We’re back with another campaign round up to brighten your day, because these short days need a little sunshine in the form of well-constructed campaigns. Here’s some recent PR that has caught ours, and the UK media’s, attention…

Shrek’s Swamp AirBnb in the Scottish Highlands

WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP? Er, checking in to my AirBnb, thanks…

That’s right – AirBnb is offering a stay in Shrek’s swamp for Halloween. Situated in the Scottish Highlands at the Ardverikie Estate, the stay is a charming recreation of our favourite ogre’s iconic house. Guests are able to request to book an exclusive 2-night stay between October 27th – 29th and the only price involved is preparing your own travel to Scotland. As part of the offer, AirBnb is making a one-time donation to HopScotch Children’s Charity – a Scottish charity that provides disadvantaged children respite breaks through holiday trips.

We’re a big fan of when AirBnb gets creative and offers stays outside of the norm, and it’s even better when this taps into pop culture. Shrek has become something of a national treasure in recent years, with quotes and online memes forever in circulation. Apparently, press love this too as this campaign picked up some great national coverage.

The Wrexham Tastecourse

Welcome to Wrexham is very nearly back on our screens and we honestly cannot wait. Started watching for Ryan Reynolds, stayed for the wholesome content.

To drum up even more excitement about the new season, Uber Eats and Disney+ have teamed up to launch ‘The Wrexham Tastecourse’ – a seven-course Welsh tasting menu with a Hollywood twist. It takes traditional Welsh dishes and infuses a touch of glamour, with the likes of a ‘Glamorgan Glam’dog’ and a ‘Steak and Champagne Pie’. If Welsh meets Hollywood, good food and Ryan Reynolds isn’t enough to make you love this, then maybe the promotional video featuring Adam Richman from Man V Food taste-testing the menu will do the trick.

This campaign works so well because it captures the spirit of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s takeover of Wrexham perfectly – bringing a touch of Hollywood excess while looking to stay true to the club and country’s traditions. Brilliant work!

YouTube video

Jill Scott and Gary Neville in ‘The Social Swap’

In a bid to highlight the gender bias in football, Jill Scott MBE and Gary Neville switched roles in Heineken’s social experiment.

The two swapped profiles for five days and were asked to live-tweet alongside UEFA Champion’s League matches as they normally would. Teaming up with Arwen, an AI-powered social media moderator, Heineken was able to filter sexist and misogynistic comments – of which there were many.

Jill’s account received comments such as “best leave the football to the boys then luv” and “get back in kitchen babe”, whereas Gary’s account was showered with positivity for the same comments: “Well said Gaz top pundit”. What Tweeters didn’t realise was that they were praising Jill’s opinions and being sexist to Gary.

A clever yet thoughtful campaign from Heineken, the concept ultimately forces people to look at themselves and consider the person behind the profile. Gender disparity in football has come a long way but campaigns like these remind us we still have a long way to go.

YouTube video

All is fair in Monopoly

If you can successfully play a game of Monopoly with loved ones without it becoming a flurry of shouts, flying accusations and, let’s be honest, personal attacks – we applaud you.

Hasbro, makers of the iconic game, have decided to embrace the chaos of playing and celebrate ruthlessness in its ‘All is Fair’ campaign. According to Hasbro, “Everyone knows when Monopoly debuts at game night, the claws come out,” and it’s a game in which “it’s acceptable to be our worst selves” – so why not lean into this apparently universal experience?

One video released as part of the campaign shows an 8-year-old girl playing landlord, except instead of light-hearted dress up, it’s a steely exterior, eviction notices and rent increases galore. It’s the perfect visualisation of the rivalry Monopoly creates – and shows that literally no one is exempt from letting their competitive nature show (no matter how ugly it can be!)

YouTube video

Tinder wants you to ‘ink twice’

Have you got a tattoo you regret? Even worse – have you got a tattoo related to an ex that you’re no longer with and probably can’t stand? Luckily, Tinder has got you covered.

The dating app is partnering with Sixty Ink, taking over their London studio to bring ‘Ink Twice’ to life and offer singletons the chance to get a new tattoo designed/cover up one they might regret for free. This follows Tinder’s research that showed “79% of young singles’ ink has a special meaning behind it or represents a particular relationship” and yet despite the regret that can come with, 30% of people still see this as a romantic gesture.

Tinder also revealed that the mention of ‘inkings’ in UK bios have increased by 183% since 2021, so this is clearly a trend among singles (or is at least apparently something they care about). It’s a great way to tap into a trend while reminding us of what they do best – setting single people up for dating success.

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