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Working with micro-influencers is a great way to ensure you are targeting and engaging your desired audience due to their small but engaged and relevant followers.

However, working with micro-influencers does come with its own set of challenges. From finding the right people, to ensuring they are on track with deadlines – here’s some top tips for working with micro influencers.

Finding the right people

It can be a little overwhelming when you need to source multiple micro-influencer options – especially when you have a clear target audience that you might not resonate with, as most of us only follow influencers that we are interested in or more mainstream larger influencers.

So for example, if you’re wanting to find regionally-based family influencers, when you are a young professional living in a different city, your mind can freeze a little – but there is a way to get around this!

Influencers of any size tend to engage and build a community within their themes and niche so a good tip to keep in mind is to start by looking for a macro influencer who would fit the brief by all but follower size, and head over to their comment section. Nine times out of ten your ideal micro influencers will be active in the comments, as these individuals will be engaging with who they aspire to be.

Initial contact

When working with micro influencers, it can be a bit more difficult to make initial contact and for it to be a smooth process.

In some cases, the influencers may not have even worked with a brand before, many don’t have agents and almost all will have another job and other commitments. With this in mind, it’s important to be patient and polite to maintain a good relationship with key influencers.

The importance of a good brief

Taking into consideration that micro influencers are likely to be less experienced, providing a good brief is crucial to the success of the campaign. As mentioned, many will have other jobs and responsibilities so making sure they are clear on what they need to do will be beneficial.

Nobody wants to be going back and forth over campaign hashtags and who to tag in a rush to meet the deadline!

Keep a checklist for activity

Being organised and on top of everything is key when working on a micro-influencer campaign – or any influencer campaign for that matter!

Setting up a checklist that includes every single step of the campaign might seem excessive but when it comes to it, it will become your best friend and will also keep you working well within our deadline.

In a nutshell, micro-influencer campaigns are a fantastic way to reach your target audience. They just require a little additional time and care to keep on top – which is where working with influencer marketing experts can be valuable.

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