You did it. You survived January.

While it may have felt like the longest month in existence, it didn’t stop the creative minds of marketers around the world. It’s the first campaign round up of 2024 – and here’s what we’ve loved so far.

The Louis Vuitton Sandwich Bag

Just when you thought there was nothing left to gentrify, Louis Vuitton release its latest bag – a ‘Sandwich Bag’.

Designed by Pharrell Williams and costing a huge £2,800 (yes, two thousand eight hundred Great British pounds), the bag is a luxurious take on the every day sandwich bag. It’s made from cowhide leather and shaped to slump in the same way a brown paper bag might, complete with a blue fastening and the iconic LV lettering.

Is it luxurious? High fashion? Downright ridiculous? It could be all of these things at once – and that’s what has people talking. Some are enjoying the unserious and simple, yet well-crafted design, while others have critiqued the huge price tag and feel that ‘designer brands are running out of hand these days’. No matter what you think, it’s undeniably a product that markets itself with the discussion on social media. We chalk that up to a win!

AI needs a break too – according to KitKat

The use of AI in everyday life is on the rise, and apparently it too could use a rest.

Combining the use of its classic slogan and the current conversation around AI, KitKat Canada came up with a creative video campaign encouraging us to give AI tools a bit of breathing room. The campaign was inspired by research from Google DeepMind research that showed even AI performs better when it’s given a break.

In the video, KitKat encourages people to write ‘Have a break, and then…’ followed by its question. According to them, this produces an answer with 78% accuracy compared to 56% accuracy without the ‘have a break’ prompt.

A great campaign that shows what can be done with good brand recall and a strong slogan, and a great way to side yourself with AI – just in case…

YouTube video

Look both ways, Regina

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Paramount has made a new Mean Girls movie. And it has been marketing it in style!

Buses have been spotted in California as part of its OOH campaign, bearing the slogan ‘Look both ways, Regina’ in red lipstick. Paramount have drawn on the cult following of the original movie with a callback to the scene in which Regina runs into the road and is struck by a bus.

This campaign is the perfect balance of promoting something new while drawing on the success of a previous project. The love Millennials and Gen Zs have for the 2004 film is strong enough that a simple campaign like this is arguably more effective than creating something entirely new for the new film. We loved this!

McVitie’s Chief Dunking Officer

Whether you dunk your biscuits or not, there’s no denying that biscuit-dunking is a quintessentially British thing. In a truly devastating twist, research from McVitie’s has shown that 6.1 million biscuits are lost PER WEEK due to poor dunking techniques. A truly saddening number of biscuits!

We all know the heartache of a biscuit breaking off in a cup of tea – and to combat this, McVitie’s created a new role of ‘Chief Biscuit Dunker’. Dr Helen Pilcher was tasked with finding the ‘optimal dunking times’ of different biscuits in a bid to make sure no more biscuity men are left behind.

They released a video as part of the campaign showing the process of various dunks and the optimal times. It’s the perfect campaign – tapping into a national conversation and something that most people can identify with, creative use of its own product, and a fun piece of creative for a visual element. Great work from McVitie’s!

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Samsung’s product launch drone display

No need to panic, the aliens haven’t landed. Samsung just created a huge spaceship in the sky made of drones – as you do!

To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 and new Galaxy AI technology, the tech giants lit up London’s skyline with over 550 drones. The message ‘Galaxy AI is here’ was beamed into the sky along with depictions of the stars and solar system. A lot of preparation went into the 160 metre-wide display – it took 650 hours to design and programme the entire thing.

A technical product almost demands a technical launch, making the drone display the perfect way to get the new product in front of consumers. It reaffirms the position of Samsung as experts in the tech space and is a quick way to directly reach a huge audience – because who wouldn’t look up at a display like that! An effective campaign that makes sense for the brand and its messaging.

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