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Did you know 82% of top-performing companies have a deep understanding of their target audience?  Companies also using customer insights with marketing and sales improve ROI by 10-20%. 

Welcome to Prohibition’s ‘Comms Clinic’ – a marketing strategy that reviews, diagnoses, and tailors your comms approach to your business’s needs.

What is communication?

Communication is the transfer of information from one person or community to another.

The term refers to components of the mass media communications industry, such as print media, news media, broadcasting (radio and television), public relations and advertising.

What is a communications agency?

A communications agency is a company that specializes in managing and executing various aspects of communication for businesses and organisations. This is Prohibition – we are a creative communications agency, that can communicate with your audience on all channels.

Why is communication important?

Communication is the lifeblood of any successful brand. It is the means by which a brand connects with its audience, conveys its values and messages, and builds relationships.

Engage with your customers

By actively listening to your customers, you can answer your customer’s needs. Companies with a defined digital marketing strategy are twice as likely to achieve business success.

Establishes brand identity

A brand needs to communicate who it is, what it stands for, and what it offers to its target audience in order to sell a brand story.

Vital for crisis management

In the event of a crisis or negative publicity, a brand needs to communicate promptly and effectively to minimise damage to its reputation.

Comms Clinic – Our Approach

1. Review

We conduct a brand deep-dive to uncover customer perception and brand presence.

2. Diagnose

We present our insight and collaborate with you to stress test thinking and uncover ideas.

3. Resolve

We’ll use this insight to build a robust road to future proofing your marketing strategy.

What you’ll get

Our Communications Toolbox

Competitor review​

Reporting on competitor activity, gaps and opportunity. How do you compare to your competitors?

Channel review

Analysis of channel presence and content. Defining positioning statements, tone of voice and key messaging.

Social listening ​

Investigation into brand perception – where your comms and content approach is going wrong and right.

Audience analysis​

Understanding current audience presence ​- from their biggest dislikes to likes. Defining marketing objectives inline with customer need.


Reviewing target audience wants, needs and motivators. Crafting content that actually identifies with them.

Market Insight​

Review of current market, trends and influences that are catching the attention of your target audience.

Brands That Trust Our Comms Clinic

Why Prohibition?

Award-Winning Comms

Our comms campaigns have won us multiple awards over the years, including CIPR’s Business Communications Campaign and PRCA’s Best Use of Media Relations. Making us a multi-award-winning comms and PR agency!

Research Driven Comms

We don’t just create stories for the sake of it. Our motto is insight-driven PR that secures business results, so we always use insight to guide our campaigns, no matter if it’s a product launch, white paper, or press release.

Integrated Comms

As a full-service PR, content marketing, and social media agency, we treat your communications as a whole. And we’re also able to merge the worlds of digital and traditional PR, as part of our offering. Integrated PR and marketing is our specialism, so you can trust our clinic.

Bespoke Comms

No one-size-fits-all – our approach is geared up to your specific needs and requirements. So whether you’re wanting to improve marketing ROI, increase market share, or increase sales – we can deliver. And we can also manage internal or external comms!

Our Latest Work

What sectors do we work in?

Our extensive agency experience means our team has lots of experience in different sectors. Such as the professional services, food, drink, luxury, tech, automotive, property, health, retail, and many more.

So whatever your sector is, we can guarantee we already have results and experience in it – contact us today to get started.

What other services do we offer?

We offer the full spectrum of comms services, as well as services across PR, social media, content marketing, and creative – that’s our full-service touch.

We have a team of video marketing, content strategy, OOH advertising, paid advertising experts, and more all in-house.

What role does social media play in communication?

Social media allows individuals/organisations to create far-reaching networks of peers and leaders in their chosen area.

As well as marketing and engagement, social media serves as a platform for collaboration and information distribution.

Social media is, therefore, an efficient mechanism to involve employees and brand ambassadors from all positions and levels within an organisation to share news, information, and resources.

This includes developing a company’s relationship with the local (and not-so-local) community, clients, prospects, and target demographics.

How do communication and public relations work together?

Communication is the process of exchanging information, ideas, and opinions between individuals or groups, while public relations (PR) is the strategic management of relationships between an organisation and its target audience, including the media.

By combining their expertise in messaging, media relations, stakeholder engagement, crisis management, and content creation, these two disciplines ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.

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