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Why Is Youtube Attractive To Marketers

Today, YouTube is the second largest website on the Internet and the social media website that people spend most of their time on. YouTube has become a significant part of the lives of so many people – whether they’re at home, at work or on the road – making it an excellent platform for advertising.

YouTube provides an outlet where users around the world can upload and watch videos of every imaginable description and has proved to be one of the most dynamic innovations in the history of the Internet.
The fast growth of YouTube took place during the same period when digital video cameras became more affordable to non-professional film and video producers. There are now over one billion users on YouTube, nearly one-third of everyone on the Internet.

Youtube: A Brief History

YouTube was a concept first thought up by former PayPal employees. PayPal Funded YouTube’s launch. As a capital-funded startup, the idea for YouTube received an $11.5 million investment from Sequoia Capital in 2005.

For a young generation, YouTube has now become the ultimate way digital platforms can be used, prompting traditional cable TV providers to develop and implement their own “Digital on Demand” services so they won’t be left in the dust.

Over 40% of all videos on Youtube fit into the People & Blogs category, and contrary to popular belief, music videos aren’t the most uploaded type of content on YouTube since only 5% of all videos are music videos.

YouTube launched its beta site in May 2005. YouTube got it’s first one million hit video in September 2005. YouTube formally announced that they would move out of beta on December 15, 2005. July 2006: 65,000 new videos uploaded every day, the site passes 100m video views per day.

Google saw the value of YouTube and purchased it for $1.65 billion in October 2006, and in 2007, Google decided that it was time for Youtube to realise its full potential and launched the first YouTube ads in August 2007.

Since buying YouTube for $1.65 billion in October 2006, Google has been struggling with how to monetise all of the video being uploaded to it considering that currently, over a 60-day period, YouTube produces more videos than the three largest U.S. networks in the last 60 years.

Video Marketing And Youtube

Youtube is the biggest video sharing site to date, with the most traffic and the highest number of users making Youtube the optimal website to publish and sell your videos. Visitors who engage with video are substantially more likely to convert compared to those who don’t, And 96 per cent of consumers find videos useful when making online purchase decisions. As a marketer if you focus on any one of these and get a substantial number of votes, favourites, ratings or views in a day, you will see honours pretty quickly.

Put another way, just about everyone (even high-ranking B2B decision-makers) loves watching videos, and they’re just going to watch more as software and technology improve, making it easier for them to create and share video content. According to the Forbes Insights survey, 52 per cent of top executives say they watch work-related videos on YouTube at least, and 75 per cent say they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly.

YouTube is an extremely valuable tool to be utilised to influence consumers in the early stages of their purchasing process, and by using a few specific SEO tactics, paying attention to your production quality, and keeping an eye on your analytics, you will gain a lot of opportunities with YouTube video marketing-and eventually turn them to paying customers! If businesses continue to keep up with the latest trends and new marketing strategies, marketing teams can give their business a great chance of becoming even more successful and gain even more new customers and clients. Clips of higher production value that create and attract brand exposure by showcasing a business’s vision, mission, ethos, etc. are more successful. YouTube is the ideal platform to increase awareness of your brand and to attract visitors using both the emotion and influence of video and the science of digital advertising. According to Google’s YouTube operator, 80 per cent of shoppers who had made a purchase had also watched a video related to their purchase at the beginning of their shopping journey.

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Youtube Statistics

  • While Facebook users dominate network size and engagement, YouTube is the platform of choice for almost three-quarters of adults, and 94% of the 18-24 demographic.
  • 81% of people were convinced that they would buy a product after watching a brand video and that 72% of people would prefer watching a product video compared to reading it on a website.
  • Just over 80% of companies claim that video results in a positive return on investment which means they’re getting more money in sales than the cost of making a video.
  • Videos are as powerful as TV in creating your brand awareness, and on average, they increase traffic to your page by 20%, according to Google.

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