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Consumer PR campaigns that convert your target audience

Consumer Public Relations puts you in the eye of the customer.

4.70 billion people around the world now use social media on a daily basis and in 2022 alone, there were 4.95 billion active internet users – marking a 192M increase compared to figures in 2021. With a larger audience, there are more opportunities than ever to create publicity on a global scale and build brand loyalty – whether that’s with a stakeholder, customer or employee.

But, with opportunity comes increased competition, so finessing your consumer PR strategy can be even trickier. We’re here to help! We have a team of multi-award-winning consumer PR experts that have been in the industry for 10+ years and know how to put you in front of your target consumer.

How has consumer PR changed in recent years?

Consumer PR has changed a lot in recent years, with new forms of media to reach consumers – such as TikTok and influencer campaigns, which has taken the digital marketing landscape by storm and made brands re-think the way they engage with consumers.

Prohibition PR is a specialist integrated PR and marketing agency, we can reach target audiences across the world, no matter what channel they’re consuming media on, through various campaigns; such as online public relations, influencer marketing, social media presence, paid advertising, or creative.

The difference between marketing and consumer PR

Marketers sometimes mistake consumer PR for marketing, but these are very different.

Consumer Public Relations focusses on increasing brand awareness and a company’s reputation, whereas marketing focusses more on driving revenue. This can lead it to be difficult when justifying campaign investment to the c-suite, but we can change that.

The major benefit of consumer PR for businesses is that the majority of media consumption is online nowadays, which enables greater targeting and brand awareness, pushing consumers further down the sales funnel.

Our consumer clients include

Our consumer PR services

Public relations

The main aim of consumer PR is to build a positive brand image.

This can be easily articulated through unique messaging in press releases, case studies, and product placements to sway key decision-makers you’re wanting to attract. Whether it’s educating audiences on a particular story close to you, brand profiling, or even promoting a product. Whatever your goal may be, our PR services will get you there.

Due to its online demand, consumer Public Relations also enables brands to increase their share of voice and authority online through media coverage, which in turn drives more brand awareness and traffic to their channels.

Our consumer PR strategies merge traditional media and digital marketing across TV, radio, and websites to ensure that your target audiences are being reached – no matter which platform they’re on.

Social Media Marketing

There are social media channels emerging all the time, such as TikTok, which has already reached the milestone of 1 billion active users. But, how do you know which channel is right for your business?

Our social 360 report analyses your brand’s content to build an informed content strategy to make sure you’re engaging potential customers through the right messaging, at the right time, on the right channel.

Organic social media content has been declining in reach over the past few years. So supporting your organic activity with paid social activity helps to amplify your messages further and catch missed audiences, such as ages between 20-29, who are the most active online.

Influencer marketing

If you want to connect with your audience, trust is key. 88 percent of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support. This is what influencer marketing achieves.

Influencers can build trust and credibility amongst audiences, due to their personal recommendations and experiences on your products or services. In order to build up their profile, influencers are constantly interacting with consumers and providing quality content for their audience or niche.

For a consumer campaign, you want engagement, so relevance is key. Our team of PR professionals will conduct influencer mapping to ensure that the influencers chosen for your campaign reflect your consumer brand accurately and in turn create brand loyalty.

Creative campaigns

A successful campaign, bottles down to great ideas and research.

This includes spotting market trends to put you in front of the customer before any of your competitors. We did this for our client Black Sheep to launch their new carbon-neutral ale “Respire”, to appeal to a non-core cask consumer base, who are more engaged with sustainability and environmental issues.

Having identified a growing trend for unusual pop-up bars and restaurants we decided to launch “The Breathe Inn”; a pop-up bar situated in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, with only one beer on tap “Respire”.

And what better way to capture this award-nominated campaign than through creative and PR? We’re not just skilled in video, our creative team is skilled in print design, photography, and much more to drive consumer activity through immersive content.

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Product launches

When unveiling a new product, you need consumer attention to generate leads and revenue opportunities. This is even more prevalent for eCommerce brands that rely on online transactions.

When entering the market, trying to interact with your target audience is even trickier as your product is unknown to customers. This is the value of our Product Launch PR services, we increase awareness of your products or services and make your brand a focus point to potential customers.

Reputation Management

In order to make your content consumer-worthy, you’ve got to make a positive impression.

We have a team of expert strategists and specialists who are well-versed in brand positioning, design, tone of voice development, and creative communications strategies to establish a positive reputation for your company online.

What sectors do we work in?

Our media relations knowledge is unrivalled.

Our team of PR professionals has experience in delivering results across a range of consumer markets; including public sector PR, health and beauty PR, luxury PR, food PR and drink PR.

Why choose Prohibition as your consumer PR agency?

The consumer market is highly competitive, with many brands trying to create more noise online in a bid to stand out. Don’t worry, we’ll do exactly that!

From securing 31M reach from PR and social activity for Yorkshire Water to achieving 122 pieces of social coverage for Kurt Geiger, we know the best tactics to communicate with your target audience on another level. That’s why we’re the winner of the prestigious PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency of the Year 2022 Award and won over 30 CIPR awards so far, so you can trust award-worthy consumer PR campaigns comes from us!

Our Latest Work

What is consumer PR?

Consumer PR, also known as consumer public relations, is a form of marketing that focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships between a company and its customers.

It involves the use of various strategies and tactics to create a favorable image of a brand, product, or service in the eyes of the target audience. Consumer PR aims to increase brand awareness, generate positive publicity, and ultimately drive sales and revenue for a company.

It involves a range of activities such as media relations, social media management, influencer marketing, event planning, and crisis management.

Why is consumer PR important?

There are several reasons why businesses should invest in consumer PR. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most compelling reasons:

  1. Builds Credibility and Trust: In today’s digital age, consumers are more informed and have access to a wealth of information about products and services. They rely heavily on reviews, social media, and other online sources to make informed purchasing decisions. A well-executed consumer PR strategy can help build credibility and trust with your target audience. By highlighting the benefits and values of your products or services through PR campaigns, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry and earn the trust of potential customers.
  2. Boosts Brand Awareness: Consumer PR can also help increase brand awareness by getting your message in front of a larger audience. Through media coverage, social media, and other PR tactics, you can reach new customers who may not have heard of your brand before. This increased exposure can lead to more website traffic, social media engagement, and ultimately, more sales.
  3. Fosters Customer Loyalty: A successful consumer PR strategy can help foster customer loyalty by creating a positive image and reputation for your brand. When customers feel good about their interactions with your company, they are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend your products or services to others.

In summary, consumer PR is crucial for businesses that want to establish and maintain a positive image and reputation among their target audience. By investing in consumer PR, businesses can build credibility and trust, boost brand awareness, mitigate negative publicity, and foster customer loyalty.

Corporate PR vs Consumer PR

Corporate PR and Consumer PR are two distinct forms of public relations that serve different purposes and target different audiences. While both types of PR aim to build and maintain a positive reputation for a company, brand or product, the strategies used to achieve these goals can vary significantly.

Corporate PR refers to the efforts made by a company to manage its reputation and relationships with stakeholders such as investors, employees, suppliers, government bodies, and other organisations in its industry. The primary goal of corporate PR is to enhance the company’s image, improve its credibility, and establish it as a leader in its field. This type of PR often involves media relations, crisis management, internal communications, and other activities aimed at building trust and maintaining positive relationships.

Consumer PR, on the other hand, focuses on building and maintaining a positive image of a company or its products in the eyes of the general public or target customers. The main goal of consumer PR is to increase awareness, generate interest, and drive sales by creating a favorable impression of the brand among consumers. This type of PR may involve influencer marketing, social media campaigns, product launches, events, and other activities aimed at reaching out to consumers directly.

Companies that are looking to build their overall image and reputation within their industry may benefit from more focus on corporate PR. Meanwhile, companies with a strong consumer focus may find more success with consumer PR tactics that target their customers directly.

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