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What is Luxury Lifestyle PR?

Lifestyle is a vast sector, covering luxury travel, retail, beauty, health, food and drink. Meaning lots of products and brands to compete with.

There’s even higher expectations in the luxury industry, due to the high price point. For luxury consumers, it’s the value it brings to that individual’s lifestyle rather than the prize it holds to possess it.

And with a growing shift of luxury consumers focussing on their own wellbeing, the environment, and fast-fashion to name a few. Luxury brands need to be more in touch with their audience through their PR communications – now more than ever.

Through our ‘always-on’ approach to Luxury PR, we’re able to provide a personalised service to customers, showcasing “premium” lifestyle products and services – offering a lifestyle like no other.

How is the luxury market different From other industries?

Lifestyle is all about how you live your life – which plays a big part in a brand’s image. It has even more importance in the luxury sector, as consumers want to live an even more “lavish” and sophisticated lifestyle. But if you’re a luxury brand, then you’ll know to target customers isn’t easy, as you’re appealing to a narrower audience.

Consumers will purchase on the basis it will provide them the best experience, we take this into account when finetuning your PR and marketing strategy. Our award-winning team of PR specialists, has had many years of experience in the luxury sector and has a proven track record for delivering excellent results for brands such as Kurt Geiger, Goldsmiths, and Watches of Switzerland.

Our Approach to Luxury PR

Selling A Lifestyle Like No Other through Public Relations

Lifestyle spans a wide range of sectors; this means there’s even more opportunities for media placements. Let us handle that, we have over 10+ years’ experience in the PR industry, so we can guarantee our extensive knowledge and media contacts is unmatched.

First, we will start by understanding your business’ audience; their dislikes to likes. Then, through public relations create engaging stories that your audience is going to engage with. This could be customer stories, case studies, or product placement opportunities.

This will push potential customers further down the sales funnel, as they’ve already got a desire for purchasing a luxury lifestyle product or service.

Build Online Presence Through Digital PR

Our PR services cover both online and offline public relations, so by achieving coverage for your brand on the regular, we will position you as thought leaders and also improve your SEO.

Digital PR helps SEO through backlinking which is a key part of Google’s E.A.T ranking factors, backlinks are achieved by outreaching campaign’s (such as press releases) to relevant publications. And with a better backlink profile comes better organic performance through rankings, traffic, and conversions!

Through comprehensive local, trade, or national coverage, we’re able to highlight the benefits of your luxury brand or service for maximum brand exposure.

Our Luxury Clients

Storytelling PR To Assert Consumer Confidence

In order to stand out against your competitors, you need to give the “premium” feel, let us showcase its USP’s and benefits, to reassure to consumers that their investment is worth the price tag.

A luxury consumer is looking for pure class and authenticity, brand values that set it apart. We can empower this through PR storytelling, by using compelling creatives and copy, we’re able to develop your brand story and values to create a more personal connection between you and your audiences that will build brand loyalty.

Clever Content Creation to Power Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Clever and innovative content, matched with our PR expertise, it’s a recipe for success. Video and imagery is one of the most effective mediums to entice luxury consumers to buy “live the life” they want to live.

In a digital era, video consumption keeps surging, as online videos accounted for 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022. Not only is this a more visual way of showing your luxury items, but it appeals to an ever-growing online audience and community – especially amongst millennials. Our video production services can handle this; everything from feature-length videos to short ones, to video animations, to much more.

Influencer Marketing to Boost Brand Advocacy

Through influencer marketing, we’re able to put your content in front of the right audience at the right time. By using social media influencers or guest bloggers, we’re able to expose your content to new audiences, as well as existing ones.

From sourcing to vetting, our specialist PR and social media team, are able to match an influencer in the lifestyle industry to your brand image.

Forget reach and following, we match your brand up with a relevant influencer that has a high engagement rate and content quality. We’ll deliver action and insight, that will amplify campaign results.

Through an integrated PR strategy, we’re able to touchpoint every stage of the customer journey and drive brand awareness.

Prohibition can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote when you give us a call. We promise that our Luxury PR service can be provided at your convenience and at a cost-effective level.

Growing Luxury Customer Base Through Paid Social Advertising

Our team has worked with many luxury brands by implementing paid social advertising to enhance their organic social campaigns. Through specific audience targeting such as locations, interest, and geotargeting we’re able to reach a certain target customer. Our team can capture enticing visuals, that will show your products in a captivating way to give them a distinct personality and prompt instant regret from not purchasing them.

On social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, or Instagram by using specific targeting parameters and budgets we’re able to maximise campaign ROI. We can select a budget that works for you and will generate sales.

Luxury Product Launch

Unveiling a new lifestyle product on the market, such as a gym or beauty product? You want your product to receive as much positive exposure as possible, so it’s a recognised brand for luxury consumers.

We can promote luxury products, from pre-launch to the run-up and beyond, creating media exclusives and brand exposure through press coverage.

Our luxury PR services can drive up hype through social media and paid social media advertising, using creatives we’re able to make your luxury product more desirable and limited to a select few.

Building Stronger Luxury Customer Relationships

The relationship a customer makes with your brand is going to make an everlasting impression. One communication issue and could put them off for life. You don’t want to start on the wrong foot, we can ensure strong relationships with your customers by crafting relevant, engaging and informative content that’s easy to consume and going to provide a purpose to your customers.

Through our professional expertise, we can advise on how to effectively manage your company’s public relations communications.

Luxury Online Reputation Management

One bad customer experience and its enough to put a customer off for life, which is even more detrimental if it’s in the public sphere. This is where we come in, we can manage your online reputation to prevent any PR disasters from happening.

Our team of PR specialists offers unparalleled access to global expertise and insight across the full spectrum of communications – from media relations and stakeholder engagement to social media strategy and digital advertising.

Luxury PR Consulting & Training

Prohibition PR is experienced media training and social media training agency. Using in-depth plan consultation and development – in addition to creative PR and marketing – we can relaunch your established brand or launch a new brand to the market, helping you reach the top of your industry.

You can focus on crafting your exquisite lifestyle products while we concern ourselves with turning them into a thriving commercial reality. From VIP relationships and partnership alignments to brand consulting and PR strategy, we provide a range of tailored PR consultancy services. We can help with event strategy, fashion shows, social media development, trend identification, and so much more.

How we can sell your luxury lifestyle


    • Social Media monitoring, insight and evaluation

    • Strategic influencer outreach and online PR

    • Targeted national, regional or global Media Relations campaigns

    • Pay Per Click Campaigns

    • App scoping, development and creation for multiple platform

    • Viral video creation, creative development and seeding

    • Web Creation

    • Creative storytelling; CREATIVE design, out-of-home advertising, TV ads

Integrated PR and marketing agency

Through an integrated PR strategy, we’re able to touchpoint every stage of the customer journey and make your brand strategy work harder through print, online, and broadcast media.

Our integrated approach across social media, public relations, content marketing, and paid advertising enables us to piece together each service area for a campaign that delivers a greater share of voice, brand awareness, and transparency.

What You Can Expect From A Luxury Lifestyle PR Campaign With Prohibition PR

With Prohibition PR, you’re guaranteed results-driven marketing and a PR service.

We’ll bring our arsenal of marketing strategies to get you in front of the consumer and ensure you make the right impression. Whether you need product placement in a national magazine or want to boost your social media following, you can count on us to do whatever is required to get your company to where it needs to be.

Our Heritage As One of The North’s Leading PR agencies

We may look like a normal PR and marketing agency, but we’re much more than that. We’ve been operating for over 10+ years and in the process won over 45 different industry leading awards, including PRCA’s Medium Sized Agency 2022 and being named one of Prolific North’s top PR agencies outside of London.

From delivering a product launch campaign that outperformed Sealy’s competitors, to reaching 700k+ people through influencer content for Kurt Geiger and Carvela, to winning (Gold) at the CIPR Awards 2022 for Corporate and Business Communications Campaign. You can trust that when you hire us, we’ve got all the essential skills to pull off exquisite results for your luxury brand.

Our luxury expertise spans a wide range of sectors, including jewellery, hotels, and luxury travel. Whether it’s through PR storytelling, advertisements, social media, media relations, or many more marketing strategies – we’ll make sure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Our Luxury Work

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