Video content has become a central component across all social media platforms. Brands have taken this on board and are using video across their channels more than ever before to convey messages, showcase new products or share thought leadership.

Although it’s fair to say that more consumer focused channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, may seem a more obvious channel for video – it’s place on LinkedIn certainly shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, opting for a video on LinkedIn instead of a text-based post is a great choice, especially when you consider that consumers would rather watch a video about a product or service than read about it. In fact, 42% of executives have made a business-related purchase after watching a work-related video online, so not only does video enhance your LinkedIn marketing, it also delivers real results.

With that in mind, here’s our thoughts on how you can enhance your LinkedIn video marketing.

Video content on LinkedIn is becoming more utilised by brands

Content is king when it comes to video on LinkedIn

Get creative with the content that you’re creating. For example, you could take a ‘soft sales’ approach and show your followers how to use your product. This demonstrates to your customers the benefits of what you are selling and steers you away from the more traditional sales pitch. It also gives a practical insight into your product and may sway more customers to purchase if they can see the product in ‘real life’.

Alternatively, post customer testimonials. Having customers who are willing to go on camera and talk about your brand is the greatest testament of them all! Perhaps you could also encourage employees to speak about the positive experiences they have had working at your company. People want to invest and engage with companies who have a strong brand presence and show personality online – so don’t be afraid to do so in your video content.

Video on LinkedIn doesn’t just have to be a talking head

Although there certainly is a place for talking head content on LinkedIn, it’s not the only option when it comes to video. Think about alternative options of video beyond just recording people talking to a camera. This could include animation, an eye-catching presentation with a voiceover presenting the information or something totally different such as a dynamic text based piece of content.

Thinking outside of the box and being creative with your video content will ensure it stands out when people are scrolling through the feed. It’s always worth considering the best type of video to achieve the purpose of your content.

Consider a variety of types of video content to meet your objectives


Make sure you test and optimise your LinkedIn videos

This one should go without saying, but you need to ensure you’re testing and optimising your videos to ensure you have the best chance of success. Each brand’s offering is unique, so make sure you experiment with different techniques to make sure your content works for you. Some common tests are:

  • A/B testing the length of your content – while shorter videos may seem like the easier and less expensive option, sometimes longer videos can tell a much richer story that builds an emotional connection with your customer. So try both to see what works with your audience – the results may surprise you!
  • A/B test your introduction – introductions are important for drawing your audience in, so try different things to see what works in grabbing their attention. Is it asking them questions, telling them interesting statistics, or perhaps opting for something comical? Be creative and see what works best.
  • A/B test different content – it goes without saying that you should test what content resonates with your audience. Think about what you want your brand to say and be authentic in how you present it – but figure out the best ways to present this information and see what resonates best with your target audience.

Don’t neglect your videos headline

Just because you’re making a video doesn’t mean that you should neglect the copy and headline of it.  Your headline is the videos advert, so make sure it is a good one!

Concise headlines under about 150 characters receive more engagement, so keep them short and sweet. Perhaps also think about adding a CTA in there, or a question that the video will then go onto the answer. This should ensure that your video is watched by as many people as possible.

Take the time to test and optimise your videos

Make the most of LinkedIn tools to enhance reach

There are a variety of tools on LinkedIn that can help increase your chances of reaching as wide an audience as possible. For example, the audience expansion tool allows you to increase your campaign reach by targeting audiences with similar interests to the product being promoted. This means you can reach an audience who are likely to have a genuine interest to drive sales or knowledge of your product or service. Simply tick the enable audience expansion box when publishing your advert and LinkedIn will do the work for you.

Alternatively, you could look at tapping into the LinkedIn Audience Network. According to LinkedIn, using this network can scale your message by up to 25% more reach, ultimately boosting your campaign performance. To do this, simply follow the steps here.

Experiment with LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live is a great video feature that the platform offers to help achieve great audience engagement. LinkedIn has found that on average the tool sees 23x more comments per post and 6x more reactions per post than native video.

LinkedIn Live is a great marketing tool because you can use it for a variety of unique reasons. For example, you can hold virtual events, which have been particularly popular during the pandemic, you can use it for a Q&A with an industry expert or use it as a way to engage with your audience in a more relaxed manner.

Some top tips for using LinkedIn Live include:

  • Keep them between 15mins – 1 hour long
  • Always make sure there is somebody there who is not directly involved in the speaking or presenting but is ready to answer any questions or comments that may come up in the chat
  • Make sure your camera is ready and set up
  • Ensure you promote the event in advance to encourage people to join

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