In today’s world of mindless scrolling, creating quality content that leads to increased interactions and engagements is vital. Recent research suggests that 55% of users are more likely to pay attention to video content that appears on their feed, so below we’ve highlighted our top tips for how to create and promote quality video content, by drawing on a recent project for The Light, a shopping centre in the heart of Leeds.

Be clear on who you want to target

Understanding who your target audience is will ultimately determine the content you produce, your tone of voice and which platforms to utilise – so it’s important to establish this before you do anything else.

Hire the right people to help with video production

It sounds simple but this really is an important factor to make your video production runs smoothly and effectively. If this is your first video, try and get recommendations from colleagues as they may have worked with strong candidates in the past. Also, do your research! When it comes to makeup artists and videographers, most if not all of their previous work is likely to be online, so it’s always a good idea to make sure they can create what you’re looking for.
Creating a detailed brief is also essential. For The Light’s promotional video, we ensured everyone – from the actors through to the videographers and makeup artists – had a clear idea of our vision.

Have a clear concept for your video

Understanding what your hook is, will help to define an effective concept. For The Light’s promotional video, our aim was to promote a Zombie themed bar opening for Halloween. To create excitement and a shareable piece of video content, we hired actors who were transformed to look like real-life zombies and we filmed them roaming around the shopping centre and captured the comical reactions of the unsuspecting public.
Of course, not every video you create will be for a calendar event and this could leave you stuck for concepts. A brainstorming process with a variety of colleagues can be very useful as this gives you a mix of ideas.

Amplify your video by promoting it on your social channels

There’s no point going through all the effort of creating a great piece of video content if you’re not going to make the most of it. Within your strategy, you should consider how you’re going to amplify the video to reach your target audience.
For The Light’s video, we placed the entire amplification budget on promoting the video through Facebook – as this is the most popular platform to reach the target audience.

Watch our video for The Light Leeds Zombie Bar here:

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