When people refer to ‘evergreen content’, what they mean is content that is non-time specific and continually stays relevant for readers over a long period of time. Essentially it is content that will be just as relevant next year as it is today.

A lot of PR professionals tend to focus only on topical content, such as current statistics or a new milestone, and although a crucial and important type of content – it tends to have a big impact then quickly loses traction. Evergreen content is the opposite, as it retains long-term value and can be repurposed, making it a valuable tool for PR’s and something that should definitely be incorporated into PR strategies.

In order to be effective, evergreen PR content must offer readers quality value or insight. It is designed to be relevant long after it is initially published by journalists, and can be presented in a variety of formats, including:

  • Top Tip guides
  • Listicle features
  • Non-seasonal case studies
  • How-to-guides
  • Checklists
  • Reviews

Content types that would not be considered evergreen tend to include an article that focuses on current tends, popular culture, tapping into a current news story or statistics that are likely to change.

Why is Evergreen content important?

Evergreen content is an important component of a marketing strategy as it can help achieve the following:

High Search Engine Ranking

With the right keywords, evergreen content has the potential to rank highly on search engines – meaning more visibility for your brand. Pick a keyword to optimise for that will always be relevant to you and your brand, and ensure this is included in both the title and throughout the copy. Evergreen content tends to be long form and high-quality which can ensure a high-ranking on search engines.

Driving awareness

Since evergreen content is essentially search-optimised content that isn’t tied to specific events or moments of time, it ensures a steady and sustainable flow of traffic and interest from readers. People are likely to continue to search for the topic and land on the article – which is what makes it evergreen, driving continual awareness for your brand.

Generating leads

Evergreen content helps drive traffic to your site or encourage people to learn more about your business through the brand awareness it provides. This creates opportunity to attract and convert potential customers.

Extending reach

Since people love to share relevant, valuable and high-quality content with others who it may also be of interest to – your article is more likely to be shared across social networks and between groups, resulting in a high level of organic reach to a wider audience over time.

Establishing your brand as a thought leader

Evergreen pieces should be on topics that tap into your brand’s niche and expertise. Providing valuable, high-quality content that ranks well can provide consumers with confidence in your knowledge of that subject area, which in turns helps to position your brand as an industry expert or thought leader.

Maintaining a steady flow of content

Since evergreen content can be repurposed and reused monthly, quarterly or even yearly, there is less of a requirement to create new content on a regular basis – it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Whilst evergreen certainly provides long-term value, the best content marketing strategy relies on a combination of topical, timely content, and long-lasting evergreen posts. Working with PR experts to ensure your strategy is working to meet your business objectives is crucial, especially with the everchanging media landscape.

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