PR stunts

16 Jul '13

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The Greenpeace Shard PR stunt – was it worth it?

Greenpeace is known for its headline grabbing PR stunts, but was its latest stunt– climbing the Shard in London- really worth it? It claims its cause was to draw attention to Shell’s oil and gas drilling plans in the arctic. However, Greenpeace climbing a tall building – it’s all been seen and done before. The …Read More

13 Feb '13

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The top five Valentines’ PR and social stunts

It’s almost that time of the year again which most of us dread. Red roses and pink love hearts smeared over every shop, no chance of table reservations and a depressing 24-hours for all singletons – its Valentine’s Day. But love it or hate it, it’s a great time for PR stunts and campaigns and …Read More

Susan Boyle’s Party – PR genius or a PR fail?

For a number of years I have heard people say “no news is bad news” so is any news good news? It has been a phrase I wasn’t sure I agreed with up until quite recently when I read about the ill-fated Susan Boyle’s Tweeting mishap on Twitter. Twitter has quickly become a channel used …Read More

PR stunt of the week goes to Alton Towers

The PR stunt of the week, so far OK so it’s only Monday, has to go to Alton Towers. The reason is the team there have managed to get national coverage on the fact the new ride “Nemesis Sub-Terra” ride has been classed for the over 12s by the British Board of Film and Classification. …Read More