Having a crisis communication plan in place ahead of time reduces confusion, ensures an effective communication flow, and improves messaging timeliness during or after a crisis. Key contacts, templates, and comprehensive protocols on how and when to exchange information, as well as with whom, should all be included in the strategy.

The basics of good crisis communications are the same for every company. Communicate effectively, quickly and with compassion so your customers know what’s happening, what it means to them, and how you plan to fix it. And don’t forget that there’s a human on the other end of every incident. Crisis communications are key in today’s interconnected social media world.

What causes a crisis to go viral? When communication and other lines of defence break down between an organisation and its stakeholders. The negative reaction caused by unplanned events can quickly snowball into a full-fledged mess, but that’s where a PR agency comes in to provide documentation, analysis and actionable advice to help companies handle their most sensitive high stakes situations with professionalism.

Prohibition PR is a full-service agency specialising in crisis communication, reputation management, and strategic messaging.

As a public relations agency specialising in crisis communication, Prohibition PR provides clients with custom-made strategies and tactics to get their organisations out of hairy situations. This is done by quickly rectifying damages and preventing further pitfalls that could lower visibility, cause significant financial damage or permanently tarnish a company’s image.

With our wealth of media contacts and track record of good work, we’ll craft the perfect strategy to repair your reputation.

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What is the Objective of Crisis Communication, and When Should it be Used?

According to a study on crisis communication, 47% of employers believe they have the expertise or processes necessary to deal with a crisis.

Furthermore, just around half of all respondents indicate they have a “playbook” that outlines some of the alternatives, actions, and decisions that may be necessary for certain, defined crisis scenarios.

Every workplace crisis communication strategy’s major purpose is to facilitate seamless communication within a business during a crisis.

Product recalls, data breaches, workplace injuries, bankruptcies, and other workplace crimes such as sexual harassment are all examples of instances where crisis communication is used.

During a crisis, leadership, internal communications, and public relations teams may use employee communication platforms to disseminate updates and critical company information.

The first step in avoiding disaster is to have smart equipment that monitors all lines of communication in the workplace!

Secondly, you can outsource the crisis management to a trusted agency like Prohibition PR. This has several advantages which may eclipse all other forms of internal crisis management solutions.

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Reasons Why You Should Work With a Crisis Communications Expert

Some companies are prone to experiencing crises every now and then. It could be a negative review, a botched product, a scandal, and so on. These events, if not managed properly, might have a detrimental impact on the company’s brand. Even the company’s bottom line might be affected. So, do you have a plan or strategy in place for dealing with a crisis?

A crisis can harm your reputation as well as your competitiveness. According to reports, about 40% of businesses are forced to close their doors after a tragedy.

Using the services of an agency is an excellent approach to safeguard and restore your company’s brand’s reputation and brand image.

The following are some of the advantages of employing an agency like Prohibition PR to handle your communication crisis:

We provide expertise while also keeping the company in check

Crisis communication goes through several stages. Prohibition PR will keep an eye out for problems that could turn into crises and address them before they become a problem. We will help you both during and after the crisis. We can also assist you in putting together a crisis response team. We have dealt with scenarios that your organisation may not have anticipated.

To assist you in developing an effective crisis management strategy, our team will give you crisis communication plan templates and other resources. we deliver the planned and approved responses and content to the key stakeholders.

Prohibition PR know how to deal with diverse types of audiences and change their minds. We know how to employ a certain tone of voice, as well as what words to say and how to express them.

Reputation management

Prohibition PR can aid in the protection and defence of your company or organisation’s reputation. Our crisis management team controls a firm’s reputation by preparing company leaders and other spokespeople for media interviews, town hall meetings, and press conferences, as well as identifying ways to better control the narrative.

Prohibition PR will provide management advice

We have dealt with a variety of crisis situations in the past and will be able to provide helpful advice on how to address the situation. You may count on our team to devise a crisis management strategy for your company’s specific issue.

One of our responsibilities is to assess your firm, the problem, the people involved, and what the audience is saying, then provide step-by-step instructions on how to best handle the situation.

Prohibition PR handle media relations

When a problem becomes public, it can quickly deteriorate, especially in today’s online age. Often small stories can take on a life of their own and have a negative impact on an organisation’s reputation.  Prohibition PR will assist you in responding to media issues and provide you with regular updates to secure your brand’s reputation.


As a digital PR agency, we can assist you in creating support materials and comments to distribute to employees, customers, and the general public. When the company is ready to meet the media, our team will ensure that they are prepared with acceptable responses.

We will also plan interviews in order to ensure that the company ends the crisis on a positive note by keeping consumer loyalty and shareholder and investor trust.

After the incident, we provide support

Prohibition PR work does not end even if the crisis has passed. You can rely on us to assist you to clean your company’s image. We’ll also devise and implement strategies for repairing the company’s damage.

Additionally, we will assist the audience in diverting their attention away from the incident and assisting the organisations in returning to normal operations. We also offer a backup plan in the event that a similar occurrence occurs again.

We offer communication spokesperson training support

Prohibition PR also provide value by training your employees and spokesperson for your brand. Keep in mind that crisis communication media training is important since it acts as a guide to prepare people for any circumstance in the future. We move our clients from being reactive and out of control, to being proactive and in control.

The training covers topics such as how to deal with the media, how to respond to questions, and so on. We will do practise interviews so that when the spokesperson is confronted with the media, they are confident and capable of responding to questions correctly.

It’s worth noting that how a firm communicates with stakeholders and the broader public during a crisis affects how people perceive it. It’s the first step toward regaining the trust of your customers and being proactive.

Having a crisis pr management service on hand boosts your chances of surviving in the future. It will assist you in safeguarding the company’s identity, reputation, image and the negative impact it might cause your organisation. Most importantly, the agency will act as a guide to assist you in avoiding a crisis by rapidly detecting concerns and assisting you in dealing with them before they become a crisis.

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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crisis Communication Team

How can you know whether the company you’re calling isn’t exaggerating its capabilities? These seven questions are a good place to start:

Prohibition PR has worked for a number of clients who have experienced a wide range of issues. They’re very diverse from a myriad of industries and includes domestic and global companies as well.

  • Can you get a list of case studies that show what the firm accomplished for clients in a scenario comparable to yours in some detail?

Prohibition PR has a portfolio of previous works. So you can be assured you are dealing with experienced people.

  • Inquire about the firm’s experience with social media crisis/ pr crisis scenarios. On Facebook or Twitter, reputations created over years may be crushed in minutes.

Prohibition PR has a reputation for getting its clients out of the nastiest of social media crises. From a few stumbling tweets about AIDS to a marketing mishap with its client’s flagship product, the firm has experience in deploying strategic communication materials quickly.


  • Inquire about the people you’ll be working with on a daily basis, as well as their experience and examples of similar problems they’ve handled.

At Prohibition PR, you will work with dedicated, multi-disciplinary staff: engineers, business analysts and researchers who are skilful in handling any kind of crisis communication formulate

  • Inquire about the firm’s pr crisis communications team plans and what goes into them. You’ll understand how deeply the firm is entrenched in crisis communications, even if you don’t need one right now – or don’t have time to construct one.


Prohibition PR brings decades of crisis communications experience to each and every client, providing strategic counsel that’s thoughtful, impactful, and thoroughly planned. Whether it’s a fast-moving social media crisis or a full-blown, multi-platform corporate announcement, our experienced team of strategists and public relations professionals can help you create and execute the best possible public relations strategy.

  • Inquire about the firm’s training, the people who deliver it, and the depth and breadth of their experience.

Prohibition PR specialises in custom-created, on-site training programmes. We’ve trained professionals across the country to improve their performance, offer better customer service, and increase efficiency.


Finally, keep in mind that you can’t talk your way out of a problem. Your messages must be accompanied by action and a commitment to follow up.

Choose a firm that can walk the walk when it comes to crisis communications – one that has developed a reputation for knowing its way around a specialisation that few communication firms have mastered. In that case, Prohibition PR stands tall amongst all other crisis communication agencies.

Prohibition PR Is Your Trusted Partner For Your Crisis Communications Services

At Prohibition PR, we’re a full-service crisis communications agency that specialises in public relations, media training and communications planning for small-to-medium size companies. Our focus is on developing your company’s communications plan for both good times and bad. We have the experience necessary to advise you through a crisis situation with our hands-on approach.

We believe your crisis is our opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of our services. We’re experts at crisis communication and media relations, with decades of experience and expertise managing crises of all kinds.

Having a history of handling high-profile crisis communications, we will work with you to formulate an effective strategy.

Our team are here to help with process and closure announcements, event postponement and cancellations, employment law, industrial accidents and media communications.

Our team provides real-time insight and creative tactics to ensure that your company is prepared for any type of crisis. After all… your brand’s identity is being challenged at a moment when it can least afford it. Our firm excels at helping brands and business leaders repair the damage and move forward.

So, if you are looking out for a reputable crisis communication agency that can respond and handle your company’s crisis better, then Prohibition PR should be your number one choice.

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