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Struggling to make your B2B marketing ‘sexy’? In our latest podcast episode, we have the pleasure of discussing this topic with seasoned growth marketing specialist, Tom Basgil.

Tom is award winning international B2B specialist, Editor, and Director of Sticky Tactics, a data-driven digital marketing and advertising consultancy focused on real ROI. Tom guides us through the labyrinth of B2B marketing, uncovering insights about the future of the field, along with its latest trends and strategies.

We explore;

  • Showing ROI – both short term and long term
  • The use of social listening for competitor analysis
  • B2B content ideas – with a focus on quality over quantity
  • Employer advocacy – influencing the c-suite
  • AIs impact on cybersecurity and personal content

Looking to the future of B2B

Are you wanting to generate leads? It’s one of the biggest struggles facing marketing directors today, with over 19% of marketers saying its their biggest hurdle. But there’s a huge difference between short-term and long-term ROI. Advertising, for instance, can provide quick returns but these tend to evaporate once the campaign ends. On the other hand, content creation, such as blogs or podcasts, can offer more sustained benefits. Tom provided insights into the tactics used by brands to demonstrate ROI and how they balance short-term and long-term strategies.

Have you used social listening before? Social listening is a highly powerful tool not just for social, but your wider marketing efforts. In an ever-growing AI era, there’s the importance for quality over quantity, emphasising the need for brands to actively engage with their audience and keep a pulse on their needs and wants. If you’re struggling to keep up with your competitors, social listening is great for competitive analysis – identifying market trends and formulating effective strategies.

Employee advocacy emerged as a powerful tool in B2B marketing and is looking to come even more powerful in years to come. Employees can become brand ambassadors, and they can be leveraged to amplify a brand’s message in a more personal way. We share strategies to encourage employees to advocate for their companies on social media, and how to turn C-suite executives into influencers.

Do traditional marketing methods work anymore? We’re consumed by content these days, so there’s a need for B2B marketers to look at alternative methods for capturing data. Highlighting the need for innovative approaches alongside traditional methods like white papers and case studies. Tom suggested leveraging platforms like webinars, YouTube marketing and podcasts as effective tools for data capture.

Lastly, as AI grows greater and cleverer, we discussed the impact of AI on cybersecurity. It’s a pressing concern for many businesses and a constant arms race between companies and hackers, each trying to outsmart the other using AI. This underscored the importance of staying ahead of technological advancements and the need for businesses to prioritise cybersecurity in what looks to be the permanent future.

To finish, as Tom says, in both B2C and B2C ‘people still buy from people’. Be personal and offer quality rather than quantity – tune into the episode to find out how to.

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