverage in the outlets your target audience are on, such as news sites, podcasts, magazines, and broadcast.

PR can help automotive brands in many ways by creating hype around a new range of vehicles, making you a more reliable brand, or even attracting a completely new audience!

Our 10+ years of PR experience has allowed us to build strong media relations and expertise in the industry. So, whatever you’re wanting your campaigns to achieve – we’ll achieve it.

Digital PR

If you’re looking for a greater presence online, then you’re in need of our digital PR services.

Digital PR works by achieving backlinks online from trusted media sources through online campaigns to fit Google’s ranking components – not only achieving SEO success in the form of sessions, customer inquiries, and sales but, success in the form of earned and shared media. And, the more relevant and authoritative links there are pointing towards your site, the more consumers are going to see your brand as trustworthy.

Our digital PR services will target publications that are relevant to the automotive industry. We want to make you a market leader, which will only be achieved through quality media coverage.

Event management

You want to get your vehicles off to the right mark and one way of building stronger customer relationships is through events, either real-world or virtual. They give new or existing customers a real experience of your vehicles, whether it’s a new product range or just an upgraded specification.

You’re much more likely to engage potential customers through events, as the interactions are much more genuine – pushing them further down the sales cycle. Our event management services can help to plan the perfect on-the-day event and effortlessly promote your event at the same time.

Social media marketing

Social media can sell your ‘hero’ products or a line of products, whilst also allowing you to respond back to customers in real-time.

We have the expertise to know how to sell your products and one example of where we’ve done this, in the automotive industry, is for car care specialists Autoglym. To set them apart from their competitors, we decided to educate their audience on their new line of products and USPs through creative content; including a range of video and image content.

The campaign delivered a product launch like no other: outperforming their competitor’s engagement rate. Also allowing us to reach a relevant audience of over 2.7M, with 165K+ people liking, commenting, or sharing and 12K+ clicks to the website.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising can support your existing organic social media efforts. With the organic reach of social media content declining; paid social ensures that you’re reaching those missing people by targeting set age groups, locations, or even interests.

Vehicles are a life-long investment, so you want to make sure you’re reaching a relevant audience to maximise profitability. That’s what we’ll do.

Our detailed audience research will make sure we’re reaching the right audience at the right time – to push them over the finish line.


A lot has changed in recent years for mobility industries; new technologies have meant less people are buying cars in person and instead, they’re buying online. And for a lot of people, their first interaction with your brand is online, making it even more important to get it right.

That’s why you need our team of communications specialists who are well-versed in brand positioning, creative communications, and reputation management to get your comms off to the right start.

Media Relations

Looking to get the news about your products? We can do this through media relations, using our offline and online approach, to feature your brand in major trade and consumer titles on a regional or national level.

Media relations actions key messages directly to the press, key stakeholders and customers on the channels they’re present on, allowing us to build relationships on a community approach.

Product launches

There are 100’s of car brands out there, and when you’re launching a new product, getting ahead is even trickier. Consumers are unknown to your brand. This is the beauty of a product launch; it can get your product introduced to the market and consumers in the best way possible.

We pride ourselves on our integrated offering, which is even more effective when it comes to a product launch. You can focus on refining your product details, while we perfect your product launch strategy and create hype around your product on the ground as well as online.

YouTube video

Creative Services

Another factor of car selling is promoting the interior benefits of the car, from engine size to gadgets, and warranties. Additionally, showcasing the exterior features of the car, from the look and feel, can only be visualised through video and imagery.

We have an in-house team of creative specialists that can truly advertise your products; ranging from OOH advertising to TV adverts, animation, image and video content. We execute the full spectrum of creative communications.

No need for lengthy contracts either, as we can work on a project-basis or pair with your wider marketing activity for full impact. That’s our full-service agency touch.


Looking for more than just campaign support? We can help to upskill you or your in-house team through our social and mediatraining. Our Training Leaders, Chris Norton and Will Ockenden, have more than 45 years of communications expertise between them.

Over the years, we’ve trained international clients, from Watches of Switzerland, Interflora, and Huthwaite International. So, you’re in good hands!

Whether you’re wanting help to finesse your corporate communications or exclusively promote your range of electric vehicles on social – we’re here to show you the way. This will ensure you can brace the media, as well as conquer your social media relations.

Crisis communications

When it comes to the automotive industry, a lot of purchase intent is based on reliability and reputation; making it even more important to get your global communications right.

One bad interaction could really reflect on your whole brand, leaving a long-term impact on brand reputation and sales. This is why you need a specialist PR and communications agency – that’s us.

Don’t let your brand become another PR disaster. Be prepared before it’s too late.

Summary of our we can help you:

  • Product launches and PR that gets you noticed in a busy crowd
  • Consumer trust with your target audiences through strategic influencer relations
  • Social media monitoring, insight and evaluation
  • Targeted national, regional or global media relations campaigns
  • Viral video creation, creative development and seeding
  • Experiential development and sampling
  • Website creation that actually engages your target audience
  • Paid social campaigns that reach hard to reach audiences

What you can expect from Prohibition PR?

High-quality & full service

You can expect a results-driven service, with creativity that secures real business results across the sphere of digital marketing; content marketing, social media, media relations, and advertising.

We’re not like other automotive PR agencies, we can manage your marketing all in one place to give you greater control and impact. Think of us as part of your team, your event organisers, PR specialists, corporate communications advisors, production team, and much more.

And we like to create campaigns that get people talking for the right reasons; from creating Yorkshire’s most disgusting art exhibition for Yorkshire Water that achieved top-tier BBC coverage, to encouraging non-core cask ale audiences to drink cask beer through a Jester Jacobs rap for Black Sheep, as well as utilising TikTok influencers to make Primula’s biggest Christmas yet. We’ll get your brand noticed – and on the big stage!

Multi-award-winning service

Prohibition is a multi-award-winning PR and marketing agency based in Leeds, but we deliver results across the world.

Our PR expertise has won us over 45+ different industry awards, including PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year 2022 and CIPR 2022 winner of Best Use of Digital and Social Media. We believe every campaign deserves to be award-winning, so you can trust that the automotive sector is no different.

So, whether you’re looking for more visibility on a local or international level, we’ve got the kit to get you there.

Long-lasting experience in the automotive landscape

The automotive industry is built on reputation, so it’s only right you want a PR agency that has the reputation to match. That’s exactly us, we’ve been in the PR and automotive sector for 10+ years, so you can trust we’re industry experts.

In this time, we’ve built up a reputation as one of the North’s leading PR agencies, as recognised by Prolific North. And our experience doesn’t just stretch to the automotive industries, our PR services expand to much wider industries (see below).

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