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Instagram’s engagement driving caption polls

Instagram has rolled out an exciting change, introducing interactive polls within captions which were previously exclusive to Instagram Stories.

This shift expands the spectrum of engagement metrics available on the main feed. For marketers, this means a new avenue to interact with audiences, gather feedback, and boost engagement directly in posts! Implementing these polls can also foster a deeper connection with the audience, working toward community building goals.

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Meta’s stricter teen controls

Meta is implementing stricter message settings for teens across Facebook and Instagram, with a focus on creating age-appropriate experiences.

These changes include new content policies and enhanced protections, and for marketers it’s important to consider target demographics in terms of their safety and privacy. It’s a reminder that responsible and ethical marketing practices are pivotal in this evolving digital landscape.

TikTok’s silent fallout

TikTok, known for its ‘sound always on’ strategy, is facing a silent setback.

A dispute between Universal Music Group and TikTok has led to the removal of a vast number of popular songs from the app, including hits from globally renowned artists like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Adele. TikTok-aligned music is the latest way for songs and artists to be found, through aiming to go ‘viral’ on the app.

This dispute implies a potential shift in content creation strategies for TikTok marketers. Brands may need to pivot towards creating original soundtracks or leveraging the available music library creatively. The absence of certain tracks could reshape trends – one to watch as the dispute unfolds!

LinkedIn introduces Sponsored Articles

LinkedIn has introduced a new ‘sponsored articles’ feature, exclusively available on company pages.

Companies will be able to put spend behind existing articles shared on its LinkedIn page, setting targets for awareness, engagement and lead generation. An article ‘boost’ if you will.

This is a great update for B2B marketers who can now benefit from a more direct link to in-app engagement and lead generation options.

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