It goes without saying that great communication and writing skills are an absolute must for PR professionals. However, there is another component that is just as important in the public relations industry – the art of storytelling.

PR storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool for marketers to communicate information, humanise a brand and build trust. At its core, PR storytelling is about capturing the attention of consumers and target media by relaying the story of a brand in an impactful and compelling way.

Here are some of the reasons why powerful storytelling is key in the world of PR, and our top tips for bringing the story of a brand to life.

Establish your brand voice through PR

A brands voice starts by determining what the mission, values and personality of your brand are. In order to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression, a brands voice needs to be distinctive, recognisable and unique. It’s also key to ensure that your brand messaging remains authentic and honest, as the age old saying ‘people buy from people’ continues to stand. Ultimately, having a clear sense of voice will allow your brand to connect with your audience and better engage their feelings, preferences, and attitudes.


Inject personality into your media relations

The most powerful tool in storytelling is personalisation. Whether you’re selling a product or service, your priority should be focusing on how you can reach your audience on both a personal and emotional level. When ideas and messages are associated with people as opposed to products or services, there is a greater chance that your audience will emotionally connect with your brand. Many brands fall short by focusing their attention on selling products rather than stories, and therefore miss out on the opportunity to make authentic connections with customers and the media.

Be authentic through your public relations

The consumer of today is savvier and more switched on, and therefore able to identify when brands aren’t being genuine or authentic. In the Public Relations sphere, this means that you need to carefully consider the people you put forwards to be the face of your brand, and the messages they are communicating to your target audience. It’s key to ensure that the people you place at the forefront of your brand not only use your product or service, but effectively embody your brand values and story in an honest and authentic way.

Quality is key when it comes to PR

Conveying a story that is consistent, relevant and authentic will carry far more weight than one that is repeated over and over again. It’s key to find the line between ‘spamming’ your audience and effectively conveying your brands messaging in its entirety. Quality, engaging content is much more likely to resonate with your target audience and generate positive associations with your brand.

In summary, effectively harnessing the power of storytelling can really help your brand stand out of from the crowd and enable you to better connect with your target audience and target media.

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