With the news that the majority of digital marketers are forecasting that their budgets will grow significantly this year, it seems that companies are finally understanding how vital it is to have a strategic marketing strategy that works online.

Research in the US, carried out by Best Practices, LLC found in a study of digital marketing firms, at least 72% predicted that their levels of online marketing would increase by a minimum of 10% in the next year. This is a trend that is being mirrored over here in this country, where it was recently announced that companies spent £800 million on online marketing alone last year. Such a large sum is only set to increase, with companies being urged to use social media as a way to market themselves in 2013 but this is nothing new and we have been banging on about it for quite a while. Writing on the topic, PRnewswire.com said that “Digital Marketing technologies are transforming the commercial marketplace – challenging companies to develop new marketing skills and employ a broad range of new tools and techniques to engage customers.” As the new technologies are beginning to be used by more and more companies, those who are not yet doing so risk falling behind their rivals. As a company that understands online marketing, we at Prohibition PR are aware that some companies may struggle to understand how to market themselves effectively. Eileen Brown, a social media consultant, said that “Whatever you do, do not ignore this sea change. It is now time for your business to evolve and embrace social media – or be left behind to fossilise.” I thought I would share that quote as I thought maybe she had read our website before she decided on that quote. Ha ha This view is one that we agree with but social has been around a while now and is therefore not really new anymore. Companies do still need to take the next step by marketing themselves properly online, or else they will fail – it’s as simple as that. With digital marketing becoming so vital to success for companies, it falls to agencies that specialise in the practice to instruct these corporations on how to maximise their marketing potential online. Essentially though it still comes down to clever ideas that work both online and offline. Clients still want good ideas! What do you think to the fact that companies are increasing their levels of online marketing? Drop me a comment, all feedback will be much appreciated.

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