With the fast-paced digital world that we all live in – staying relevant and front of mind has never been more important for brands. PR can help brands reach a wider audience, promote products, offerings and services and also ensure that they stand out amongst competitors. With that in mind, here’s 16 reasons why you should consider hiring a PR company:

1) It allows you to stay relevant

It would be very difficult to find a business that doesn’t use social media in some shape or form. However, it all depends on how you use it. Simply having a social media account isn’t enough. Being active and sharing engaging content on the platform keeps your brand front of mind for consumers and allows you to reach and engage with a wider audience. PR agencies are trained to convey messages to the public in a creative way that sparks interest.

2) It’s a perfect way to connect with the media

PR teams have a lot of experience communicating with journalists and because of this, will have built established relationships and contacts at key media outlets. This makes PR teams experts at selling in stories, arranging interviews and securing features for your brand that leads to increased brand awareness, boosts SEO and can drive traffic to your site.

 3) It can offer a new perspective

By hiring a PR agency, you will get a fresh set of eyes looking at your business and your objectives. This would allow new imaginative ideas to be shared that your brand may not have previously considered. Sometimes brands can be too close to a business and it’s always great to get a fresh perspective. These separate views may be what your business needs to elevate itself.

4) It can help enhance relationships

As PR agencies handle multiple clients across multiple sectors, they tend to develop a list of different contacts as they operate. By hiring a PR firm, you get access to their contacts, whether it’s a video producer or influencer endorsement you are seeking, a PR agency is likely to have those kinds of contacts that can benefit your brand.

5) It gives you access to marketing software

There are so many different marketing software’s available that all vary in terms of what they can offer. The majority of PR companies will know of, and will already be using, software to maximise consumer engagement and to reach specific client objectives. So, by hiring a PR agency you  gain use of this software and can use them to help meet your brands own objectives. They also provide access to the best webinar platforms for online seminars.

 6) It helps you to keep up with competitors

The majority of businesses and brands these days use social media and PR in some respect – this includes your competitors! By hiring an agency, you can ensure that your keeping an eye on the competition and are bettering your presence in terms of digital, print and social.

7) It betters your understanding of the media

PR agencies are constantly consuming the media, that includes print, digital, online, broadcast, social – the list goes on!  This means that they clearly understand how the media operates and the impact it can have on your business by positioning you within these outlets.

8) It frees up your time

Managing your own PR, social media and communications can be time consuming. If you don’t have extra support, all the analysis, planning and executing of a campaign can take a lot of time. If you hire a PR firm, they can assist with this – giving you back valuable time to be spent on the day to day running and future planning of your brand.

9) It helps increase brand recognition

Standing out from the rest is extremely important no matter what industry your business is in. USP’s often show a clear difference between brands. A PR team would pick up on what makes your brand stand out and unique from others on the market and use it to create compelling content that will generate brand awareness and increase your brand recognition amongst target audiences.

10) It gives you access to specialist skills

Within a PR team there are multiple people each with a specific set of skills that can benefit  your business. Some people can be amazing at production, some are press office pros and some are creative powerhouses. With a PR agency, you get access to all of the above – helping to ensure your communications and PR stands out and delivers results.

11) It offers integrity protection

Crisis management has become a lot more of a problem for brands in recent times due to social media and  the online world meaning news can travel very fast. Anybody and everybody can speak freely on the internet which can ultimately cause a bit of a problem for brands. PR agencies are trained in crisis management and  would be able to help offer expert advice, should this ever be required.

12) It allows you to be more creative

PR companies can be creative geniuses coming up with ideas that are engaging and innovative. Some recent examples you may remember include putting a giant T-Rex on the River Thames to promote the new Jurassic World movie or Richard Branson attempting to fly a Virgin hot air balloon around the world. By being creative and doing these extravagant stunts, PR teams gained a lot of traction from a media and social perspective – and they can do the same for your brand (budgets permitting of course!)

13) It allows you to extend your teams capabilities

Having interaction with a PR company won’t only give you fresh eyes on your brands communications strategy, it will also allow you to learn and expand your knowledge on how to market your business. Your business is bound to pick things up working with professionals via group brain storms, creating strategic plans and just through conversation. This would expand your team’s knowledge of the industry, allowing you to work better together.

14) It gives you access to communication experts

A PR agency will have worked across multiple sectors, communicating many different messages to different target audiences. Not every audience is the same which means each has to be communicated to in a different way. PR teams know this and can therefore share your brands message  to any sector.

15) It widens your historical knowledge

Not only would the agency have historical knowledge from their own past clients and campaigns, they also have knowledge on other brands campaigns. This means the team will know the dos and don’ts when creating new campaigns for your business.

16) It offers real return on investment

Public relations offer outstanding ROI across all areas of expertise. Most firms will get your business a 3:1 return on your investment as a minimum. Obviously, this guarantees large profit margins for your advertising and will cause traction in the media towards your business which will ultimately lead to more profit.

At Prohibition, we work with a range of brands in B2B and B2C sectors to deliver strategic, considered and creative public relations services that deliver real ROI. Get in touch with us today to find out how we could help you. Drop us an email at hello@prohibitionpr.co.uk or give us a bell on: 0113 430 4160.

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