In today’s competitive market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands, across all sectors in B2B and B2C industries, to stand out from the crowd and be recognised and noticed. Because of this, effective PR campaigns that are innovative and unique as well as conveying a brands key messages and reaching their target audience are absolutely key. It’s been noted that there are 3.5 billion Google searches each and every day – but only 5% of all branded content receives consumer engagement, meaning for marketers and PR professionals, upping your PR campaigns has never been more important. With that in mind, here’s some crucial points to take into consideration to ensure that your PR campaign cuts through the noise.

Ensure you plan strategically before starting any PR campaign

Before you dive in with big and bold ideas it’s really important to do your research and have a clear plan in place. First and foremost research your target audience and get under the skin of what they engage with and the content that they like. Secondly, establish a really clear and focused message that you want to convey through your PR campaign. These two things should form the basis for any campaign you’re working on, as in the simplest terms – if you don’t know who you’re targeting and why you’re trying to target them, how can you possibly deliver a successful campaign?

Once these have been deciphered and are clear to all involved, you should really aim to make sure every decision that’s made whilst planning comes back to these two points – those being, is what we’re planning relevant and engaging to our audience and does it convey our brand message? If the answer is yes, you’re on to winner and will feel assured that your campaign will be well received by your target audience and will successfully convey the key campaign messages.

Ensure you take the time to do your research and planning before starting any PR campaign

Quality, engaging content is key

To really stand out from the crowd and to achieve the desired results from your campaign – quality content remains key and is of high importance. Whether you’re a B2B brand promoting something really niche and sector specific or a B2C brand who has a new product launch or event that you really want to be featured by the media – ensuring your content is engaging and high quality is arguably the most important factor and this is where content marketing plays a really key role in your PR campaign.

It’s not of particular surprise when something not interesting, non-engaging or lacking in originality isn’t picked up by every national journalist, so to avoid this happening you must ensure that your PR campaign provides quality content. Whether that’s amazing visuals including video and photography, new and insightful statistics or something thought provoking and innovate – it must be new and it must consist of engaging content. Always ensure that your content focuses on your audience and your campaign goals and objectives as well as being engaging and you will deliver a successful campaign.

Establish a holistic approach for your PR campaign

Don’t underestimate the power of combining social media with your PR campaigns as this can really help to drive engagement, start conversations and creates synergy for your brand. Sharing parts of your campaign on your social media networks, whether it’s the story itself or a video snippet from an event you’ve hosted, can be a really great way for you to get it public and seen by a wider audience. It also provides you with the opportunity to share the campaign to your followers in the exact way that you want it to – meaning you can fully embody the brand tone and personality. It’s also not unheard of these days that news is first shared on social media and then is shared by the press at a later date due to the fast paced nature of the online world that we live in. So, by sharing your campaign on social, you could attract journalists attention and in turn receive media coverage.

So in order to ensure your PR campaign cuts through the noise you should make sure that everything you do relates to your target audience and conveys the message of the campaign, establish a holistic approach to get your content seen by a wider audience and, potentially the most important – ensure that it consists of quality, engaging content that is newsworthy and interesting as this will ultimately make sure that your campaign stands out amongst the crowd.

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