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Not all PR consultancies were created equal. While many PR companies claim to be media relations experts, at Prohibition we really mean it, as securing a news story for our client often means more to us than anything.

Prohibition is the CIPR’s Oustanding PR Consultancy of the Year and winner of its Best Use of Media Relations, Best Use of Social Media, Best Use of Influencer Relations and Prolific North’s Best Integrated Campaign of the year 2019-20. For full details of the 12 awards Prohibition has won in the last year visit our blog here.

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Bringing together talented and experienced staff, excellent delivery and an innovative approach, Prohibition PR is committed to creating innovative campaigns that secure an ROI and real business results across a multitude of sectors including travel, entertainment, hospitality, luxury, lifestyle, health and fashion. Our PR services are and tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.

What Is Pr And Why Do I Need It?

PR is the art/science of creating and maintaining a professional, favourable and positive image with the public/target audience. Our clients include companies, non-profit organisation and individuals all of whom employ Prohibition PR for our unparallel expertise at crafting and maintaining a positive buzz, desirable media/social media exposure and/or mitigating reputation damage.

The Benefits Of PR Include:

  • New customers and investors
  • Increased product awareness
  • Credibility
  • Recruitment
  • Generation of new business leads
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Mass media is the preferred choice for many because they are considered trustworthy, making it essential to have strong working relationships with reporters and editors. This relationship is beneficial for both parties – a significant benefit for journos is the easy to access to stories and sources. Instead of spending valuable hours searching them out, they can instead take advantage of their relationship with public relations specialists.

There are many things your organisation might want to share: an innovation, an update to a product or service, a structure change or a recent expansion. When your company has news to share, you can work with a media relations firm to arrange your announcement in a way that appeals to the target audience. The PR firm will then pick the most suitable media outlets, using their expertise and media contacts to ensure you secure positive media coverage.

A good media strategy and its implementation can provide much-needed exposure that can well result in a boost to your company’s reputation while promoting your brand and more. If the news you have to share is negative, you’ll need the services of a reputable public relations company even more.

Why Should I Use PR Instead Of Advertising?

Advertising is considered ‘paid media’, while public relations is ‘earned media’. In essence, you’ll need to convince editors and reporters to write about you, your company or your brand. The following feature will be placed in the newspaper, magazine, website or TV station, instead of the paid media section. Here are three reasons you should use PR instead of advertising:

PR Is More Credible Than Advertising:

For many people, reading or watching the news translates to being informed of what’s happening around them. Ultimately, we trust that the information we’re seeing is credible. While a good number of advertisements are successful, most of us know that their ultimate purpose is to sell us something: products, services and ideas. People are far more likely to consider and respond to the information you share through a third-party media outlet rather than an advertisement.

You Can Reach A Wider And Longer-Lasting Audience:

Many people spend little time on adverts, while others ignore them completely. This, in turn, reduces the amount of genuine exposure you will receive from them. Even if your advert runs in a magazine or newspaper, it still won’t reach its total readership, considering that only a small percentage of readers pay any attention to adverts. With PR, on the other hand, you could send a press release to certain newspapers, TV stations, online websites and blogs. If a national outlet publishes it, local outlets are more likely pick it up as well, giving you even more comprehensive coverage.

Why Choose Prohibition PR?

At Prohibition, our principal goal is client satisfaction. We achieve this by learning to understand our clients and what their goals are. With this understanding, we can develop campaigns and strategies to fit their needs accordingly. Our staff are qualified, experienced and dedicated to achieving goals that last. We pay attention to every little detail and never stop looking for new ways to achieve more. We are excellent at what we do and know that our client’s success reflects our own.

We Can Make Your Business Look Great:

No matter how good your products, ideas and services are, if you don’t have an image that positively showcases their benefits, people will see less than half of the full picture. Thankfully, Prohibition PR can help you define, create and share the best image of your business. Effective PR strategies have three things in common: innovation, people and action. From high-level feature stories in influential media to innovative programmes, partnerships and events that drive conversation online, we devise smart strategies and create inspired content to reach the right audiences and build a brand.

We Build Attention-Grabbing PR Campaigns And Engaging Social Media Strategies

Using clever PR tools such as press releases, sales promotions, direct mail and launch events, we work with our clients to build and maintain their brand visibility. We understand that once we grab the attention of the audience, keeping it is vital; this is why our campaigns are inclusive of strategies to engage the target audience.

A free, no obligation quote can be provided when you give us a call. We promise that our service can be provided at your convenience and at a budget-friendly price.

Our PR Areas Of Expertise

Our PR services extend to various specialities, without any compromise on quality. We have teams dedicated to different aspects of public relations, with a focus on making sure all the parties involved receive the best services, directly or indirectly. Those being our clients, the media, and consumers.

Travel :

Our PR experts in travel and tourism have all the right connections and more than sufficient experience in creating engaging travel PR campaigns. We can support any PR requirements you might have in the travel and tourism sector, using our award-winning expertise in delivering integrated marketing campaigns. We are well versed in all the challenges that naturally accompany Hotel PR, Resort PR, Spa PR and how to provide unique services for each of them. With a high success rate and rigorously-tested processes, our dedicated team is available to provide round-the-clock services and meet all your PR needs.

Leisure and Hospitality:

The leisure and hospitality industry is highly competitive and is continuously changing to meet the new online demands and preferences of the travelling consumer. Our industry knowledge combined with our PR expertise makes us highly efficient in using traditional and digital outlets to create, promote and protect the hospitality brands we manage. With the right strategy in place, hospitality PR campaign results can extend much farther than simply sales. We don’t provide generalised experiences and strategies. We work together with each client individually to ensure our ideas and approaches are tailored to exceed their expectations. We also extend this tailor-made approach to journalists who work with our clients, so there are no loose ends. We have specialist media contacts well rooted in the hospitality sector, who will add that special touch to your PR campaign.

Our team will combine an excellent strategy, press releases, event planning, launches and cross promotions to smash the desired KPIs. Critically, we know the importance of reaching out to both the modern and traditional hospitality audience, so you can be sure no one will be left out.

Food and Drink:

The food and drink industries are continually innovating, growing and evolving. So much so that ‘sophistication’ and ‘top of the range’ are keywords now entwined with warmth and ambience. The way the media works with these industries is changing too. Critics are no longer the only ones with trusted opinions; bloggers, social influencers and even freelancers have their roles to play. We have a clear and concise understanding of how restaurants and bars work and know exactly how to apply PR services to make the most of them, combining modern and traditional approaches to achieve the expected goals. Our food and drink connections in the media are experienced and adept at what they do; we have forged (and are still building and maintaining) strong relationships with journalists all across the industry.

Fashion and Lifestyle:

The fashion and lifestyle industry is extremely fast-paced; subsequently, successful PR is largely dependent on keeping up with that pace. A successful fashion and lifestyle brand must continuously demonstrate that it’s one step ahead and is entirely in tune with the most current trends. However, what’s the use in exhibiting a distinct style in such a massive industry if nobody knows about it? The role of PR in this sector can never be over-emphasised. We are experts at keeping brands in the spotlight, harnessing well-established relationships with journalists in the fashion world – especially those from the major magazines. We also know how important it is to collaborate with celebrities and models; understand the constantly evolving trends in the fashion industry, manage crises that may arise for customers and third-party agencies, and stay ahead of the game with our creativity and innovation.

Yes, we can provide you a free, no obligation quote when you give us a call. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Retail and Jewellery:

PR is a crucial tool when it comes to retailing. We can provide retail marketing services, which include the staging of events, sponsorship negotiations, arranging product reviews, as well as good old media relations in the retail trade sector. We use social platforms, search marketing and excellent customer service to enhance our client’s satisfaction. With established relationships across numerous industries, we promote our retailers both locally and nationally.

We have successfully worked with many jewellery retailers including Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb and Watches of Switzerland and have made it our business to learn the industry know-how and subsequently build strong media bonds. We have well-established communication processes to make sure our clients are on the same page as we are.

Architecture and Interior Design:

At Prohibition PR, we build and nurture brand profiles in the fields of architecture and interior design. Our services are available to architects, designers, and property developers, no matter what the size of the company. We will work closely with you to understand the structure of your business, which helps us decide on the most suitable approach to meet your PR needs. The services we provide include strategic assessment, identifying communication gaps, determining how best to project your goals and validate your business, media campaigns, press releases, digital and social media management and planning, brand promotion, event management, and profile building.

Corporate PR:

‘Corporate Public Relations’ refers to communications with stakeholders. We can help you in this area by effectively using press releases, events and clever social media. We know how to map out priorities (even those that are always changing), master your audience and communicate effectively. We stay in touch with the press, distribute any information you’d like to share, provide clarification and other answers they might need regarding your organisation, act as a spokesperson or set up interviews with senior executives. We are also crisis management specialists, our MD wrote the CIPR’s handbook on online crisis management a few years ago. Telling your story in the best possible manner is something we will be responsible for, deploying well-thought-out comms materials that convey your messages, achievements and goals to the media and wider audience.

Brands That Trust Us

The Professional Services Sector

The professional services sector is gigantic and forever evolving. It has a global audience and, thanks to social media and other digital platforms, news travels fast. We pay attention to every aspect of our campaign strategies, as well as the wider traditional and digital media. Our team is well aware of the necessity of getting ahead and being innovative in managing information and creating the image you want to portray. We provide PR services that include branding, press releases, feature writing, product launches and even crisis management. We also organise and oversee projects that build on the image of a brand. We make it our job to go beyond managing relations between our clients and media outlets; we make sure messages are passed on clearly, with little room for serious misinterpretation. We also plan for handling issues that may arise further down the line. Our objective is to work with you to build a robust and relatable brand.


The construction industry is expanding quickly and is very sensitive, with stringent regulations and constant changes. Prohibition PR can handle all your communications and can also provide a clear direction for your brand, the best way to go and how to get there, all while staying in line with all the applicable regulations.

Whether you’re trying to achieve business growth, expand into a new niche, or source funding to introduce innovations to the market, we have a well-equipped and knowledgeable team who work with you to achieve your objective.

The overall aim is to establish and maintain your brand’s credibility and reputation. Getting strong working relationships with the right contacts and a structured PR approach, we will work with you to carve out your spot in the industry, as a brand that is trustworthy.

Our role in the construction sector will centre around brand building, communication and advice; we’ll also make recommendations and ultimately increase your revenue with more relevant traffic.

Our Integrated PR Services In Leeds

We possess a team of marketing specialists, event planners, digital strategists and expert researchers who work together to create and implement airtight strategies. Our integrated marketing approaches and campaigns are designed to ensure long-term success.

Public Relations

Digital Campaign Strategy, Development And Measurement

With constant industry shifts, having a clever digital campaign strategy is crucial. When it comes to digital strategies, it’s vital you have a defined plan and integrate it into your wider marketing programme. Our team can help analyse your past wins and failures, study your target audience, define what new tactics will be most effective, work out a plan and draw up a budget. We understand that digital marketing should be focused on the consumer and should adopt several mediums. Knowing how well your campaign strategy is working is also essential, so adjustments can be made to secure the best results. We will attach Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to the goals you define for your strategy. Depending on your goals, these KPIs could include site traffic, higher conversion rates, new versus returning traffic, average time on page, mobile traffic, and, of course, the all-important search engine rankings.

Content Marketing And SEO

At Prohibition, we know the essence of creating and promoting content that’s relevant to your audience, stakeholders and customers, and also great for search engine optimisation. We provide well-structured articles, blog posts, videos, images and any other content that will grab and hold the attention of your online audience. For successful content creation, an audience profile is, therefore, essential to guide the development process. In essence, you’ll need to do more than merely attract the attention of your target audience; you’ll want to build relationships with them through the interactions generated by your Hero content. We deliver materials that are original, engaging and of the highest quality. We’ve laid out processes surrounding content creation, including goal-setting, research, content creation, promotion, and influencer outreach. With an understanding of your business objectives, our team will create a full content marketing programme that will encompass where you are and where you need to be. We build audience profiles that help reach customers and prospects as a group, as well as individually.

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Social Media Strategy And Community Management

Social media platforms are increasingly becoming additions to marketing strategies for many businesses. These platforms – which have become channels for consumer-brand interactions – are now tools for promoting businesses and a go-to resource for customer care. On the other hand, community management describes the attempts and strategies used to foster interest, engage with or nurture relationships with a defined audience. While they seem to overlap, social media management and community management are different. Social media management involves being the direct representation of the brand.

A social media manager will most likely deal with people who are already aware of the brand. Community management, however, involves using an individual social persona to advocate the brand – especially to potential customers. Community managers can, therefore, be considered brand extensions. Our social media strategy and community management team understand the differences and similarities between both roles and align them effectively to the advantage of our clients.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Some Of The Services Our Teams Provide Include:

  • Design and implement social media strategies, based on the needs and requirements of the clients
  • Monitor SEO and website traffic
  • The management of social media profiles
  • Provide customer service via regular communication with clients and potential clients
  • Create and foster awareness and credibility
  • Regularly expand the brand’s traffic by reaching out to new people
  • Understanding and applying the factors that drive traffic for the brand

Email Marketing Strategy And Delivery

Email marketing is considered a highly viable marketing channel and is most effective when aligned with a clever strategy. In public relations, attention is vital – the more attention paid to you, the more you’re likely to get noticed. Emails are a great way to get that attention. Email marketing has the following benefits:

  • You can get your message out to many people
  • Your emails can be sent in segments to fit different
  • groups of people
  • It is cost effective
  • The marketer is allowed flexibility

Our email marketing strategy works with target audience profiles. These describe who your customers and prospective customers are, what they could be interested in related to your products and services, and the type of email marketing messages that will work best for them. We outline your goals, develop an email marketing strategy to achieve them, draw up the step-by-step details for implementing the plan. Your email could lead people to check out your website, your social pages or other media outlets; so, you’ll need to have a plan to keep their attention in the best way possible. Our marketing team will create an email marketing strategy for your entire marketing approach, maximising all marketing channels simultaneously.

Corporate Communications Consultancy And Campaigns

Protecting your corporate reputation as a brand is crucial. While products and services affect the reputation of any brand, communication also plays its role. With well-planned corporate communication strategies, you can create and strengthen a positive image for your brand. At Prohibition PR, we offer consultancy and campaign services through a variety of tools, including crisis and issues management, reputation management and profile building, executive media coaching, media relations, thought leadership, message coaching, brand auditing and research. We understand that digital and social media platforms are critical communication channels and need to be part of a wider communication strategy. We draw up strategies for effective communication on these platforms that fit in with your communication goals.

Influencer Relations

Building relationships with media influencers is another marketing approach you might consider for your business. We can create and manage relationships with influencers that will give you more influence in your marketing efforts. Partnerships with influencers in your brand’s community can be the sway your audience needs to make a decision, such as whether to buy your products or subscribe to your services. Influencer relationships are also beneficial in building credibility and visibility for your brand. A poorly-managed influencer relations strategy could weaken your overall campaign. The influencer you partner with must be enthusiastic about working with your brand. At Prohibition PR, we’ve established flexible processes that allow us to work effectively with influencers.

Yes, you can contact us via phone for a free, no obligation quote. Our service is guaranteed to be hassle-free, cost effective, and at your convenience.

Media Relations And News Generation

Relationships with the media are significant for any brand – new or growing. No one will know if your company is reputable or has something to say if you don’t share the information you have. Our media relations team at Prohibition PR will help organise this information to share in the best possible way. With podcasts, videos, press releases and other tools, you can garner the attention you need. Sometimes, you only need to approach a subject from a different angle to make it more appealing. Even just writing a press release in a way that holds the reader’s attention will go a long way. With media relations, you can give your satisfied clients a platform through which they can commend your services. We also have partnerships and connections with media personalities across various sectors to ensure the information you want to share can reach viable platforms.

Luxury And Lifestyle PR

Our luxury and lifestyle team is equipped with all the right tools to meet your public relations needs. We have an extensive network of lifestyle luxury brand contacts and media personalities who play critical roles in the industry. We are experts at managing relationships and communication between our clients and the media, target audience, influencers, and stakeholders.

Not only are we adept at speaking the luxury and lifestyle language at Prohibition PR, but we also make it our business to know the key players, current trends and finer details about high-end brands.

The strategies we create and implement are well researched, region and audience specific, and well customised to fit each client’s requirements.

Event Management

Large or small, events are only improved with public relations, which aim to ensure you reach the audience you want; for instance, customers, prospects and media outlets. Most events have goals attached to them, and we can integrate those into your business strategy. We cover all the bases for proper event planning, including early planning and promotion, maximising media, influencer relations, and more. We analyse all the information you share with us about the event and formulate step-by-step processes to achieve the event’s goals and the overall aim of your business. If it’s an event with many sponsors, we can incorporate plans within our strategy to make sure you cut through the noise and are easily heard by your target audience.

Crisis And Issues Management

Every business in one way or another will face some form of public relations crisis; handling such situations appropriately is the crucial part. Products may be recalled; accidents can happen, lawsuits could be filed. In short, anything out of your control could happen. Identifying a potential issue and managing it appropriately is essential. Issue management involves foreseeing potential problems that could develop from changes in trends or new developments. Failing to recognise or adequately deal with a potential issue can subsequently result in a full-blown crisis. In the event a crisis does occur, any poor decisions in crisis management can cause damage to your brand’s image. Therefore, recognising a crisis when it’s happening is important, but having a plan in place to manage it is even more so.

PR Case Studies

At Prohibition PR, our ultimate aim is client satisfaction. We never stop trying to find ways to make it easier for our clients to achieve their overall objectives. We must, therefore, understand these objectives and pay attention to all the necessary details. We often have to come up with new ways to handle tasks effectively. Here are just a few of our case studies.

Client Video Testimonial

Satisfied customers are a great source of credibility. We have worked with many customers who are satisfied and happy with our approach and service delivery. We have strong client handlers that look after each account carefully. We always aim to beat the client’s expectations.

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When and where is PR most effective?

Recognising PR opportunities will help you reach your target audience more effectively. The timing of PR opportunities won’t always be in your control, which is why it’s essential to plan. Study the type of audience you want to reach; their geographical location, what they read, forums they subscribe to, the publications they favour, and what kind of stories are covered.
While opportunities may present themselves at certain intervals, your business can create its own opportunities for PR strategies. These include new product launches, the appointment of new staff, key promotions, events and milestones – all of which are great for brand awareness. Being part of activities that promote your industry will also add to your company’s profile. For instance, you can get involved in media and influencer relations that will benefit your brand.

PR is most effective when there is proper planning and strategising involved, which takes into consideration customer profile and business goals. Once these are correctly aligned, then your PR strategy has a sense of direction.

Do you work on a project basis?

Yes, we do. If you have a specific project in mind and are looking for the right professionals to develop and implement a plan, we’re the right agency for the job. If you want to organise a product launch or networking event, we can get the job done and help you reach your target audience.
We can also create and run a short or long-term campaign to get you in front of your target audience, introduce a new product line or promote brand loyalty. No matter what your goal is, our primary aim is to produce results for you.

What can PR do for a small business?

What can PR do for a small business?
The benefits of public relations services are not limited to big businesses alone. For small companies, reputation is essential for growth; so much so that the right PR services can foster exponential growth. Public relations is a useful tool for branding and marketing, through which your business can expand in a structured form. With proper communication processes, people can be made aware of your brand and customer relationships can be maintained long after the first sale. Here are some reasons investing in PR strategy is beneficial for all small businesses:


  •   Credibility
    A good PR strategy leads to a brand that can be trusted. Press releases, awareness-creating events, influencer relations and other PR strategies are all helpful in developing a brand’s image. Adverts do create awareness, but hardly anyone can say they trust a brand because of how good their advert is, as it’s already public knowledge that making a sale is the end goal.
  • Crisis Management
    Generating and sharing positive information is vital, but so is controlling and managing negative information. A good PR team will be prepared for all and/any eventualities including; information breaches, lawsuits, employee-related issues or even false information about your business.
  • Awareness Creation and Staying Power

    Marketing revolves around attention – catching it and keeping it. With a robust public relations plan in place, your brand will be seen by the right people, at the right time and in the right place. More so, public relations services aim to create plans with long-term benefits. Notably, an article which features positive information about your business is likely to be available a long time after it has been published.

  • Cost-Effective Plans
    You’ll undoubtedly spend resources on PR, but the benefits are worth the cost. Public relations incorporates a comprehensive marketing strategy, allowing you to get more for less.

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