As the holiday season approaches, brands and agencies will be well underway with their Christmas campaigns, particularly influencer marketing. If you’re still considering your partnerships, here’s a look at some of the best partnerships from Halloween 2023 that might offer valuable insights and inspiration for any upcoming seasonal campaigns.

Rimmel: Harnessing TikTok’s Power

Rimmel, a household-name high-street beauty brand, launched its Halloween campaign on TikTok. Collaborating with top UK-based beauty influencers, they curated intricate and skillful Halloween looks.


Jakie macie plany na Halloween? 🕸️/ What’s your plans for Halloween? 🕸️ @rimmellondon #RIMMEL #RIMMELHALLOWEEN #RIMMELCOLLECTIVE #halloweenmakeup

♬ The Speed of Truth – DJ BAI

The campaign’s hashtag #rimmlehalloween has seen over 200k views, leveraging TikTok’s status as a powerhouse in the influencer marketing sector. These collaborations with key influencers not only increased its brand visibility, but also aligned seamlessly with the Halloween theme – fitting perfectly into the existing conversation online.

M&Ms: A Fresh Spin on Seasonal Tradition

Contrary to simply following expected norms, M&Ms, the classic Halloween trick-or-treat sweet, took a slightly different approach to the usual Halloween themes for a traditional Halloween campaign.

Embracing the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating, the brand added a creative twist. Partnering with various influencers, across genres from musical theatre to DIY, M&Ms showcased a variety of ways to enjoy their chocolatey treat during the spooky season.


#ad Ahh this M&M’S Ghouls Mix is absolutely adorable! @mmschocolate #diy #halloween

♬ Hey It’s Me – Official Sound Studio


#ad already preparing for spooky season movie nights, thanks to M&M’S Ghouls Mix! @mmschocolate

♬ [Rhythm out, loop] Skeleton march, Light halloween(1073900) – MATSU

This innovative take added novelty to their campaign and garnered attention in an unconventional yet impactful manner. We liked this one!

NYX: Showcasing the Perfect Product Launch

NYX, another prominent beauty brand, opted for influencer marketing to drive its Halloween activity. Teaming up with Universal Studios to turn globally recognised Gen Z stars into Monster High characters, who highlighted its new Special Effects (SFX) range, aligning the right product launch with the opportune moment.

The brand’s collaboration with influential Gen Z personalities effectively showcased the product line, resonating with the Halloween theme and captivating the target audience.

In crafting your seasonal or holiday strategies, it’s crucial to strike a balance between utilising existing themes and staying true to your brand identity. These successful campaigns highlight the potential of influencer collaborations within seasonal contexts, emphasising the importance of authenticity and creativity in influencer marketing.

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