The month of October is always a busy one, with the colder weather creeping in and social media suddenly overrun with snaps of pumpkins. Now we’ve reached the start of November we thought we would take a look back at the best social media articles of the month and why we love them. From Marketing tips and tricks to “how to make women more dateable” our list has it all. 

  1.  How social media turned against women… by Catherine Buni & Soraya Chemaly (@ckbuni and @schemaly)

This article on The Atlantic looks at how social media content is reminding woman that “what these people are doing is, reminding woman that, no matter what they are still women. They are forever vulnerable.” Touching on the celebrity photo hacking scandal and harassment over social media, the article has an interesting take on social media content and its effects.

  1. How Facebook is changing the way users consume journalism… by Ravi Somaiya (@ravisomaiya)

Facebook has one fifth of the world logging on monthly and drives upwards of 20% of traffic to news sites. Facebook is becoming the go-to news outlet for all news needs, they are leading the change on how people consume journalism. The people at Facebook believe that you are in control of the news you want to read thanks to the friends you connect to, and the pages you like.

  1. 10 ways to create contagious content for social media… by Vinay Koshay on Jeff Bullas

Vinay outlines 10 ways to stand and make an impact on social media and provides reasons as to why people like to share things on their platforms. This post provides step by step tips and in depth advice on how to create contagious, sharable content that your followers will love.

  1. Steve Harvey launches website to help women “become more dateable”

By Jeff Bercovici (@jeffbercovici) American actor, comedian, TV host and author Steve Harvey says that “women are wired differently” and that even the biggest dating sites in the world aren’t right for them. In this article, he maintains that women don’t just want to date, they want to know there is the possibility of a future. He’s joined forces with those behind social matchmaking sites, OkCupid and Tinder. It’s an interesting take on how people see love and why, and how social media is playing a larger role than ever.

  1. Getting organic engagement on Facebook… by Nicole Miller (@nmillerbooks)

In this article, Nicole Miller looks not only at how to generate engagement, but looks at what role Facebook should play in a social media strategy. She also looks at her own experiences and the biggest lessons to be learnt when using Facebook as part of a social media strategy. As well as incorporating her own advice and tips she includes the experiences of others on Twitter, to ensure the article provides a broad insight into the matter.

  1. 12 Essential Elements of a social media strategy… by Pam Dyer (@pamdyer)

In this piece, Pam Dyer takes a look at how to start from scratch and incorporate social media into your marketing strategy in order to make it successful. Focusing on how to run social media and how to build it into a successful strategy, the piece gives advice on setting out KPI’s and understanding your audience, along with planning a social media calendar and posting the right content.

  1. How are under 30’s using social media… by Jillian Richardson (@jrichardson256)

At number seven, Jillian Richardson looks at how millennials are using social media, whilst breaking down four key insights we need to know. The article crunches stats and info, before moving on to provide insights and analysis. The article is a great read for anyone striving to ensure their social media strategy is as effective as can be.

  1. Social media mistakes most likely to cost you a job… by Jacob Davidson (@JakeD)

With job prospects still relatively low and social media use continuing to grow it’s important to look at preventing the mistakes that could cost you your dream job. With 55% of employers saying they have reconsidered a candidate based on what they find on social media (61% of that being a negative double take) it’s essential to put your best foot forward on your social media.

  1. The LinkedIn Effect. by Rick Smith (@RickSmithAuthor)

Social media has changed the way we interact in almost every area of our lives. This article provides an interesting take on why social media networks are now essential for success in the job market. Looking at how to make the most of social media and how essential our “weak ties” with people can be for our professional success, it’s a must read for any job seekers. Have we missed something you think we should have included? Then let us know in the comments.

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