We’re back again with another campaign round-up! This time, we’ve summarised some of the top luxury PR campaigns from 2022 so far, including some of the key partnerships brands have leveraged to raise awareness and tap into popular culture trends. From luxury electric vehicles to alpaca wool nappies (yes you did read that right) – here’s our thoughts on some of the most eye-catching campaigns from the year so far.

Valentino X Zendaya  

In February, American Actress Zendaya became the face of luxury fashion house, Valentino’s, latest campaign which saw the Italian brand experiment with the metaverse for the first time.

After the firms’ sales plummeted during the pandemic, this campaign sought to reach a new generation of consumers by positioning actress Zendaya at the forefront of the activation – to help target a younger audience. This allowed the brand to tap into the noise around trending TV series, Euphoria, to further amplify the impact of the campaign. To coincide with the release, Valentino also worked alongside an Art App to launch an immersive experience that brings the ‘Rendez-Vous’ campaign to the metaverse.

This campaign was a great example of how even luxury brands can reactively tap into popular culture trends to heighten impact and reach new consumers – lovely work Valentino!

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BMW’s star-studded EV campaign

In April, BMW launched a new campaign in partnership with Major League Baseball to promote their brand new fully electric SUV BMW iX. The campaign was launched in conjunction with Major League’s opening day and featured four all-stars who are presented endorsing the environmental benefits of carpooling, whilst they admire the cars plush interior.

Both the timing of the campaign and the stars they featured proved a great way to target a new audience of consumers, whilst the overarching message of sustainability was an effective mechanism to generate positive brand awareness.

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Goop x Baby2Baby

In May, Gwyneth Paltrow’s luxury lifestyle and wellbeing brand Goop, partnered with non-profit organisation Baby2Baby to shed light on tax regulations which maintain that essential items such as nappies, are taxed at the same rate as luxury goods in the majority of states in the US.

To promote the campaign, Goop took to Instagram to post a ‘new product release’ named the ‘Diapér’. Priced at $120 for 12 and lined with Alpaca wool, fastened with gemstones, and ‘infused with scents of jasmine and bergamot’, the ‘Diaper’ imitates the look, feel and price tag of a luxury accessory…

After the post began to generate a lot of controversy online, Paltrow took to social media 24 hours later to confirm the stunt as a satirical nod towards taxing regulations, and wasn’t actual a real product.

Whilst the activation received mixed reviews, the right message was at the heart of the campaign. It’s a great example of how brands can use their platform to raise positive awareness of topical issues whilst also positioning the commentary back to their brand and products. We think this was a clever way to highlight an important issue.

Cadillac x Labrinth

July saw luxury car maker Cadillac, partner with musician Labrinth for the launch of their all-new electric vehicle, ‘Lyriq’. The campaign titled ‘Colours of emotion’ seeked to emphasise the colourful spectrum of emotions that drivers experience behind the wheel of the new Cadillac Lyriq.

The campaign video showed the Emmy-winning rapper getting out of the car and entering a concert hall replete with an orchestra, where he plugs in his vehicle (as he would a mixing board), while his new single ‘lift off’ plays in the background.

This is an example of brand partnerships at their finest, as both Cadillac and Labrinth exude luxury, energy and exuberance which reinforces the overarching message around both the campaign and product – we really loved this one!

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CitizenM: Citizens of Sleep

This month, CitizenM – the affordable luxury hotel chain, marked the opening of a hotel in London and five in America, with a compilation of exhibitions which depict the idiosyncrasies of sleep. To highlight the campaign, the brand sprawled 98 images taken from the perspective of the ‘pillow’ across CitizenM’s London Victoria hotel.

The images, which celebrate our similarities, differences and eccentricities, were on show throughout July and a number of exhibitions are set to follow in the US later this year. Not only does the photography seek to celebrate diversity, it’s also relatively untouched and honest (and therefore more engaging) perceptions of how people actually sleep.

All in all, this eye-catching creative really stood out as an effective way to communicate brand messaging, in this case, a stay at one of CitizenM’s luxury hotels equates to a restful night’s sleep. A great example of a strong stunt leading a campaign.

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