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January 2013

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Heard on the Vine about Twitter’s new way of video sharing?

Despite already enabling us to share our pictures from Instagram and our videos from YouTube, Twitter now has a new way to share videos within its tweets. Twitter has shown us how brands can connect with their target audience, by providing an open door to the vast ocean of consumers. Due to the concise nature of Twitter posts, the public give every word they tweet the full consideration that they need to give to produce an accurate response or opinion that they have in mind. The function of the RT (retweet) for the average person can boost promotion of brands; it provides free advertising. Video sharing presents an interesting marketing opportunity.

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The legal implications of social media.

As PR experts, we know the major benefits that using social media sites can bring and are aware of how to use them properly.

However, some people out there do not know the full ramifications of what they post, despite  the laws being easy to access, such as on the BBC’s website, which clearly explains social media etiquette. With members of the public using these sites as a way to put across a message, it is essential to know that legal proceedings could be brought if you write the wrong thing.

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Nokia’s budget smartphone gives the masses access to social media on the move

Nokia’s encouraging sales figures, recently published, have shown how people from all backgrounds are becoming ever-more keen to access social media and interact with others.

The Finnish firm, which has been around for years and has been responsible for some iconic phone developments in years gone by, had been left behind as the new kids on the block, such as Apple, brought out new technologies which they were unable to match. To put it simply they failed to see the smartphone explosion and were left behind which resulted in it losing its majority market share.

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