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Innovative PR campaigns that secure real business results

Not all PR consultancies were created equal. While many PR companies claim to be media relations experts, at Prohibition we really mean it, as securing a news story for our client often means more to us than anything.

Bringing together talented and experienced staff, excellent delivery and an innovative approach, Prohibition is committed to creating innovative campaigns that secure an ROI and real business results across a multitude of sectors.

Operating for over a decade, Prohibition is a multi-award-winning PR agency that has a history of going above and beyond to secure brand exposure!

What Is PR And Why Do I Need It?

PR is the art/science of creating and maintaining a professional, favourable and positive image with the public/target audience. Our clients include companies, non-profit organisation and individuals all of whom employ Prohibition for our unparallel expertise at crafting and maintaining a positive buzz, desirable media/social media exposure and/or mitigating reputation damage.

The Benefits Of PR Include:

  • New customers and investors
  • Increased product awareness
  • Credibility
  • Recruitment
  • Generation of new business leads
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our award-winning approach to PR

Data-led PR strategy ​​

Identify issues, understand the market, develop messaging and establish measures for success using data and insight tools.​

Media relations programme​

Targeted, and sustained media relations using our global network of media contacts. ​

Measurement and refinement​

Tracking the impact of PR activity beyond media metrics. ​Taking learnings to refine approach and make campaigns even better.

Our Integrated PR Services In Leeds

We’re a full-service PR agency. We possess a team of digital marketing specialists, multi-skilled designers, video editors, event planners, and expert researchers who work together to create and implement airtight strategies.

Event Management

Large or small, events are only improved with public relations, which aim to ensure you reach the audience you want; for instance, customers, prospects and media outlets.

We cover all the bases for proper event planning, including early planning and promotion, maximising media, influencer relations, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms – which have become channels for consumer-brand interactions – are now tools for promoting businesses and a go-to resource for customer care.

Especially, with the help of Prohibition’s social media team. We hit your audience with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategy uses target audience profiles.

These describe who your customers and prospective customers are, what they could be interested in related to your products and services, and the type of email marketing messages that will work best for them.

Corporate Communications

Protecting your corporate reputation as a brand is crucial.

We offer consultancy and campaign services through a variety of tools. Including reputation management, executive media coaching, thought leadership, brand auditing and market research.

Influencer Marketing

Partnerships with influencers in your brand’s community can be the sway your audience needs to make a purchase decision.

We (always) correctly match up an influencer with your brand to correctly influence your target audience.

Media Relations

Relationships with the media are significant for any brand – new or growing. No one will know if your company is reputable without it.

Our media relations team will share this information to share in the best possible way; podcasts, videos, press releases and other tools.

Crisis And Issues Management

Every business in one way or another will face some form of public relations crisis; handling such situations appropriately is the crucial part.

In the event a crisis does occur, any poor decisions in crisis management can cause damage to your brand’s image. Our crisis management services will recognise when a crisis is happening and have a plan in place to manage it effectively.

Content Marketing And SEO

At Prohibition, we know the essence of creating and promoting content that’s relevant to your audience, stakeholders and customers, and also great for search engine optimisation.

With an understanding of your business objectives, our team will create a full content marketing programme that encompasses what content you should be creating.

Why Choose Prohibition?

We Create Attention-Grabbing PR Campaigns

Using clever PR tools such as press releases, sales promotions, direct mail and launch events, we work with our clients to build and maintain their brand visibility.

We understand that once we grab the attention of the audience, keeping it is vital; this is why our campaigns are insight-driven with creativity that secures real business results. Such as our ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ campaign with Yorkshire Water which uncovered the most shocking items found down Yorkshire’s drains – reaching 6 billion people, as well as hitting headlines on the BBC. And that’s just one campaign of many!

One of the North’s leading PR agencies

Good work deserves to be credited, and ours is exactly that. Our campaigns have won us over 45 different awards and established us as one of the North’s leading Public Relations agencies, so you can trust good PR comes from us.

From high-level feature stories in influential media to innovative programmes, partnerships and that drive conversation online, we devise smart strategies and create content that reaches the right audience and builds your brand.

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When and where is PR most effective?

Recognising PR opportunities will help you reach your target audience more effectively. The timing of PR opportunities won’t always be in your control, which is why it’s essential to plan. Study the type of audience you want to reach; their geographical location, what they read, forums they subscribe to, the publications they favour, and what kind of stories are covered.
While opportunities may present themselves at certain intervals, your business can create its own opportunities for PR strategies. These include new product launches, the appointment of new staff, key promotions, events and milestones – all of which are great for brand awareness. Being part of activities that promote your industry will also add to your company’s profile. For instance, you can get involved in media and influencer relations that will benefit your brand.

PR is most effective when there is proper planning and strategising involved, which takes into consideration customer profile and business goals. Once these are correctly aligned, then your PR strategy has a sense of direction.

Do you work on a project basis?

Yes, we do. If you have a specific project in mind and are looking for the right professionals to develop and implement a plan, we’re the right agency for the job. If you want to organise a product launch or networking event, we can get the job done and help you reach your target audience.
We can also create and run a short or long-term campaign to get you in front of your target audience, introduce a new product line or promote brand loyalty. No matter what your goal is, our primary aim is to produce results for you.

What can PR do for a small business?

What can PR do for a small business?
The benefits of public relations services are not limited to big businesses alone. For small companies, reputation is essential for growth; so much so that the right PR services can foster exponential growth. Public relations is a useful tool for branding and marketing, through which your business can expand in a structured form. With proper communication processes, people can be made aware of your brand and customer relationships can be maintained long after the first sale. Here are some reasons investing in PR strategy is beneficial for all small businesses:


  •   Credibility
    A good PR strategy leads to a brand that can be trusted. Press releases, awareness-creating events, influencer relations and other PR strategies are all helpful in developing a brand’s image. Adverts do create awareness, but hardly anyone can say they trust a brand because of how good their advert is, as it’s already public knowledge that making a sale is the end goal.
  • Crisis Management
    Generating and sharing positive information is vital, but so is controlling and managing negative information. A good PR team will be prepared for all and/any eventualities including; information breaches, lawsuits, employee-related issues or even false information about your business.
  • Awareness Creation and Staying Power

    Marketing revolves around attention – catching it and keeping it. With a robust public relations plan in place, your brand will be seen by the right people, at the right time and in the right place. More so, public relations services aim to create plans with long-term benefits. Notably, an article which features positive information about your business is likely to be available a long time after it has been published.

  • Cost-Effective Plans
    You’ll undoubtedly spend resources on PR, but the benefits are worth the cost. Public relations incorporates a comprehensive marketing strategy, allowing you to get more for less.

What is the difference between media relations and public relations?

Media relations and public relations are often used interchangeably, but they are actually two distinct concepts within the field of communications.

Public relations (PR) encompasses a broad range of activities that aim to build and maintain a positive image and reputation for an organisation or individual. It involves strategic communication efforts that target various stakeholders, including the general public, employees, customers, investors, and the media. PR professionals use different tactics, such as press releases, social media campaigns, events, and speeches, to shape public perception and manage the organisation’s reputation.

On the other hand, media relations is a subset of public relations that specifically focuses on managing the relationship between an organisation and the media. It involves cultivating relationships with journalists, editors, producers, and other media professionals to secure coverage and manage the flow of information. Media relations professionals act as a bridge between their organisation and the media, ensuring that the organisation’s messages are accurately communicated through various media channels.

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