Sometimes, finding the right answer can be a challenge. We all like to think we know our area of expertise inside out, but we are forever caught off guard by those niche questions proposed by journalists or areas to focus on.

Gone are the days of endlessly trawling the internet, sifting through mountains of information for that perfect answer. With the rise of AI-powered search engines, there is now a secret weapon: a research assistant that streamlines results for quick and effective story telling.

It is important to recognise that AI is not a magic wand, but a tool that can be used to make writing more efficient, and factually correct. But how

Find a hidden gem

Imagine searching for ‘sustainable fashion trends’, and not just getting the usual suspects (and not to mention the countless ads that appear with a Google search!).

AI search engines go beyond basic keyword matching by analysing context among other factors to give relevant insights you might have missed. This means discovering unexpected angles, niche trends, and new ideas that grab attention and that you can now utilise to create compelling content that will resonate and engage.

A definitive answer

Accuracy is paramount in PR. Whether you’re searching for the optimum sleep temperature, the correct jargon for talking about computer science, or a step-by-step guide on how to dispose of an electronic device, typical search engines are bound to produce countless answers. What’s worse? They can all differ.

Try asking Chat GPT, or Bard. Online AI tools can instantly verify facts, figures, and quotes, saving you precious time and ensuring your content is bulletproof. No more scrambling for sources or spending hours double-checking every detail – with AI, confidence comes built-in.

You’ll soon know your orthogonalization from your pseudocodes. Foolproof.

A credible source

How many hours have you wasted on finding that perfect statistic to kick start that new feature? Sometimes, commenting on that latest trend isn’t enough to make your story stand out from the rest, and you need a compelling piece of research to back it up. Ask AI. Enhanced search engines filter through vast amounts of content to present you with the most valuable, credible sources.

Whether up against a quick turn around deadline, or simply trying to get your head around how an expert in etiquette would speak, AI can be both valuable and effective when drafting your next PR story.

It’s important to remember that whilst AI can be a powerful and useful tool, it requires skill and thought to use it effectively and to turn it into suitable content – this is where working with PR experts can come into play.

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